July 28th, 2015
In Vogue Paris

Gold Standard

As hard as I try to wear more silver jewelry, my favorite everyday pieces are in yellow gold and I pop them on each morning without even thinking. My signature item is a simple bangle, a gift from my sister, which has become my personal talisman and rarely leaves my wrist.

Images © Vogue Paris, August 2015.


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Chunky large hoops


Trio bag


High neck sweater in double face Shetland cashmere


Wrap skirt in wool felt


Elliptic Heel nappa lambskin ankle boot


Signet ring


Square sunglasses


Coat in double face cashmere


Crew neck sweater in double face shetland wool and cashmere


Elliptic Heel nappa lambskin ankle boot


Baroque hoops


Knot ring made of vermeil

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  • I agree, there is nothing more beautiful that a simple gold statement piece such as a coiled or serpent bracelet or a striking gold ring, particularly in the context of black.

    JessieJuly 28th, 2015  7:36 AM

  • I tend to do the opposite going for more white gold rather than gold and I should do more of the latter because it makes for a bolder statement especially for the everyday..


    Madeliene RoseJuly 28th, 2015  8:10 AM

  • I think we tend to gravitate toward what naturally suits our skin tones. I have some lovely silver pieces that rarely see the light of day because they look cold next to the peachy tone of my skin. My signature pieces are in yellow gold, and they just feel right.

    AliJuly 28th, 2015  10:01 AM

  • I’m sitting here wearing the gold Aurelie Biedermann cuff that I bought through your Shop a couple years ago . . . I love the warmth of gold. I never white metals (other than my wedding set, which I would reset in yellow gold if I didn’t fear offending my husband!).

    ellaJuly 28th, 2015  10:30 AM

  • I love all of the accessories in this editorial. I want them all! I adore gold, but silver / platinum suits me much better 🙁 Too bad, because simple gold pieces have a more classic, elegant feel, I think.

    Julie AnnJuly 28th, 2015  10:57 AM

  • For some reason, I tend to gravitate toward silver and white gold during the spring/summer and my gold jewelry during the fall and winter. I do love a simple gold bangle with a watch and gold hoops, always very elegant and timeless.

    MonicaJuly 28th, 2015  5:36 PM

  • I’m exactly the same, I love gold more than silver, it adds such a chic and sophisticated touch !


    CarolineJuly 29th, 2015  7:35 AM

  • He can handle it Elle. 🙂

    LeeJuly 30th, 2015  9:28 AM

  • My husband definitely would not appreciate me changing my engagement/wedding band in any way (although I was lucky to get a gorgeous new eternity band for our 20th anniversary!). Those rings I was given so many years ago hold sentimental value that can never be replaced and I will cherish them forever.

    CariAugust 1st, 2015  5:28 PM


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