April 4th, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Although I’ve upped the mileage on my daily walk/run, I still feel like I’m recovering from months of hibernation. My friend Liete mentioned that she’s doing a BluePrint cleanse and, considering that I already guzzle their kale drinks, I’m seriously thinking about joining her.


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  • I wanted to try that as well… But quite frankly, I have no idea if it works or not, in France it’s not something we usually do ! Could you post your review if you decide to try the cleanse ?


    carolineApril 4th, 2015  6:59 AM

  • There have been times when I’ve been tempted to start drinking juice, but every time I’m in Whole Foods and read the labels of these products (and I think they carry Blue Print), I’m put off my how much sugar they contain. Whether it comes from juice or cookies, sugar is sugar and our bodies don’t know the difference.

    kimApril 4th, 2015  8:32 AM

  • I agree with Kim! Way too much sugar in those “cleanses” – have tried them all! – Organic Avenue, Juice Press and BluePrint – By far the best way to do a Spring Cleaning” is Organicallythin@me.com
    Mia Russo Stern is the most amazing “cleansing coach” – it will change your life!

    Lisa EastmanApril 4th, 2015  9:41 AM

  • I agree with the Kim & Lisa! I did the Blue Print Cleanse a few years ago. I felt better, but as I am on a quest to not partake in as much sugar as I used to, I was quite surprised by the amount of sugar in these drinks. It’s a bit of a chore, but consider doing your own juices where you can control the amount of sugar or find other premades that are low in sugar.

    SondraApril 4th, 2015  10:40 AM

  • I agree with those above about the sugar. I think it’s also a misconception that it “cleanses” your body. Yes, everyone drops a few pounds, but as soon as you eat solid food – it comes right back on.

    KathyApril 4th, 2015  12:29 PM

  • I would suggest going on a gentle cleanse everyday, not just a one time or a few times a year. Toxins are in your system everyday. They accumulate after time, but instead of letting them accumulate, you cleanse and keep yourself clean each day. Sugar is in fruit juices, this is a fact. Not like table sugar, but still you want to limit the intake. Dr. Darrel Wolfe has a protocol to cleanse on a regular basis. He is known as the Doc of detox. Highly recommend.

    JulioApril 4th, 2015  12:47 PM

  • IME “clean eating” a lo GOOP works better, in terms of how you feel and what you lose. But it really depends on your metabolism. You need to know your body. Love green juices but my body just reacts like I’ve eaten a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Too much sugar!

    joannawnycApril 4th, 2015  7:02 PM

  • I tried blue print and my digestive system went crazy. I tried a local company called jrink juicery and lost weight plus my cravings for meat went away. I also am a fan of pressed juicery in California. They now ship everywhere in the US.

    TracyApril 5th, 2015  6:57 AM

  • I did the same cleanse mentioned by someone above–Organically Thin. What I loved about it was that it wasn’t just juice (so unrealistic), it was three meals a day, with recipes. But virtually everything had substitutes or could be swapped out, including with tips for what to do if you didn’t have time or ability to deal with food prep. The recipes often didn’t look like they would amount to anything, but I was truly amazed at how quick and easy they were and how they made me seem like a gourmet chef! (example: roasting tomatoes and blending them up with some garlic, basil, and oil to make an incredible spaghetti sauce). The base of the whole thing is vegetables, not juice. It literally retrained my whole palate, and even when I’m not “on the wagon” (I’ve done the cleanse like 6 or 8 times since I tried it, because I have never, ever felt so amazing in my life), I use a lot of the techniques and recipes–awesome salads, salad dressings, soups, and even ice cream! Cannot recommend highly enough!! I think the link is organicallythin.com/detox-signup/

    Lara BennettApril 6th, 2015  11:05 AM


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