July 16th, 2015
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This summer I am spending time with my sisters, a rarity since we are all so busy. The eldest, until last month, lived in Qatar, but she’s back and we are finally getting together.  As the youngest, I didn’t really know my sisters well while growing up; they left for boarding school before I was 10. However, we are close now.

Top image © Peter Lindbergh, June 1995 Harper’s Bazaar

I want to see the play ‘Of Good Stock’. Three sisters visiting together on Cape Cod sounds timely.


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  • I am lucky enough to be the oldest of four sisters who are all very close. We don’t live in the same cities anymore but talk almost daily whether by phone , text or email and it is one of the greatest joys in my life. The age differences also shrank for us as we got older and we joke that we are all the same age now!

    SueMJuly 16th, 2015  8:58 AM

  • So am I! I mean I am lucky to be the eldest of four sisters! I just love them. It’s wonderful to have sisters. Thank you for the post!

    IrinaJuly 16th, 2015  9:59 AM

  • I have two sisters and I am in the middle. I, too, love and value my sisters so much more than I did when younger. Of course, my older sister and I were inseparable as little girls, but not close at all during our teen years (some thing I regret and wonder why). I also have a little brother, the baby of the family, and I cherish the bond we have. Sisters and brothers share a very special relationship, too!

    AprilJuly 16th, 2015  2:06 PM

  • Me too! I love my sisters though the younger two can drive me nuts (and vice versa) there’s an unsaid no nonsense attitude one aquires coming from an all girl family, they are the thing I miss most about the UK.

    ACJuly 16th, 2015  2:17 PM

  • I love my sisters as well. I’m in the middle and haven’t always appreciated them. But, in the last twenty years or so, I’ve come to not only value their intelligence, advice, and support, I’ve come to depend on their friendship and love.

    Preston is my younger sister, and she is my best friend. Thank you little sister for this post. It made me cry.


    EricaJuly 16th, 2015  3:42 PM

  • I wish I had a sister/sisters. I do have a first cousin that’s like a sister, but I’m sure it’s not the same.
    What a wonderful comment from Erica – you’re lucky to have each other!

    KathyJuly 17th, 2015  6:11 PM

  • You are blessed and wise enough to know it. I lost one of my sisters in 2011 to a rare disease, ALS. My other sister, 16 months older than I, speak or text – at least briefly – every day, no exceptions.

    PaulaJuly 20th, 2015  1:49 AM


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