July 21st, 2014
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Jump Through Hoops

Gold hoops

Despite all the great dangly earrings this summer, my go-tos are gold hoops. They just feel right.



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The Pouch large leather clutch bag


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Iacopo double band sandal


bandana print tie neck blouse


Iacopo double band sandal


Mella gold-tone hoop earrings


embroidered flared skirt

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  • LOVE gold hoops, i wear mine all the time. they look great with everything, especially with a tan and a fab dress.

    bllJuly 21st, 2014  7:35 AM

  • classic…….always and forever in style!

    Cari BeckerJuly 21st, 2014  8:48 AM

  • Medium size gold hoops are my every day earrings. Classic but a bit more interesting than a stud.

    AprilJuly 21st, 2014  9:05 AM

  • I thought the danglers trend would lend me the impetus to get out some of the pretty earrings I own and never wear, but I too find myself sticking to hoops, usually of the fairly delicate sort.

    joannawnycJuly 21st, 2014  9:25 AM

  • Totally spot on! This summer, I went with a slight variation, because I design and wear a lot of Sterling pieces as well – so my hoops are actually both silver and gold. Still simple – one loop silver, the other gold , interwined at the ear. Have worn them every day! Gives me the opportunity to o any which way i feel like for the day!

    SheriJuly 21st, 2014  9:48 AM

  • Silver hoops for me, every day. My hand will sometimes hover over my poor neglected impulse buys (the Next Big Thing) but hoops of different sizes or thicknesses always win out.

    SueMJuly 21st, 2014  10:36 AM

  • I love the fact that you are not a fashion victim, and follow your style rather than trends.
    These will never go out of style they are such a staple !


    CarolineJuly 21st, 2014  11:10 AM

  • Love HOOPS but I seem to be very hard on my jewelry. I have multiple single hoops from constantly loosing them. Where can we buy these versions?

    HeatherJuly 21st, 2014  11:41 AM

  • Silver hoops for me!

    AnaJuly 21st, 2014  2:54 PM

  • @heather- i have that same issue too! i just got another pair and hopefully they’ll remain together. as for the single hoops, i’m debating wearing one and then putting a stud in the other ear, sort of like the women in this post: http://keepitchic.com/2014/06/11/go-solo/
    the hoop is very thin and much more oblong, so i’m hoping that minimizes the potential pirate vibe…

    bllJuly 21st, 2014  2:57 PM

  • Classic and beautiful. Hard to beat with a tan too.

    LeeJuly 21st, 2014  3:19 PM

  • I’ve been wearing Kendall Conrad very thin, but large, hammered brass hoops pretty much daily as well.
    I think one of the reasons is that they look good when I inevitably put my hair back or sort of “up”.

    KathyJuly 21st, 2014  4:02 PM


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