July 21st, 2014
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Charlotte Casiraghi

For us, summer = riding. We got off to a slow start this season since we changed barns and have had a bit of a struggle finding the right horse for my younger daughter. But it’s all looking up.

While shopping for a new show jacket, I had an “aha” moment– my fall inspiration was right before my eyes. A navy blazer and trim top, paired with either jeans or classic trousers, will be my cooler weather run-around look.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Images of Charlotte Casiraghi in Gucci © Vogue.



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The Heidi cable-knit wool cardigan


Double-breasted virgin wool-twill coat


Patchwork Fair Isle-intarsia wool sweater


Gucci Horsebit 1955 small bag


Belted wool-twill jacket


Hooded virgin-wool duffel coat


Belted distressed denim jacket


Hooded velvet cape


Hooded wool duffle coat


Cashmere sweater


Cotton-blend minidress


Longline virgin-wool tunic

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  • No better inspiration than Charlotte Casiraghi on a horse ! She is the ultimate princess, and it doesn’t get any chicer than her collaboration with Gucci when it comes to equestrian clothes !


    CarolineJuly 22nd, 2014  9:39 AM

  • Equestrian always feels right to me…


    Stephanie PottsJuly 22nd, 2014  10:47 AM

  • Preston, let us know which navy blazer you decide on. I’ve been in the market for a new one for a while. As someone who used to ride, I agree with you. Equestrian is just a beautiful classical look. If you can look pulled together jumping fences, you can look pulled together running errands.

    kimJuly 22nd, 2014  11:30 AM

  • Since I live in the West, I ride my horses with western boots, denim jeans, collared plaid shirt, down vest/jacket. Not my run around look at all.

    pindaJuly 22nd, 2014  12:11 PM

  • Today’s post made me smile. Many years ago, my mother hand-made our riding jackets. There were no riding jacket patterns so she took a Vogue blazer pattern and modified it. She made the first jacket in muslin and fine-tuned the pattern. We had beautiful riding jackets! No one could tell that our jackets were not from Miller’s Harness (I’m sure that store is long gone but that’s where we wished our riding jackets were from!!!). I’ve always loved the simplicity of the equestrian look. Maybe that love was instilled years ago when my mom made those lovely jackets.

    RobbiJuly 22nd, 2014  3:04 PM

  • I miss Princess Charlotte’s youthfulness and adorably fresh ingenue style. Certainly she is still a beautiful woman, but totally different in appearance now, no longer ‘young.’ Pregnancy & motherhood are serious, adult stuff, and it signals the end of youth forever. Probably sounds naive, but I wish she could have continued her 20-something youth, had a proper courtship and engagement period, then been a bride prior to becoming a mother. Call me old fashioned, but it is all out of order to me–the youthful girl in the photos above seemed to disappear over night.

    PaulaJuly 23rd, 2014  1:31 AM


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