September 24th, 2014
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Culottes, Yes Or No?

Christophe Lemaire

Speaking of trends with more staying power than I expected, culottes have been big, and seem to be getting bigger. Bigger in terms of popularity, although they are ofter quite voluminous too.

I’m not tall enough for most, but these (it may be a skirt, but looks like culottes here) from Christophe Lemaire’s spring 2015 show would work and I love the denim.

So, have you been wearing culottes? Will you come spring 2015?

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Vokayo high-rise straight-leg jeans


Garcon suede loafers


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Belted leather biker jacket

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Cropped leather jacket


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  • No. And no. I’m slim and have really slim calves. They end up looking like sticks. That look should stay back in the 70’s.

    AlexandraSeptember 24th, 2014  11:44 AM

  • I have not, but only because I haven’t found the right ones. I absolutely love these and say Yes!

    Lauren@StyleseerSeptember 24th, 2014  12:22 PM

  • Culottes are looking incredibly chic, but only with heels or significant platforms. I would be wearing them, but just can’t commit to heels. To me, they are horrendous with flats.

    CatherineSeptember 24th, 2014  12:34 PM

  • I haven’t liked a lot of them, but I do like these in denim. Most of the styles use fabrics that are too stiff–the culottes look them two barrels enclosing the leg. However, I remember when we couldn’t wear pants to school, but could wear culottes if there was some sort of a pleat to hide the fact that they were (gasp) really pants. So, bad memories mean no, I won’t wear them.

    pindaSeptember 24th, 2014  1:12 PM

  • *like* two barrels

    pindaSeptember 24th, 2014  1:14 PM

  • No – I’m short and think any crop/cutoff/culottes make me look shorter.
    This saves me a lot of time when shopping.

    GayleSeptember 24th, 2014  1:44 PM

  • Maybe for a trail ride?

    margoSeptember 24th, 2014  3:35 PM

  • I beg to differ :). I am petite and I wear them with flats… just have fun with them depending on your mood and where you are going or doing culottes are great sartorial staples to have imho.

    Cheers 🙂

    BiTiSeptember 24th, 2014  3:57 PM

  • Yes, and I love them!! I’ve been wearing them for a few seasons now and am excited that they are sticking around. I’ve also noticed a trend toward Bermuda shorts for Spring, which seem like culottes up a notch (literally).

    Alexandra @InJackiesShoesSeptember 24th, 2014  4:26 PM

  • I wear them with ankle booties and oxfords. I love mine and can’t stop wearing them – it’s like wearing a skirt except more comfortable!

    CeceSeptember 24th, 2014  6:16 PM

  • Yes, yes, yes. The key is in the fabric and the cut so if you’re shortish (like me) just keep it slimmer down the leg! But yes, I love culottes. Love reading your posts Preston:)

    HelenSeptember 24th, 2014  7:12 PM

  • No, I wore them the first time around in the ’70s and they weren’t flattering then. I think they make anyone with weight look heavier, they overwhelm the petite and those with “perfect” bodies can find something much more flattering to wear. I vote no!

    MonicaSeptember 24th, 2014  9:35 PM

  • NO WAY!

    Lisa E.September 24th, 2014  10:05 PM

  • Yes. I think they’re great.

    michelleSeptember 25th, 2014  5:34 AM

  • Really hard to pull off, yet i think that with heels and a leather jacket to toughen up the look, they would look both elegant and a bit edgy !

    CarolineSeptember 25th, 2014  8:57 AM

  • My motto is if they don’t look fabulous on the runway, they are NEVER going to look fabulous on me. This beautiful girl is wearing them, with, in my opinion, terrible shoes (but what shoe IS right in this case?) and nope, not on her, not on me. There are many lengths that seem to work on some women… the “just below the knee cap skinny pants” of a few years ago – looked slimming and heat friendly at work on many, but not on me – I just looked like I was wearing someone else’s pants. Not for me. I could look at this picture every day and think “If she were just wearing anything else, she’d look better….”

    tabithaSeptember 25th, 2014  9:20 AM

  • They are the perfect evolution of the shorts and the lady length dress we have been doing for years. It’s all in the right shoe.

    SusanSeptember 25th, 2014  10:23 AM

  • I love culottes, always have but the length has to be spot on otherwise it’s a disaster. Just at the knee is perfect and in winter with boots! These are too long for me and I’m 6’0′ tall. I have a suede pair in rust from the 70’s and they are pretty fab.

    RTGSeptember 25th, 2014  1:04 PM

  • Always with knee high boots!

    RTGSeptember 25th, 2014  1:08 PM

  • Yes…it all depends on the fabric (needs to be fluid) and the length (can’t be too short). To me, they are like a skirt or a wide cropped pant. I’ll admit, it’s hard to find the perfect pair though.

    A Note On StyleSeptember 25th, 2014  1:14 PM

  • The words “man repeller” keep echoing in my head. I’ve decided they are a no.

    ToriSeptember 25th, 2014  11:17 PM

  • No way! I am petite and they are too overwhelming on me.

    TracySeptember 26th, 2014  3:39 PM

  • I am very petite & loooove a crop or culottes. I tend to wear a higher heel and a a very fitted top to balance the volume. I have a pair of vintage Gucci culottes in olive suede that are coming out of my closet soon!

    RobinSeptember 26th, 2014  8:40 PM

  • I decided. Finally. No.

    Tori MordecaiSeptember 27th, 2014  11:27 PM

  • Gosh, this is exciting–I don’t think I am going to wear them, but I can sew a pair, as it was my 8th grade home-ec project. Boy do I feel of another era . . .

    PaulaSeptember 30th, 2014  12:40 AM

  • I have recently bought a pair in a broderie anglais type fabric (except the pattern is just a square detail). They have a built in short into the culottes and they look just beautiful. I wear them with a slim black singlet tank and black ballet flats. Hopefully channelling Coco Chanel, maybe…

    SarahOctober 27th, 2014  5:24 PM

  • I have a denim and black culottes and they are awesome!!! My favorite is wearing the black culotte with a crisp white shirt and an amazing wide black belt with black Birkenstocks!!!! Everyone should try it.

    SamanthaMarch 16th, 2015  3:24 PM


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