October 4th, 2014
Street Style

Sweater Stalking

Fair isle Walking up Madison Avenue I spied this woman in an enviable Fair Isle sweater and snapped her pic. I may have to break my ‘no vintage’ rule to find one as good as this.



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Dorian double-breasted checked cotton-blend tweed coat


Embellished quilted leather gloves


Camberwell leopard-print linen-blend canvas jacket


Le High straight-leg jeans


Ipanema shirred halterneck swimsuit


Hammock small leather tote


W006 Enid mid-rise wide-leg jeans


Silk and linen-blend blazer


Fusain leather sandals


Belted muslin dress


Black velvet bow barrette


Belted cotton-twill midi dress

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  • Hello, Brora have a lovely Icelandic mohair sweater this autumn. But the one you have pictured is splendid. You have such great posts. Sue

    SueOctober 4th, 2014  3:48 PM

  • Just curious what the cut off is between an item being “old” and an item being “vintage.” If I have a hand knit sweater from Ireland that I got in 1984, is that old or vintage?

    Tori MordecaiOctober 4th, 2014  4:20 PM

  • Oh, hate to say it, but for me they are one step removed from Christmas sweaters which I would never wear.

    margoOctober 4th, 2014  6:32 PM

  • It looks very much like the gray J. Brand Fair Isle, which I actually like a bit better as it has a gray band at the bottom rather than ivory. The only “vintage” item in my closet is a Fair Isle sweater which I bought two years ago.

    KathyOctober 4th, 2014  8:12 PM

  • I bought the J. Brand Fair Isle sweater, softest, coziest sweater I own.

    PrestonOctober 4th, 2014  8:35 PM

  • This just screams Eagles Eye to me! So cute but had so many EE way back when – love the J Brand!

    JenniferOctober 5th, 2014  8:14 AM

  • just bought a beautiful vintage one on eBay…….

    CariOctober 5th, 2014  11:18 AM

  • I love looking at other women in these jumpers but don’t think I could ever wear one again. I was just too prepped out in hs! 70s Connecticut, what can you do.

    I do have my dad’s Norwegian ski sweater from the 50s though. I’ll have to see what kind of shape it’s in.

    joannawnycOctober 5th, 2014  1:40 PM

  • Smythe made a wonderful fair isle 🙂

    KarenOctober 6th, 2014  12:00 PM

  • Adam Lippes has a wonderful modern take on the fair isle sweater.

    RonicaOctober 6th, 2014  4:23 PM

  • Check these out from The Daily Prep:

    LacyOctober 6th, 2014  9:30 PM

  • Thank you!

    PrestonOctober 7th, 2014  4:16 AM


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