April 13th, 2015
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After I launched the Platforms post, I held my breath as the comments started to roll in. Lo and behold, nary a negative one in the bunch. At first, I wrote it off as the naysayers giving me a pass. Then I wondered if, perhaps, the platform doesn’t look as “out there” as it may have when I first posted on it last fall.

You cannot flip through a current issue of Vogue without spying a pair of the editors’ fave spring shoe. Now that platforms are everywhere, maybe the collective eye has adjusted. Christina Binkley’s recent WSJ article entitled The power to Start a Trend addresses this phenomenon citing the Céline Birkenstock-inspired slide as an example of going from laughable to all-the-rage in just a matter of months.

Although I’m a wardrobe builder and lean toward classics, I try to be an early adopter of one item each season to keep my look updated. Last season I chose the platform, this season it’s the Céline ballerina in tan.

I’m waffling on the bell, it feels like an apple swinging from my neck… TBC


What's New


Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt


Braided leather bangle


Delcie tie-detailed ramie midi dress


Gate knotted leather slippers


Postcard fringed crocheted straw bucket hat

  • Would love to know what your staple pieces are this spring?

    nancyApril 13th, 2015  7:08 AM

  • Great post. I always put my priority each season to the shoe I am going to buy and plan the outfits around it. Love a great pair of sandals, Preston would like to see you post on your choice other than the platforms. The Celine flats are great – love the tan this year, the bell not so much.

    KristinaApril 13th, 2015  7:20 AM

  • I guess I’m out of the loop. What is groundbreaking about wearing ballerinas? I’ll admit, Celine’s are very cute but I’ve been wearing them all along. Doesn’t everyone wear ballerinas in the summer?

    Paula BApril 13th, 2015  7:25 AM

  • As you know, and thanks to you for the suggestion in earlier posts, I too have purchased the bell belt/necklace and the tan ballerina. I have them both on today with jeans, and our fav JCrew ribbed top. All 3 have become my uniform. I agree bell is large, but honestly I love the feel of it , the versatility with the natural and black silk cord and the statement it makes. I just couldn’t part with it in fear that I would later regret!

    MaryBApril 13th, 2015  7:25 AM

  • I bought the smaller Celine “bell” version. I double up the silk strand and wear it as a shorter necklace (not quite a choker) and I love it. Preston, are the ballerinas comfortable? The elastic-like band around the top makes me wonder. I love the look of them.

    gpcApril 13th, 2015  7:41 AM

  • Is part of the fashion rage created simply by the fact that it’s Celine? If some lower chain were to have created a similar shoe would people feel the same way? There’s no doubt that the shoe is beautifully made, but I wonder if part of the allure of this shoe (and others) is due to its name.

    bllApril 13th, 2015  7:48 AM

  • I agree about buying some hot pieces to update your style every season, and Céline is a great way to do so ! This pair of flats is amazing, I’m sure you wear it absolutely perfectly !


    CarolineApril 13th, 2015  8:00 AM

  • MaryB,
    Thank goodness we live in different cities, we would look like twins if we bumped into each other doing the school-run…

    PrestonApril 13th, 2015  8:15 AM

  • Love them both – have you tried the smaller bell if you feel like the large one is too big?

    KathyApril 13th, 2015  8:20 AM

  • The platform post was a really good one and started me on my own search for the perfect pair. I say wear what works for you regardless of naysayers that applies to hair, bells, ballerinas etc.

    AnneApril 13th, 2015  8:28 AM

  • I can’t help but think of a cowbell when I see the Celine necklace. Romantic on a Swiss cow but maybe not on me. I have a Paul Morelli meditation bell necklace which I adore!!!

    ToriApril 13th, 2015  8:54 AM

  • Paula B – yes, not a new concept at all and as you know Preston has been wearing the scalloped Chloe ballerina, I’ve personally been wearing the Lanvin, but this really is a new “style” of the ballerina or at least one that I personally have not seen. It comes up a little higher on the foot and more “gathered”. It has just a little bit of a new twist.
    bll – I am sure the name has a little to do with it, however the leather, the color and the style is spot on. I think difficult to duplicate the buttery leather and perfect tan color in a less expensive shoe. The black (which I was not a fan of) would be easier copy.
    Preston – yes, we would look like twins at drop off for sure- LOL! Thanks for the inspiration and friendship!
    gpc – I find them very comfortable, but the elastic does leave a mark on my foot. However, it does not dig in if that makes sense?

    MaryBApril 13th, 2015  9:05 AM

  • It’s just a matter of personal taste…I don’t care for the shape of the Celine ballet flats…they look like the kind of shoes you wear in the water to protect your feet. But…I like a low-cut ballerina flat. Many don’t. Makes it interesting!

    bisbeeApril 13th, 2015  10:02 AM

  • Is the bell necklace literally a bell? Does it ring? Being a fan of all things Swiss, I have quite a collection of their classic painted ‘cow bells,’ and use them to decorate at Christmas. Here in the heartland, it is typical for hockey fans to carry a similar bell to the games and ring whenever our team scores a goal. So my reference point with that necklace/belt is quite different– I would far rather wear a gorgeous charm, cross, pendant, a heart . . . and put the bell on my keychain for emergencies.

    PaulaApril 13th, 2015  10:14 AM

  • The bell does not ring (thankfully). I prefer the size of the bell that’s on the shoe, but it’s not sold as a pendant.

    PrestonApril 13th, 2015  10:17 AM

  • Sometimes the eye adjusts, sometimes it doesn’t. I still think Birkenstock-inspired slides are awful. In hindsight, it’s going to be one of those “What were we thinking?” trends, rather than a “It was nice, but we moved on” trend.

    AnnApril 13th, 2015  10:57 AM

  • First of all, I love my Birks, especially the ones that Birks did for J.Crew, have them in several different colors and don’t care what people say, they are darn comfy shoes and somehow look right with a lot of summer outfits. Sometimes when I’m thinking about spending money on a piece that is particularly trendy, like the Celine flats for example, I take a step back and question whether or not I would like it as much if it were not Celine or Marc Jacobs or whoever. I also seriously consider comfort. I think anytime you feel good about what you’re wearing, no matter who the designer is or what season it’s from, you will always look your best.

    kimApril 13th, 2015  12:05 PM

  • Now, I liked the shoe with the bell!

    bisbeeApril 13th, 2015  12:33 PM

  • I love that belt/necklace from the Joan Didion Celine ad! But since you mentioned that it looks like an apple – I now think you’re right … a cow bell around the neck? Will have to try it on in person. I

    LisaApril 13th, 2015  12:52 PM

  • I say’ “More cow bell!”

    lkaApril 13th, 2015  1:55 PM

  • I am so jealous as you are all debating the Celine bell and the ballerinas. So nice to live in a place you can buy the hot Celine items, even if by phone and by mail! I. Live in Toronto and am dying for the Celine ballerina with the heel. We have no Celine shops in this country and the 2 stores that carry Celine bought very conservatively and did not buy either item. The Celine shops won’t ship it to me outside the U.S., and as we all know, there is no way to buy Celine online (even Chanel will sell online next year!). I only wish I could try them on or buy them.

    Jane GertnerApril 13th, 2015  6:47 PM

  • To Jane in Toronto . . . It is my guess that there are import/export/tax policies, and/or excessive regulation and restrictive economic policies which discourage or make it impossible for a small firm such as Celine from making their product more readily available in Canada. Unfettered free markets and policies which encourage competitive capitalism make it possible for a woman in Kentucky or Toronto to buy shoes, car parts, or groceries from LA, Paris, or Prague. This incredible market is easy to take for granted. Is there a family member or friend in the States with whom you could make arrangements to purchase and ship these items to you?

    PaulaApril 13th, 2015  10:43 PM

  • Preston, your platforms post inspired me to look around and I settled on an APC navy suede pair that I am looking forward to wearing! Thanks for always making me look and consider what’s best for me.

    LeslieApril 14th, 2015  11:37 AM

  • Preston,
    You hit a nerve with this one! I love when people comment like this. What fashion is all about. Can’t stop thinking about the Celine ballerinas! If only net a porter carried them !!!!

    Paula BApril 15th, 2015  8:14 AM

  • To anyone that was able to find the large bell pendant….I have called the Celine stores in Las Vegas, New York and Miami…no one has the large bell. I have been trying to purchase it since March. Can anyone tell me if they know of one for sale? Jane

    JaneJune 11th, 2015  9:49 PM


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