February 10th, 2015
In The Wall Street Journal

‘The Appeal Of Wide’

My friend Mary and I have been going back and forth about flares for a few months now—she bought the Gucci denim sailor pants and loves them. I’ve tried the Saint Laurent flared patch pocket jeans and just can’t decide. But, after reading this persuasive article in last weekend’s WSJ, I’m going to make a concerted effort to find flares that suit me; I bet that I will live in them. And when I find that perfet pair, I’ll buy two—one to wear with flats, and one to wear with wedges/platforms.

P.S. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worn them before, it’s whether they work for you now. Also, a flare is not necessarily a bell-bottom, there are variations on this theme.


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  • I read the article and have to agree that a little bit of flare is very complimentary, but you do have to find the pair that work for your individual body type.

    kimFebruary 10th, 2015  9:24 AM

  • I am loving the return of the flared jeans and pants, as a shortie, it such an elongating look. For those of us on a budget, Oldnavy’s Rockstar demi boot cut has a perfect cut, skinny on thighs and nice flare at the bottom.

    ameeFebruary 10th, 2015  9:26 AM

  • To me, flares have become a classic. All those great styles from the 70’s have are timeless. The model pictured in the middle epitomizes that vibe. Totally cool, effortless and age defying.

    Jill AnthonyFebruary 10th, 2015  9:40 AM

  • My motto used to be “if you wore that style before…” I like that it’s not about that but rather “it’s about wether or not they work for you now”! I will try them.

    LisaFebruary 10th, 2015  10:09 AM

  • I’m in the camp that remembers and wore 70’s flares. I think they are a flattering look and happy to see their return. Right now I especially like the shorter look, like the white pair on the right. Looks contemporary and right for Spring/Summer.

    AprilFebruary 10th, 2015  10:09 AM

  • For summer I have a pair of white denim ‘rag + bone for intermix’ that I bought a few years ago and I love them! I will be buying another pair of flares this spring – not sure yet but I like the idea of the patch pockets!

    Sue TothFebruary 10th, 2015  10:25 AM

  • I got the Alexa Chung/AG revolution pair. I think they’re good with flats. Will have to go to an actual store to find the right pair to wear with wedges/platforms.

    KathyFebruary 10th, 2015  10:29 AM

  • Kathy–lucky you! They sold out before I could figure out my size, grrr

    PrestonFebruary 10th, 2015  10:32 AM

  • I think a slight flare is much more flattering to a typical woman’s curves than skinnies will ever be. I tried on a few older pairs and they looked quite dated. I tried on 8 different new pairs, from Mother to Frame to Seven, and found that Joe’s Jeans looked fresh in a dark rinse. And the lightweight denim works well in L.A.

    ToriFebruary 10th, 2015  10:42 AM

  • Like April, I was a child in the 70s and so will take a light touch to the trend. I too prefer the white outfit – minimal and clean. Grown-up dressing at its best.

    JillFebruary 10th, 2015  10:47 AM

  • This is a trend I embrace. It is elongating and elegant. For those who may not have the most perfect body, I have found trouser cut denims to fit well more than the flare cut which are skinny in the thighs.

    KarenFebruary 10th, 2015  11:07 AM

  • Hello, I read your blog daily! I haven’t commented in the past but when you showed the wide leg trousers I needed to. Not everyone looks good in skinny jeans and sometimes they are downright not flattering at all! I’m only 5’3″ and I have always been a hugh fan of wide legs trousers and jeans they are flattering and tailored.
    I enjoy your blog very much, have a great day.
    Loretta Turner

    Loretta TurnerFebruary 10th, 2015  11:11 AM

  • Good distinction that a flare is not necessarily a bell-bottom. Another key point (I think) is that they shouldn’t be super-tight. Joe Fresh had a chic flare in store but it’s not on their site at the moment.

    ZoeFebruary 10th, 2015  11:47 AM

  • I am just 161 cms, so with most flares I end up cutting most of the flare off. I found a pair at River Island in a short version. They are perfect with wedges! As they are cheap, it may be worth getting a another pair and cutting 5 cms off.

    MMSFebruary 10th, 2015  1:17 PM

  • The JBrand Love Story jean is incredible. I wear them with a wedge every summer. They look as good now as they did when I bought them 7 years ago.

    EGNYCFebruary 10th, 2015  6:10 PM

  • Those white jeans are awesome!!! I have got to get a pair!

    TracyFebruary 10th, 2015  7:19 PM

  • OK, you may have sold me on trying on pair of boot cut pants. I’m another KiC reader who wore the look as a teen back in the 70s. As long as no one is proposing that we make the plunge into bubble tube tops, I’ll give it shot!

    SharonFebruary 10th, 2015  8:16 PM

  • Oh yes I do love the Gucci denim flared sailor pant. Honestly, I have worn them 3 times already and I’ve only had them a week. They are a very flattering cut and I found sizing down one size worked for me. I am up in the air on the white. I LOVE a leg lengthening flare. I have the Lam denim/linen blend from 4 years ago and just had them shortened because I was not wearing them. The fit is amazing. I left them long to wear with the Chanel high clog (the year of the clog). I now want to wear with flats which fits my lifestyle more. The Gucci I can wear with a shorter wedge or boot and it’s easy. I LOVE these white Lams. I just think the fit is flattering without the pockets on the back, but I may try the FRAME ones too.

    MaryBFebruary 11th, 2015  8:22 AM

  • I bought two pairs of high-waisted wide-leg trousers for spring. Now I just need the shoes! Will think about breaking out the flared denim as well.

    joannawnycFebruary 11th, 2015  10:09 AM

  • I’ve worn wide linen pants for the past several summers. They look (and are) so much cooler than skinny jeans. I like a boot cut jean, not as wide as flares, but very flattering.

    PindaFebruary 11th, 2015  10:21 AM


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