April 11th, 2015
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Hair Cut

At breakfast with Mark Sikes last Monday he gave me this scarf from his soon-to-be-launched M.D.S. Stripes collection. After I posted this pic to Instagram, my next thought was, time for a haircut.

Quite simply, my long hair represents my reluctance to age. Laziness too, because it grows like a weed on steroids. However, every spring I have a number of events where I don’t want to be frowned upon for sporting long locks so, I cut it to my shoulders. Fortunately, by the time I’m on summer vacation, it’s grown out again.

Thoughts on hair length and age?

P.S. I cut off 2 inches leaving the length below my shoulders. My hair looks groomed and polished, but still long (just not Marcia Brady long). Thank you all for the thoughtful comments!


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  • That’s agism! I do not think that your hair length needs to be shorter with age!

    lisa eastmanApril 11th, 2015  6:25 AM

  • Long hair suits you and your overall style.

    Longer styles are so much easier to manage on a daily basis and give so many options- pony tail, bun, plait, hair band, scarf etc.

    MelanieApril 11th, 2015  6:51 AM

  • It’s nothing to do with age. Choppy chin length hair looks fabulous on everyone. Just look at before and after pics of models and celebrities who have made the chop. They look do fresh and new.
    I say do it!

    SusanApril 11th, 2015  7:18 AM

  • Great scarf…can’t wait for the MDS stripes collection. Someone (you ) once told me as long as you are comfortable that age doesn’t matter. I go through the exact debate with myself, but I don’t have the luxury of fast growing hair (only on my legs – haha!) that you do. I just vary the length slightly or have long layers vs blunt cut and change up how I wear it. I personally like the versatility of long hair. I have been wearing it like the Celine Runway models this week – wish I had that barrette! I personally don’t think longer hair is only for the young except for really long hair. Any classic hair style is for any age.

    MaryBApril 11th, 2015  7:23 AM

  • I think its really a matter of personal image mixed with practical reality regarding how much time you wish/can spend on grooming one’s hair, because as one ages I do believe hair , no matter what length, must be well groomed to speak well of the head its on! For instance, I wore my hair shoulder length a few years back and it was a great cut for my hair. I didn’t want to devote time in my morning routine to blow dry it thoroughly though, and let it dry naturally. I have very thick hair, so drying was too slow, and found the wet head look NOT in keeping with my personal image. I felt like a teenager, and not in a good way! So, now I wear it short and it dries very quickly. Overall, a better look for me based upon my lifestyle. No rules!

    AprilApril 11th, 2015  7:41 AM

  • I love long hair but not on me…more and more of my friends in their 40’s who sport long hair are envious of my short cut…think Kate Lanphear but darker and not as severe…I had it long when I was having my boys but as I got older I just felt like it weighed me down. My vibe is social and energetic…and everyone comments on how my short hair totally suits me. To keep my short cut interesting I alternate my signature Dior Tribal earrings in pearl or the gold/silver combo. My advice…do what feels right and own it!

    Amy RichardsonApril 11th, 2015  7:52 AM

  • You have gorgeous hair, and I don’t think the length has anything to do with age. I recently chopped mine to make a color transition easier, which is has, but I’m anxiously awaiting it growing back out. Love the scarf and can’t wait until MDS collection arrives.

    KathyApril 11th, 2015  8:00 AM

  • I love long hair, but not too long. So long as I can push it back to a pony tail, and it’s been cut really well. I’m lucky, I have an awesome hair stylist! Usually, my hair goes just a little below my shoulders. So it looks long but not like I’m trying to look like a teenager. I think a good cutter and colour is key! Best of luck!

    AngelineApril 11th, 2015  8:08 AM

  • I will never forget the time I was in a hair salon when I was in my 20’s and there was a beautiful woman in her 70’s with gorgeous long gray hair getting a trim! Up until that point I only remember seeing older woman with short curled hair like ‘grandma’ you know the look! If you have great hair and the length suits you it doesn’t matter your age! I cannot stand that many woman chop their hair off just because they reach a certain age!!

    Sue TothApril 11th, 2015  8:19 AM

  • Hi Preston, Love your blog. Age is a state of mind so I think hard and fast rules should never apply. Check out the fabulous ladies in Selfridges’ Beauty Project short film as they muse on the concept of “beauty”. http://www.selfridges.com/content/article/beauty-project-change-beautiful-thing
    One of the comments I loved most was that you need to be in love with change to maintain a youthful attitude. One more thing: style of dress needs to be considered alongside haircut. I went (very) short in my forties because I wanted to continue wearing McQueen and other formal labels without the risk of looking staid. An edgy cut offsets a formal wardrobe well if you need to wear it for work.


    SarahApril 11th, 2015  8:23 AM

  • Stick with long. Chin length is aging and much harder to maintain. Wear it up, down, plaits, scarfs, and enjoy, whatever your age.

    CassieApril 11th, 2015  8:35 AM

  • I thought for many years that aging meant shorter and shorter hair…and I do admire those that can sport the style still looking chic ! But for me- and I have tried it!- I didn’t feel quite right….so now I have my hair longer than I ever have in my life! As others have said, it gives you more options…you can always put it up if you want a shorter version.
    Bottom line, Preston – you will look amazing no matter what length you go with!

    SherApril 11th, 2015  8:41 AM

  • I think it should be more about what length suits you, based on your facial structure and personal preference and hair quality. I don’t think those kinds of rules apply anymore. Remember No white after labor day? Maybe you just need a new spring clean shape after this long winter. 🙂

    judiApril 11th, 2015  8:43 AM

  • As long as the hair in question is in good condition, maintained in a flattering style, etc., age needn’t come in to the decision to go long or short. No one wants to look like mutton dressed like lamb and keeping hair of any length styled can make all the difference. Just last week I walked behind three women who had long, stringy hair. If told none had had a trim in decades, I wouldn’t have doubted it.

    I wear my hair past my shoulders. I’ve had it short because it’s fun, but I missed being able to put it up, etc. Long is easier—no need to deal with hair sticking up or out because of the way I slept.

    I envy your haircut schedule. If I didn’t have my hair trimmed every five to six weeks, it would be halfway down my back in no time, and someone behind me would be wondering about the women with the unkept hair.

    JanetApril 11th, 2015  8:51 AM

  • Just cut off 6″ due to increasing awareness that I didn’t want to be that woman who holds onto length at the expense of style. Standing next to my teenage daughter it became even clearer that it was time. I want to look polished and fresh for my well earned 50 years.

    KarenApril 11th, 2015  9:18 AM

  • I was looking through pictures of girls recently of women I know. The majority have past their shoulders hair. The majority would look a lot better without it. It was aging! Shoulder-ish always looks great.

    SanderApril 11th, 2015  9:21 AM

  • Two years ago I got brave and had my stylist cut all my hair off into a pixie cut. I was thankful that I wasn’t like Samson after all …I lived after the cut! More than that. I like the cut! I didn’t think it would suit me really, but I always secretly wanted to try a pixie.

    I’ve let it grow out a tad this last year and think I’ll keep it where it’s at for awhile longer before purchasing a drawer full of barrettes, and hair bands to hold my hair in check when I decide to grow it out again. When I do I think shoulder length will be the length I’ll strive for.

    I wish my hair grew out as fast as yours! Why not wear your long hair up in a casual or more coiffed Up-do to places where long hair doesn’t feel right to you? The French Twist is always trés chic.

    That scarf of MDS’s looks perfect btw!

    Deborah ZApril 11th, 2015  9:32 AM

  • I’m older than you but we have something in common, fast growing hair. The longer mine gets, the easier it is for me to take care of on a day to day basis. I’ve tried short hair and while I love it, I spend too much time and money at the salon because my style grows out very quickly. Going in to see my stylist every 4-5 weeks is too much. As far as long hair and age, I think that’s personal. Some people do feel and look better going shorter as they age. Not everyone. You look fabulous with long hair and you should keep it if you like it.

    SunnyApril 11th, 2015  10:13 AM

  • It will grow back, so why not have some fun and go shorter. It will look clean and sharp.

    LeeApril 11th, 2015  10:22 AM

  • The most surprising change I have noticed as I reach my late 40s is that although I love clothes and fashion as much as ever I notice that, for me,there is something very graceful in paring things back to a very simple, timeless, almost boyish style (although some thought goes into this of course!) For me, my past the shoulders dark hair balances that although I do find myself frequently at the salon asking for a blow-dry that doesn’t look like a blow-dry so that my hair looks glossy and thick, but natural too -my poor stylist! On a recent holiday in Marrakech I noticed women of all ages wearing a long, loose plait flung to the front worn with simple gold jewellery and it’s inspired me to go even a little longer. I also love the MDS scarf.

    MargaretApril 11th, 2015  10:29 AM

  • I’m curious what you’ll decide. . . It takes forever for my hair to grow so it’s a huge commitment when and if I decide to cut. Currently growing it out but also feeling mid-40s and trying to hard to hang onto my long blonde youth. Was out to dinner with a friend last night who always sports a crisp chin length bob and she always looks so chic.

    Laura (@cocktailsandgelato.com)April 11th, 2015  10:48 AM

  • Dear Preston,
    I am a 50 something aged widow, gradually emerging from a grief ridden cave, slowly shedding the sad, thoughtless uniform I have worn for the past two years. I love your blog, it is one of the first things I read in the morning. It gives me hope knowing that with your help I will figure out the best way to present myself for the next phase of my life.
    You reveal very little of yourself in your blog, I would never recognize you if I passed you on the sidewalk. Your words this morning made me pause “grows like a weed on steroids”. Thank you for sharing, life is not perfect for anyone, and yes your hair is gorgeous.
    Thank you,

    CApril 11th, 2015  11:08 AM

  • WOW so many comments on hair! Have had mine both ways but mostly shoulder length. Just have to say that when mine goes gray, would love to have it in a chignon. So chic.

    @prestondavis — look forward to your blog posts everyday because of the content and the fact that they are short and sweet. Where on earth do you get all the content and have the time ?? I am a stylist and have a blog that I use mainly as my website. I update it probably once a week.


    MarcyApril 11th, 2015  11:32 AM

  • Oh, how I would love to chop my hair if only I had Sienna Miller Vogue cover hair. I have more Julia Robert’s Flatliners, Sleeping with the Enemy hair. I have decided that long hair suits my oval face and I will go for a Marisa Berenson curly chic over 50 look. I just checked out That’s Not My Age blog, and posted is the most gorgeous model with long gray hair.

    Jill AnthonyApril 11th, 2015  11:35 AM

  • Now that I have chemo curls (better than bald!) I understand the appeal of the old lady haircuts!

    ValentineApril 11th, 2015  11:49 AM

  • Unless worn up in a bun or pony tail, I am for a chopped, layered bob which is kinder to one’s face as they age. I did it and have never regretted it…softens the face.

    LouiseApril 11th, 2015  11:57 AM

  • HA! I am your age and my hair has gotten longer and longer in the last 5 years. Part desire not to age (particularly when people tell me i look good for “my age”) and its so much easier than when my hair was short short and shoulder length. I say it looks great from behind and get a trim at most! F the “rules”.

    BetsyApril 11th, 2015  1:15 PM

  • Provided your hair is in good condition do what you please – hair is a woman’s crowning glory (as my dear late mother used to say – she also used to say great coats opened doors)

    ACApril 11th, 2015  4:18 PM

  • I’m not so surprised that “age” and “hair” brings out the comments. I am firmly on the side of do-as-you-will, so if trimming your hair makes you feel like you’re refreshing your style then do it by all means and trust you will make the right decision when you do it for yourself and no one else.
    I have struggled my whole long life with a giant mop of curly hair when I pictured my internal Sue as an edgy, straight razor cut with long bangs. In my punk youth I despaired of ever looking cool (sure I didn’t) because I was more pre-raphaelite than Sex Pistols.
    Right or wrong, our hair is a huge part of our identity and I had to make peace with my curls in order to be truly stylish.
    Oh and, age schmage.

    SueMApril 11th, 2015  4:56 PM

  • The only reason there is an association between short hair and older women, is because hair often thins considerably approaching middle age. So it looks stringy and thin if kept long. Your hair seems thick, at least it’s very photogenic, why would you cut it short?

    AnnApril 11th, 2015  7:55 PM

  • I’m in my mid 50s, and I’ve always thought that your hair length is a matter of style and ease. If a longer length is more versatile go for it.

    SharonApril 11th, 2015  8:09 PM

  • Preston, you have impeccable taste, as well as what seems to be a wonderful ability to honestly assess yourself. Do whatever makes you feel good when you look in a mirror. You will know when long hair begins to draw your face down and add years. I can only guess at your age, but I imagine you are still a long way from that.

    AliApril 11th, 2015  8:18 PM

  • Long hair=young, short hair=old. That’s how most people associate the length of hair with age. My teenage son always tells me to grow my hair long. That’s what boys or young guys like in a girl. As long as you still look good in long hair, I think you should keep it long. I never had long hair though, even in my youth because my hair is so thick, coarse and wavy. I have had bob style hair forever. However, now I am approaching 50, I started grow my hair long just past my shoulder. It made me look more feminine and actually more youthful. There is one woman at my work who is in her early fifties. She has beautiful thick hair. She kept herself well. She has no wrinkles and is very stylish. Her hair length makes her look ten years younger. If she chop her hair short, it would make her look a “typical” middle-aged woman no matter how stylish her clothes are. It just is. So my thought is try to keep your hair long if you can. But at a certain age and point (it is different for each one), most of us have to cut our hair short or wear it up which can soften our aging face and make us look younger than our age.

    EllenApril 11th, 2015  8:44 PM

  • And I love that portrait of your daughters. May I ask who did it?

    KathyApril 11th, 2015  9:16 PM

  • One thing to consider with hair length is the cut itself and how much ‘swing’ and movement it has at that length. Depending on texture, amount of wave, etc., longer hair can be fabulous on a woman of any age–I agree that it needs to look polished, well groomed, healthy, and reflect the work of a good colorist. I doubt you are in any danger of allowing your hair to look like ‘old hippie hair.’ That is the only long hair look I really hate– For me, I have a ‘happy place’ which is below my chin but well above my shoulders. Shows the nap of my neck, I can blow it dry myself, it flips slightly and holds without spray, I can pull it back in a pony tail and catch the front strands with a few bobby pins. I have straight hair which is undercut and get high & low lights every four weeks. Polish and care are what it is all about.

    PaulaApril 11th, 2015  11:25 PM

  • You are blessed with really beautiful and great quality hair!

    IsabelApril 12th, 2015  3:09 AM

  • Late to the party here. Your hair is lovely, Preston. Hair is SO personal. Maybe a few long layers and a trim may help it to feel fresh? Off topic and to echo Kathy’s question- Love the portrait of your girls in the background. Can you share the artist?

    mary bethApril 12th, 2015  9:14 AM

  • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with long hair ! In fact, your length here is perfect in my opinion. I do think women over 60 should have the hair they want, and should not obey some stupid rules…

    Love your scarf by the way !!


    CarolineApril 12th, 2015  11:18 AM

  • The artist is Megan Kingery Patton. Ten years ago I saw her paintings in a tiny gallery outside of Oxford, Mississippi and commissioned her to paint this portrait.

    PrestonApril 12th, 2015  1:43 PM

  • Hi Preston,

    You are a style maven, and you should go with your gut. I had long hair forever and recently did a
    long bob right to my shoulders- and I love it and feel I look younger and fresher. I wear it messy-

    Go for it.

    kerri rosenthalApril 13th, 2015  5:18 AM

  • I think your hair is fab & that long hair is great at every age, just as long as it’s well looked-after

    That's Not My AgeApril 13th, 2015  12:56 PM

  • Had to cut my hair short as chemo made only half of it fall out .. a witch-y look! Now I am having fun
    with short hair, almost pixie. It does take more attention, cut and color every 6 weeks … but in
    between those appointments, it’s really easy!

    GayleApril 13th, 2015  1:35 PM

  • très chic actually

    MargaretApril 13th, 2015  1:56 PM

  • Wife has waist-length hair at age 60, mostly still brown—stunning! She caught grief from some 15 years ago when she began growing, but they all have given up nagging her about it. Her mom, one of the former detractors, of all people, even complimented her recently!

    RJApril 30th, 2016  12:59 PM


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