November 16th, 2014
On The hunt For

A Cozy Cardigan

Vogue Paris

I’m not looking for a ladylike twin-set topper, I want a chunky, wrap-myself-up, coatlike cardigan. And I’ve been looking for a while now. TBC.

Top image of Karlie Kloss in Chanel © Vogue Paris


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1800s gold and sterling diamond ring


Embellished crepe coat


Alexia tie-back crocheted Pima cotton tank


Duchesse-satin skirt


Mischka leather beret


Balmacaan textured coated-cotton coat


Tia crocheted Pima cotton mini dress


Gold-tone, poplin and crystal brooch


Feather-trimmed silk-crepon top


Charlotte medium leather bag


Kim square sunglasses


Mohair-blend sweater

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  • I am tempted by the Everlane new chunkie cardigan, but haven’t seen one in person. Was thinking it could be nice with the matching chunkie scarf — sort of a decontructed turtleneck look. I have liked my other pieces from Everlane, so maybe…the price is right.

    LFRNovember 16th, 2014  11:56 PM

  • I have noticed many fabulous and luxurious chunky sweaters this season and also love the look. But how do you manage when it is super cold or windy and need to wear a coat over a thick sweater? Is the solution to layer under? I adore the rich, bespoke, hand-knit look, but they can also be very heavy on the shoulders.

    PaulaNovember 17th, 2014  12:55 AM

  • First, thank you for your website, which I love and read every day. Your taste is consistent with mine, and while I don’t always splash out for the high ticket items, I am always inspired by your posts. I think I can help today, though! How about this sweater? It’s quite easy to order from the website, even though they are shipping fr France, and I’ve been very pleased with my Eric Bompard sweaters.

    Kic fanNovember 17th, 2014  9:59 AM

  • A friend of mine recently wore this H&M Mohair Cardigan, and it looked amazing.

    What2WearWhereNovember 17th, 2014  10:26 AM

  • I absolutely adore the second pic ! So cosy and so chic, everything you need for the winter ahead !

    carolineNovember 17th, 2014  11:09 AM

  • Look up New Form Perspective. NFP Gail Travis has marvelous designs. Great lines with many options for wearing. Shop in NYC and studio/shop in Beacon.

    Susan RedaNovember 17th, 2014  12:58 PM

  • Hi Preston,
    Inspired by your post the other day on “uniforms”, I decided to really consider what is in my closet already and being conscientious when shopping. I came across a Theory Cashmere turtleneck in a store, and while I love the color it is a little over-sized, probably one size to big. It was between that and a fisherman’s sweater, which I do not have.What would be your recommendation between the two?

    amyNovember 17th, 2014  1:34 PM

  • Amy, hard for me to say without seeing them–go with your gut. P

    PrestonNovember 17th, 2014  1:47 PM

  • Where is the second photo from? That sweater looks delicious!

    AlexandraNovember 17th, 2014  1:48 PM

  • Pinterest

    PrestonNovember 17th, 2014  2:14 PM

  • @Susan Reda Thanks for turning me on to New Form Perspective. Love their form and design AND price point!

    RonicaNovember 17th, 2014  2:22 PM

  • Have been wearing this all over Napa Valley, cozy cardigan and Fair Isle.

    KathyNovember 17th, 2014  2:26 PM


    This one is really good too.

    KathyNovember 18th, 2014  11:18 AM

  • Ralph Lauren is always good for a chunky cashmere cardigan… I’m still wearing mine from seasons past…

    StephanieNovember 18th, 2014  8:58 PM


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