November 11th, 2014
Street Style

Black & Tan

The perfect color combo in my book. Love the sweater tied as a scarf.

Belgian blogger Sofie Valkiers of Fashionata


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The Pouch gathered leather clutch bag


Single-breasted leather coat


Intrecciato-woven leather tote


Ruched slingback leather pumps


The Pouch large leather clutch bag


Miles leather ankle boots


Print jute tote bag


Iacopo double band sandal


bandana print tie neck blouse


Iacopo double band sandal


Mella gold-tone hoop earrings


embroidered flared skirt

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  • I couldn’t agree more. This is a perfect look.

    Lauren@StyleseerNovember 11th, 2014  12:22 PM

  • yes! multiple sweaters in shades of the same tan!

    Mindful StyleNovember 11th, 2014  1:09 PM

  • And lookd great with her gold watch!

    ameeNovember 11th, 2014  4:31 PM

  • The two shades of tan really make it sing, quietly. Love it with the white sneakers too.

    Kathy LeedsNovember 11th, 2014  4:35 PM

  • I love this look but if you are wearing two jumpers (sweaters) it must be cold so you can’t really be running around with bare legs. Do you see people wearing this look in Autumn/Winter in New York ? I am obsessed with this question because I hate hosiery and in winter in Sydney I couldn’t have bare legs.

    AntoinetteNovember 11th, 2014  7:44 PM

  • Although I couldn’t/wouldn’t pull it off, it seems as though the bare legged look is being carried through year round by young women, although granted I think you would see it with pants rather than a skirt in January. I don’t know about NYC where a lot of mass transit commuting happens, but I see it in suburbia where most people drive and park close to their destination. Love the color combo here, the white sneakers really seal the deal. In fact, I ordered a navy pullover today, and then when I saw this post, I added a camel one to my order!

    AprilNovember 11th, 2014  8:33 PM

  • Preston, I love this look, and I see you in it with the sneakers as you run around during your super busy days. Black and tan always work.

    Thanks for all of your great ideas, your wonderful posts, and the fact that you keep me thinking every day about what I wear (my students thank you too!).

    EricaNovember 11th, 2014  9:45 PM

  • The easiest color combo, even before you’ve had your coffee!

    LindaNovember 11th, 2014  11:14 PM

  • Amen ..maybe the polar vortex won’t come in ny

    SheilaNovember 12th, 2014  7:57 AM

  • Love tan and black too, this is such a chic and fabulous combo, timeless, yet very modern if worn like this ! The Stan are the perfect addition to this look.

    carolineNovember 12th, 2014  9:45 AM

  • Love the entire look! The color combo, the white sneakers, the white shirt popping out and the tan sweaters! Gorgeous look for running around town. It’s making me rethink my white shirts!

    Sue TothNovember 12th, 2014  10:10 AM

  • Any ideas where to get that sweater? Thanks

    ElizabethNovember 12th, 2014  10:12 AM

  • love it, but those sneakers would not work for me
    i think they flatter tall, skinny, tan girls only;)

    sharonNovember 12th, 2014  10:17 AM

  • Love the Isabel Marant sneakers!

    StephanieNovember 12th, 2014  11:36 AM

  • Love this too, but to answer the bare leg thing: for me (just south of Toronto) it is not happening. I would/will however wear this entire look with black tights and black ankle boots, maybe a tan bag.

    SueMNovember 12th, 2014  11:52 AM

  • Thank you so much for using my outfit picture 🙂 Love your blog!

    Sofie Valkiers / Fashionata.comNovember 12th, 2014  3:35 PM

  • Sofie, thank you for commenting so we know who you are–you have great style!

    PrestonNovember 12th, 2014  5:11 PM


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