August 3rd, 2015
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Monday Morning Must-Haves

This post is actually more like the start of a fall wish list; I’m considering a couple of pieces that would update my wardrobe next season.  A blouse and Mary-Janes top that list. Beautifully cut trousers and a cashmere poncho are staples that I can never have enough of—they are the foundation items that anchor the more fashion-forward purchases.

Poncho, Gucci blouseSaint Laurent pants, Prada Mary-Janes (when I find a link, I’ll put it up).


what's new


Siouxsie gold-plated earrings


Gemma 40 suede slingback pumps


Linen blazer


Fringedetailed Horsebit slides


Iron cotton, linen and Tercel-Blend wrap dress


Two-Toned Sac 1


Silk-satin hairclip


Trezum 85 leather sandals


Round-neck linen-blend coat


Honeycomb small drop earrings


Nu Pieds sandals


Coton denim top

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  • I love it! ¡Me encanta!

    MenchuAugust 3rd, 2015  5:46 AM

  • I have a black cashmere poncho that I bought years ago in NYC at Searle I never tire of it! It’s perfect for fall and spring.

    Sue TothAugust 3rd, 2015  7:26 AM

  • Makes fall very appealing!

    AprilAugust 3rd, 2015  8:04 AM

  • I really like each piece, but the poncho just got ordered. Circling back to an earlier post, I just saw something similar on a woman at the airport and noted how stylish and practical her poncho was. She especially looked smartly dressed among the sea of maxi dresses I kept noticing! I think I’ve been completely turned off from the maxi dress. I think they should be reserved for poolside cocktail parties or lounging around one’s house, but look ridiculous slogging along through an airport. But back to the poncho- it looked great in the wild.

    KellyAugust 3rd, 2015  10:33 AM

  • Great picks – just ordered the poncho.

    KathyAugust 3rd, 2015  10:36 AM

  • I have never worn Saint Laurent pants and am curious to know if they offer a particularly good fit? It seems to be one of the few brands that offers classic cut pants year after year. I would like to give them a try.

    PaulaAugust 3rd, 2015  12:33 PM

  • I love the poncho…I think I have a grey cashmere poncho put away…I’ll have to locate that!

    bisbeeAugust 4th, 2015  7:50 AM

  • Fab blouse

    That's Not My AgeAugust 6th, 2015  3:53 PM


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