July 29th, 2014
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Beyond The Pale


Nothing looks as fresh for fall as a pale beige fur. The Givenchy patchwork coat above, and the Gucci alpaca coat and mink jacket, below and bottom, are incredibly chic.



Images: top © Vogue Paris, bottom © Vogue.



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Belted cotton jacket


High-rise straight cotton pants


Wool crème slip dress


Pamfilo stretch-suede knee boots


Belted double-breasted felted-wool coat


Small leather pouch


Floral-jacquard tights


Isadora merino wool sweater


Tag leather tote


Stretch-cotton shirt sand-beige


Pleated wool gabardine A-line midi skirt


Stretch-cotton shirt dark brown

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  • The short mink jacket in the bottom photo is fabulous! I love it’s sporty, classic shape; typical of Italian sportswear. The shape and length are so wearable! The black patent block heel shoes are perfection, too.

    PaulaJuly 30th, 2014  12:24 AM

  • I love the black shoes in the bottom image but there’s no info on the image and I can’t find it on vogue.com. Would you happen to know? Regards

    ArlieJuly 30th, 2014  6:25 AM

  • The shoes are Saint Laurent

    PrestonJuly 30th, 2014  6:25 AM

  • Hi Preston,
    I love your blog! been following it daily for years:)
    i have a quick question, can you recommend any faux fur coats?
    Thank you so much!

    SharonJuly 30th, 2014  7:26 AM

  • Hope these are fake furs…otherwise it is the ultimate in animal cruelty to kill a beautiful living, feeling animal to wear it as fashion? Surprised to see this from your blog which I otherwise love.

    Terry austinJuly 30th, 2014  8:42 AM

  • The gucci fall collection is the most fabulous. However, 2800 for a leather shirt is where I draw the line. And yes, the furs are real. That mink in the last look is priced at 16,500. If you are looking for a faux fur, there is a pullover that is made by Harvey Faircloth that I think is pretty cool quite nice. It’s priced at 495.

    TracyJuly 30th, 2014  9:21 AM

  • Love the inspo ! I fell in love with The Vogue Paris shoot with Carolyn Murphy the moment I read it, and the Gucci collection is insanely beautiful !

    Love beige fur, but it can quite tricky to wear !


    CarolineJuly 30th, 2014  10:19 AM

  • Speaking of faux furs, does anyone have any recommendations?

    JenJuly 30th, 2014  10:34 AM

  • I love furs! Thank you for not being afraid to post! It seems odd to me that people would rather wear a fake fur (unless because of cost) than real for environmental reasons or siting animal welfare. The chemicals used to manufacture fakes do great harm to our air and water, thereby directly harming sea animals, quality of water, and air. Besides, furs biodegrade and are timeless while fakes live on in landfill and lose their style. Good furriers source ethically as well. I have seen lovely fakes though by Michael Kors. Love your blog, you are right on the pulse, thank you!! Brenda.

    brenda murphyJuly 30th, 2014  12:19 PM

  • I am with Brenda, thanks for being brave enough to post about real fur. When working on an assignment in Denmark a few years ago, I talked to many women of different ages about fur, and came to realize 1. Americans hate fur a lot more than Europeans, 2. that there are villages that were living off of fur industry but since the demand has significantly decreased, they are really struggling.

    ameeJuly 31st, 2014  9:21 AM

  • I do not wear fur but I do wear leather products. With leather, the animal is (most often) being used for food rather than just skinned for it’s coat. I like the concept of using the whole animal if you’re going to take its life. That is a Native American philosophy. Whichever choice you make, it is important to be informed.

    LaurenJuly 31st, 2014  8:44 PM


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