October 27th, 2014
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Self Service I’ve been posting on my favorite sites/blogs and just this morning Self Service launched an updated version of their site with the coolest how-to videos and more content. Woo hoo!


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Matias ruffled broderie anglaise-trimmed cotton-poplin blouse


Charlotte leather ankle boots


Silvery Crepe printed dress


Collection gold, silver and diamond ring


Eyelet-embellished intarsia merino wool turtleneck sweater


Mid-heel suede knee-high boots


Beirut 18-karat rose gold diamond ring


Camilla one-shoulder textured-organic cotton maxi dress


medium Trunk shoulder bag


Cotton-blend poplin top


Wool sweater


Gold vermeil hoop earrings

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  • Thank you,Preston!wooo hoooo

    MargaretOctober 27th, 2014  1:30 PM

  • Hello Preston and all KIC readers… this may be unusual, but I thought I’d see if anyone had some thoughts on this key topic – BOOTS and BOOTIES. I live in the Northeast, but am often either on the Left Coast or elsewhere. I am not in an office, nor am I a mother. My life and wardrobe have evolved to what I can now see are two primary facets – either what I hope is casual chic (either in chilly weather or total beach casual) and a range of LBD’s for evening – usually Dolce, Calvin, Narciso, THE ROW – what I hope and have found are long lasting, timeless, pieces which I wear with Manolos. I have a Dolce sheaths which are nearly 10 years old and look as if they just came off the rack – something I find astonishing.

    Onto the point: For years, I did knee high boots – riding, wedge, high heel under trousers, etc. and totally rejected booties. This fall I literally sold ALL my knee high boots – gone. I have purchased, for evaluation – the Prada (thought I would NEVER buy anything from them again) Chelsea flat bootie – totally simple and plain version of a riding boot) similar to the Church style and a Manolo version I think Preston posted recently – the Wang Clarice – new style this year – manageable heel height without going to a stiletto, and a the Gucci (again, thought I was SO over Gucci) high heel “Brooke” bootie. Between the three, I feel I could go anywhere (in pants/jeans). I loved the idea of high boots for a decade, even had one completely flat and beautifully designed OTK pair – and love them on other people, but now I find they make me feel constricted, too warm and generally annoyed at the end of the day in spite of all the beautiful new and classic styles. I also love is that there is NO branding on any of the three I am evaluating, but that is a personal preference. Does anyone feel the same or am I in my own world? Although knee high boots look fabulous with skirts and some dresses – skirts are another thing I no longer do for the sake of the uniform – keep legs warm under trousers, and have great visual appeal, I have recently found them to be sort of a nuisance…. and I’m a fairly seasoned fashion veteran. I do not live in Manhattan, so I don’t walk nearly as much as many women do… would be curious to hear thoughts if anyone has feedback.

    tabithaOctober 28th, 2014  9:45 AM

  • For me, pants with ankle boots are the way to go in the winter. High boots are too constricting, in my opinion. Although there was a time in my life when I wore them, I can’t imagine sitting for several hours in them now, much less all day.

    AprilOctober 28th, 2014  10:28 AM

  • I don’t have any knee high boots anymore either. I wear mostly jeans, so ankle boots are a lot more comfortable, and useful. When I lived in NY I would wear knee high flat boots over jeans in bad weather, but in LA – not needed.

    KathyOctober 28th, 2014  10:43 AM

  • Much prefer a bootie to a full boot…but then I live in California. I like Tabitha’s three bootie choices….they seem to offer a good range. My favorite every day ankle boot is the very reasonably priced Cole Haan Daryl boot. It looks very similar to the Prada Chelsea boot but with a slight lug sole, and is waterproof. Works in all kinds of weather and you could run a marathon in them–they are that comfortable!

    SusanOctober 28th, 2014  11:04 AM

  • I’m going to make myself wear knee boots this winter. Not OTK mind you. Booties with pants is my uniform when it’s colder.

    PrestonOctober 28th, 2014  11:13 AM

  • Weird thread on this post btw…

    PrestonOctober 28th, 2014  11:14 AM

  • Yes it is a weird thread, but I sort of like it. I just ordered the last pair of the Manolo booties in black suede, as I feel jealous of everyone having them now, and I don’t. Home in bed with a cold is costly!

    KathyOctober 28th, 2014  11:41 AM

  • Many thanks to everyone for their feedback – I wondered if I was totally alone in this change of heart – for the past couple of years I saw booties being worn inappropriately so I dismissed them as a trend. Now, given that I am not dealing with endlessly long winters and have a less complicated lifestyle, I feel better having heard others’ comments. Jeans and booties are going to be my winter wardrobe, too and high boots in warm climates just don’t work, at least for me.

    Preston, I’m sorry if this seemed a weird question to pose to your audience (and I apologize if it was inappropriate, but your readers think about these things and take them appropriately seriously I was genuinely curious about how people who have diverse geographic lifestyles are thinking and what they are buying. I, too, have lived in LA and because of my New England blood, I don’t think I ever wore anything heavier than a thin cardigan and flats when I was there! Thanks again!

    tabithaOctober 28th, 2014  1:21 PM

  • I think the self service site is pretty awful actually. Clicking on an image yields a slightly larger image, then you need to click off to click on another related image to see that larger. No continuity. No depth. Really slow. The same behavior over and over. Just the trend du jour that mass market sites like & Other Stories already exploited (better). I’m unimpressed.

    (the gentlewoman I prefer much more)

    and yeah, weird thread placement above.

    Allison WOctober 28th, 2014  1:21 PM

  • Booties and jeans are my go-to. I don’t even own a pair of knee boots, other than a pair of Uggs for deep snow only. I like the look of knee boots over jeans…on women taller than myself. At under 5’3″, it’s not a great look for me!

    bisbeeOctober 28th, 2014  1:42 PM

  • I like both, although I usually wear ankle boots. Since I’m often in New York, I have a pair of waterproof leather knee boots to help negotiate the lakes of slushy puddles on every corner after a major snowstorm. Having ruined more than one pair of good boots, plus walked miles with cold wet feet, I have learned there’s no point in fighting the elements. There’s a place for both in my life.

    AliOctober 28th, 2014  9:24 PM


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