September 3rd, 2015
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Why I Shop Online

SLIDESHOW_PREFALL_17 Earlier today my daughter had orientation at school so we went into the city for a few hours. I decided to roam Bergdorfs to pass the time. There are a few Saint Laurent items that I’ve wanted to try so I headed straight to that department. It’s the Thursday before Labor Day weekend and there were few shoppers, yet when I needed a salesperson, none were to be found. I finally tracked one down and she reluctantly agreed to help me. The $3000. jacket I wanted was not available in my size, so the saleswoman encouraged me to buy it three sizes too large and have it cut down. Instead, I asked if she could find one elsewhere, and silly me, when she walked away I thought she was looking into it. Ten minutes later she came back out and said, “Oh, you’re still here.”

Is this the “service” that keeps folks from buying online? A loyal BG customer since college (my store credit card is purple), I bought three Céline bags there this year alone and Mrika and her sales team in that department are amazing. But my experience today was appalling, and sadly, not the first time it’s happened. I don’t want to feel punished for needing help, especially with expensive items.

These days, nothing beats shopping from home and the phenomenal customer service at e-stores like Net-a-Porter. Perhaps, this is why I am so excited for Chanel and the other holdouts to be available online.

*The GM of Bergdorfs reached out to me and apologized for the SA’s behavior, which was very nice. 


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  • I am sitting here waiting for a third attempt at a delivery from I much prefer shopping in stores but there is no way I could have bought the Jamin Peuch bag for the price I got it for in Sydney. I have been shocked at the bad service in stores in New York (I had people tell me how fabulous in is in NY). I had a Sales assistant walk away from me as well. The GFC had just hit the US. I always wonder if that SA keep their job with that level of interest. So I only buy online when I know I can’t get in a store in Sydney. Love your blog !

    AntoinetteSeptember 3rd, 2015  8:51 PM

  • As the great Marshall Field said, “Give the lady what she wants”, its very sad that this attitude does not prevail in our culture these days. And just as sad, our Marshall Field is now a Macys.

    MelissaSeptember 3rd, 2015  8:56 PM

  • I find the only good service in a store is in the shoe department. In Bergdorf’s, the handbag department is OK, but in Barney’s, and everywhere else I find it beyond irritating to look for clothing. And that’s why I shop online too. Tired of feeling like a salesperson is doing me a big favor by helping me out.

    KathySeptember 3rd, 2015  9:15 PM

  • Preston, I could not agree more. The experience of purchasing an item impacts my enjoyment of it. I simply cannot separate the two. I rarely purchase anything I person anymore; and yet I’ll travel to another state to work with a Chanel SA who is simply a pleasure. By the way, your blog is inspiring. Thank you for sharing. KIC is a treasure.

    GigiSeptember 3rd, 2015  9:17 PM

  • Especially when the Celine hobo and quilted YSL bag are available at

    And no hassle returns.

    ToriSeptember 3rd, 2015  10:21 PM

  • Miss Preston, I feel your pain!! Appalling, indeed! I urge you to call BG Friday morning, insist on a personal visit with their top management, and relay your experience in detail. If they want their store’s reputation to survive, they need to address this with urgency.
    To be fair – the problem that BG and every other store front in America, from cheap to luxury, faces is this: an absence of an applicant pool who has any clue what it means to serve customers, much less a strong desire to do so. The problem of poor service and an indifferent employee pool is a cultural one. There was a time when, by adulthood, everyone knew basic rules of etiquette, comportment, and civility. Not so any more. Most employees view themselves as being ‘on equal ground’ with the customers and are somewhat put out with even the smallest request. We have all experienced the waiter who practically takes a seat at our table and joins the party or the shoe salesman who hands us the $600+ shoebox and does not offer assistance in trying them on. I find myself at Whole Foods unloading my cart, sacking the groceries, carrying them out, and thanking THEM . . . without any words of thanks in return. I grew up with salesmen and women for whom their retail work was their career, and they took great pride in doing it well. They knew their merchandise, and aspired to be the best. Our ‘self service’ culture has seeped into every conceivable shopping experience. Only in the South will a sales person address the customer as ‘Ma’am, Sir, or Miss.’ The skills involved in presenting and selling merchandise are all but gone. Many customers themselves contribute to the problem – How does a serious sales person wait on a woman who takes cell phone calls in the middle of things? To me, buying online is ‘purchasing’ not ‘shopping.’ It has its place, but I yearn for the days of a quality shopping experience and the richness of the encounter. The Betty Halbreich’s of retail are few and far between.

    PaulaSeptember 3rd, 2015  10:40 PM

  • I recently purchased four pricey pairs of shoes from Barneys. My salesgirl could not have been lovelier – NYC didn’t have my sizes and she tracked all four down at other stores. While it took me quite a while to select my purchases, she was with me every step of the way.
    Sadly, while I was leaving another salesgirl quipped “NEVER track them down, she would have bought something else. Now you’ve worked for free”.
    My hunch is your girl would have lost/cut her commission having it sent from another store.
    Nothing will ever replace the feeling of a stroll through a high end store. Being the first to touch or try on items is intoxicating.
    Luckily, there are some “First Class” service people that really care about your experience. That’s why we keep going back!

    AliSeptember 3rd, 2015  10:50 PM

  • It seems you have hit quite a nerve with your readers! Kudos to you for speaking out on a frustrating subject.
    For someone who has been both a sales associate in a high end store and in management, I feel compelled to bring another side of the issue. Any good, high quality store will ensure that its employees are properly trained and managed well. If they do not meet specific customer service requirements, they will be removed. Enforcing it from the management end is a key failing to what you are describing, would you not agree?
    Perhaps we should focus our efforts – speaking with management , (my preference, because it can begin a paper trail and therefore, a recognizable path) to write management about each incident, or, as you did today, having an influential person in the community publicly address via a blog or even an open letter in the newspaper/online to push management to invest in training their employees and holding them to the standards of the high end purchases that they wish the public to make. If not, get out of the store business and become an online retailer. Love ya Preston!

    SheriSeptember 4th, 2015  5:20 AM

  • In Australia, the department stores are following the same path, so little assistance for such a substantial outlay. This is where the independent boutique comes into its own. Sales assistants who are happy to assist, put an ‘outfit’ together or make suggestions on how best to style a purchase, who understand that the purchase experience is crucial for a return buyer. The upside for the buyer, that lovely feeling of feeling gorgeous when you wear the purchase and as a consequence looking good. There is an art to selling things and it should not be belittled from either the salesperson’s or the purchaser’s perspective.

    CiaraSeptember 4th, 2015  5:26 AM

  • It does not take much to stand out on service these days. I know I am so appreciative for caring service that I have become very loyal to a couple boutiques and even a small online store called The Line, simply because they seem to appreciate my business.

    I also like shopping online in part because I can take my time in deciding, with my option virtually laid out before me.

    KellySeptember 4th, 2015  5:43 AM

  • I too was a BG girl incredibly frustrated, in the same department no less, last spring. The salesman even called a tailor down for the Chanel jacket and insisted it could be made to fit. When the woman who tailored my wedding dress at BG arrived (from 19 years ago!!) she remembered me and laughed and said of course it would ruin the jacket and not really work. The service is still there, its just harder to find.

    So I have defected to Barneys. For the last 10 years I have been working with the most wonderful personal shopper there, Jose Parron. It costs nothing, and adds both fun, speed and actual help. He will have pulled things in advance (sometimes before they ever hit the floor) once he gets to know you, or in my case will happily zip around the store with me while I pick and pull myself. Then you can try it all on at once in his office. If a tailor is needed one comes, then he suggest makeup, jewelry and all manner of additions and ships it all home. Best part- zero pressure, just assistance. Need a new size- hang on 3 minutes while his assistant runs and grabs it. No standing half dressed peeking out the door hoping someone will come back and help you…Oh and you don’t need to be a princess for this (although he has those too). He is beyond professional but becomes very close to many of his clients…he is a dear friend who all my children ask when we got to the city, can we see Uncle Jos? Call Jose. Really.

    KristinSeptember 4th, 2015  5:46 AM

  • Similar “altitude” experience at BG trying to purchase a Burberry dress and sweater for my new grand-daughter. Sales associate was indignant when I asked for fresh garments since the floor items were more pawed over than if they were dragged by horse carriage through Central Park. After receiving a nasty look, she disappeared into the stockroom. After a good while, she returned and as if to say: “are you still here?” I thanked the woman for her valuable time and assistance, left the items and went home to purchase the same online via famous discount shopping site from the same store. Items arrived pristine and gift wrapped appropriately. I continue to purchase upscale children’s/baby items online knowing they will arrive in perfect condition and with the added benefit and satisfaction of a certain percentage discount!

    CarolineSeptember 4th, 2015  5:48 AM

  • Thank you for saying what needs to be said, Preston. I love walking through BG, and in my experience the only department where the sales assistance is exactly right is the first floor jewelry department– a place I spend way too much time!

    JackieSeptember 4th, 2015  6:02 AM

  • oh and lets not forget that some of the online retailers provide a very high end experience – helpful, courteous, no excessive charging and beautiful packaging!

    CiaraSeptember 4th, 2015  6:13 AM

  • Preston, you’ve definitely hit a nerve here! I hate department store shopping and find most salespeople either too pushy or lacking in customer service. And most are horrible with returns. I have one salesperson at Saks that is fabulous and we send things back and forth. She gives me a peak at the Chanel shoes I miss since they aren’t offered online
    This is why net a porter and places like that are so great. You can look at new stuff three times a week, have your purchases in 24 hours, no hassle returns. I’m also loving the RealReal for selling and buying some really cool barely worn pieces. The big department stores are way behind ( and I agree the salespeople do not like to find you the correct size in other stores because it cuts into their commission) those stores better change or they will be gone like Marshall Fields!

    Paula BSeptember 4th, 2015  6:16 AM

  • I had similar thoughts yesterday at my local Nordstrom. The sales associates are plentiful and race to help while you’re pulling clothes to try, but once you get in the dressing room, you’re on your own to find new sizes or complete an outfit. I love coming out half dressed while the SAs chat at the wrap counter and once they notice you, asking “How’d you do?” Beyond frustrating- earn your commissions, please!

    CatSeptember 4th, 2015  6:16 AM

  • Sadly, your post has hit a nerve I have been shopping at Bergdorf’s since the 1980’s. Unless you find a sales person who is “old school”, I find that most of the sales people n the floor are more interested in checking their iPhones and text messages than helping out customers. In fact, the last time I visited Bergdorf’s, a long-time sales person treated me with indifference, almost rudeness, as if she couldn’t wait for me to leave the department, pushing the receipt towards me for signature with some hostility. It’s no wonder that online sites like Net-a-Porter and Forward by Elyse Walker are attracting so many new clients who love the ability to browse collections at their convenience, are informed immediately when new items are available, and purchases/returns are attitude and hassle free.

    CBSeptember 4th, 2015  6:33 AM

  • The service is US stores is very different to Europe – when I lived in NYC in the early 00s As a Brit I found sales people generally pushy but with hindsight they were definitely providing a service I wasn’t used to receiving – but am I right in thinking they are paid partly on commission? so then they are crazy not to be more useful.

    ACSeptember 4th, 2015  6:45 AM

  • You hit a nerve, my biggest pet peeve…no one wants to work these days and it ruins shopping when you as the shopper are working harder than they are!!! It’s a sad day when the greeter at Walmart out works the SA at BG!!!

    MaryBSeptember 4th, 2015  6:52 AM

  • I couldn’t agree more! While I love BG, my entire run around wardrobe is the fifth floor, the sales associates are hit or miss.

    Lisa EastmanSeptember 4th, 2015  7:03 AM

  • Net-a-porter and Henry Sotomayor at Neiman Marcus in Chicago are the quintessential service and fashion experts. Sad that I would have liked to include Bergdorfs in the same sentence. I’d rather fly away to London or Paris seeking service, fashion and a costly, totally-worth-it experience.

    AshleySeptember 4th, 2015  7:24 AM

  • Apparently I’ve been the lucky exception to the poor treatment by sales associates, so I’ve read the post and responses with surprised sadness. Are you listening, Bergdorf’s, Barney’s, Neiman’s, Sak’s, Nordstrom, etc? This should be the subject of some intense staff and management meetings starting today, because the people who keep you in business vote with their feet.

    AliSeptember 4th, 2015  7:37 AM

  • I can’t help mentioning the other side of the coin in this discussion. The behavior of some shoppers is so disgusting that those few bad apples may ruin it for the rest of us. I have seen women (and their daughters) act condescending, rude and entitled as well as showing disrespect of the merchandise (throwing it on the dressing room floor like garbage). Of course I am not condoning the misbehavior of the sales staff. Good management should train for such beasts and allow for the experience to be pleasant for all.

    karenSeptember 4th, 2015  7:59 AM

  • I’ve loved Bergdorf’s for years but a few months ago i had such a disappointing experience on the 6th floor while shopping with my 25 year old daughter who was looking for a business jacket for her new job. We asked for a longer length jacket and the sales assistant instead of helping asked “why in the world would you want a long jacket?”. We left the store, crossed the street and headed to Barney’s and asked a sales assistant for the same, and she cheerfully said “oh sure I have several in mind i’ll show you.” Of course we purchased one and now Barneys will be my first stop instead of the once thrilling but now disappointing Bergdorf Goodman.

    MargaretSeptember 4th, 2015  8:10 AM

  • I would like to add, since no one has mentioned, that men would never put up with or have to put up with that type of treatment. I remember reading an article in the NYT years ago about a married couple, both lawyers who purchased several thousand dollars worth of clothes at Saks in NY. The man’s alterations were comped whereas his wife’s totaled almost $1,000.00. They were outraged and drew attention to the difference in treatment but I doubt things have changed that much. I do think if yiu can find one great SA or even a great small specialty store it can make shopping fun. Unfortunately those are few and far between these days.

    JenniferSeptember 4th, 2015  8:19 AM

  • I love online shopping because you simply have a wider variety of inventory available to you. I was in my local N-M recently and what they carry in both clothing and shoes is an abbreviation of what’s online. Net-A-Porter is outstanding. I buy from them all the time and their customer service is excellent. I have a dear friend that has made her career out of being what she calls a “shopgirl”. She has worked at many high end boutiques and truly gets the service aspect. I think that’s key. So many people in retail are just marking time from one gig to the next. However, I think Karen has also hit another nail on the head. Just because you can afford a $3000 jacket doesn’t make you a better person.

    kimSeptember 4th, 2015  8:26 AM

  • I agree with comments regarding how servicing customers as a professional calling is a thing of the past. I also wish to air an area of annoyance to me. As a woman over 50 I’m tired of young saleswomen who are condescending toward me as if they invented youth. I realize this is the very nature of youth and I don’t begrudge it. After all, I had my day and it was good. But a few more middle aged women sales associates at J Crew would make it a more pleasant shopping experience, in my opinion.

    AprilSeptember 4th, 2015  8:44 AM

  • I truly do hope that management from some of these stores reads these responses and heeds all the above advice. Unfortunately, I have experienced all of the same from high end stores as well. Nonetheless, I try not to shop online unless I really have to. I enjoy going into a brick and mortar store and touching and feeling things. I would be very upset if there were no more Bergdorfs of Barneys in the world. It is so disappointing to see more and more speciality stores going out of business especially in NYC.

    KDSeptember 4th, 2015  8:49 AM

  • So disappointing, and it obviously rings so true for many. I’ve been dying to find a good, reliable sales person that I can really work with here in NYC, but they’re usually all the pits. Most know nothing about proper sizing and fit etc. I detest giving them a commission when they do nothing. Often I’ll call a department store in an off-the track city, and place an order over the phone. The salespeople there are usually more than happy to help me find what I’m after and send it to me. But it’s certainly not the same as having a great relationship with someone who knows your taste, body type, coloring etc. *Sigh.*

    Julie AnnSeptember 4th, 2015  9:15 AM

  • Is Chanel truly going to become available online? Be still my beating heart!

    DianeSeptember 4th, 2015  9:38 AM

  • I am the owner of a small boutique in Atlanta and have been open for over 20 years. We pride ourselves in customer service and it is the thing besides the clothing we chose to fill our store with that sets us apart from others. While I appreciate that you had a bad experience. The idea that someone who truly loves the art of fashion and dressing can get the same experience from an online purchase instaed of the actual shopping experience is far from true. I have referred many of my clients to your site since I started following you because I dont have the time to do a blog of my own. I have to share that I feel somewhat betrayed by your comments. It is remarks like yours that are going to put small brick and mortar businesses out of business. The world will be an awfully dull place with all of us clicking away on our iphones and computers versus going out and actually interacting with each other..

    SusanSeptember 4th, 2015  10:34 AM

  • I hope you contact store management/customer service about your experience. Although your post has generated responses from your readers, a full account of what occurred might lead to changes on that floor or department. I have found recently that the shopping experience is better at Barneys recently. And I love working with the personal shopper Sharyn Soulemani .

    StephanieSeptember 4th, 2015  11:29 AM

  • It’s time to write a letter to the owner/CEO with copies to the sales manager and/or department head. I always write letters (not emails) if the service somewhere is very very good, or very, very bad.
    Alas, in today’s world, it may unfortunately do no good.

    ClaireSeptember 4th, 2015  12:01 PM

  • Preston, I love your blog. You bring up such great points! We have a wonderful store here in Northern California, Wilkes Bashford. I shop at their Palo Alto store. Anthony Alvarado is my guy there. He provides OUTSTANDING customer service. All of the other sales people are so friendly and willing to help. Marcus in the shoe department is another gem.
    I feel that it is well worth the effort to cultivate a personal shopper at your favorite store. I completely agree with Kristin’s comments. A few years back I lost a lot of weight and needed a whole new wardrobe! I met another amazing personal shopper at NM in Palo Alto, Dean Taylor. Dean helped me select current items that still look fresh and interesting today, years later. I used to love to just go shopping so I could visit with Dean and see what fun items he had pulled for me. He would have his office filled with clothes he had pulled just for me to try. He was always available, he would even change his day off to come in to see me. We became very good friends. I was heartbroken when he moved to the San Francisco store!! We still stay in touch but I only get in to the city to see him a couple of times a year. As an interesting side note, I have only been back to NM a few times since he left. I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone going to the SF NM store ask for Dean.
    Pamela Taft

    Pamela TaftSeptember 4th, 2015  1:07 PM

  • It is a shame that big stores don’t give good service. I have a small children’s and maternity boutique and have been in business for 30 years. We know that many people prefer to shop online and thank our loyal customers from the bottom of our hearts that they keep coming back. I am always here and will do anything to help my customers. We need our walk ins to survive.

    DavidaSeptember 4th, 2015  1:49 PM

  • For me, online buying will never measure up to the real shopping experience. When properly done, it is an experience which makes life richer and more meaningful, and makes for a very fun day. I can remember when I bought almost everything in my closet – except those items where I “clicked” and it arrived at my door 48 hours later. The nice box and free shipping don’t make the experience memorable for me. It’s the people, the store, the conversation, the stories, etc. Who really shares their memories of shopping online? : )

    PaulaSeptember 4th, 2015  4:46 PM

  • OMG! I would have died. I would have been so frustrated and disappointed. I love shopping on-line.. wearing PJ’s , glass of wine and scrolling…and I don’t have to schlep any bags!

    Ridgely's RadarSeptember 4th, 2015  6:16 PM

  • I concur with your other readers, contact BG management and tell them about your experience in the department. They can’t correct the situation if they don’t know about a problem SA. I’m surprised that the service is so indifferent.

    Qi think that Barneys may have taken that incident with a young man who was followed by store security to heart and they’ve put a premium on making all of their customers feel like welcome guest in their stores.

    SharonSeptember 4th, 2015  6:45 PM

  • Just a follow-up to Pamela’s note regarding Dean Taylor at the N-M in San Francisco: I couldn’t agree more! I visit SF on business and happily met Dean last year. He was terrific and extraordinarily helpful and caring. I had an amazing SA that I worked with at BG, Carolyn, but sadly she just moved out of NYC. Preston, as the others have commented, your post hit a nerve. Building a relationship with a couple of sales people in stores makes all the difference in the world. Keep up the fantastic work – love your posts!!

    CBSeptember 4th, 2015  8:27 PM

  • I love your blog – it’s fantastic and concise. I have clients bring me your blog constantly to recreate many of your inspirations. I have worked in fashion on all sides and I see the frustration of the buyer. I believe that the SA is more important than ever to edit through the millions of possibilities available to them. I would recommend find an associate that you connect with and be loyal. I had the same experience last month shopping at Bergdorf’s – an associate in lingerie was beyond knowledgeable suggesting alternatives when I was looking for Eres – which they do not carry. Next to shoes where the gentlemen was annoyed with me for not buying the Louboutins which clearly did not fit me – not bothering to suggest something that did. It’s like your blog – there are a so many out there with little content so when you find one that excites you – keep reading.

    AnnSeptember 5th, 2015  1:34 PM

  • I, too, agree with so many others here about department stores in general but especially the decline of BG. And as another wrote here, it’s even worse as you get older — you become invisible to the new breed of sales people. The day I had to interrupt one reading her phone to ask a question I knew the BG where I had shopped for 25 years was history.

    Unfortunately I haven’t found it much better with their website: in the past 2 months I’ve had two pre-orders abruptly, with no explanation, cancelled after waiting for weeks, the cancellations being done so that the items were then sold out everywhere else. Clearly you can’t have confidence in the pre-orders of

    Buying clothes, especially at today’s prices, should be a pleasure and not a stressful or demeaning experience. But why should this be any different than so many other aspects of life today that are also in decline?

    TishSeptember 5th, 2015  4:00 PM

  • Preston, thank you! I agree resoundingly. I have shopped with Kelly Andreoli at Neiman Marcus SF for more than 10 years. It is simply essential for me to navigate the waters of style and investment with professional assistance, to say nothing of the pleasure of the hunt and the friendship. I have regretted purchases made from indifferent SA’s, and just don’t do it anymore. Also a little shout out to my wonderful local boutique for fun off-duty wardrobe: Girl Boy Girl in Carmel is like a fashion party with customers and SA’s sharing opinions and laughter.

    CatherineSeptember 6th, 2015  10:35 AM

  • 42 comments! Clearly you hit a nerve. Anyway, I completely agree. I can see Saks out my office window and yet I do all my purchasing online. I return probably half the things I order, but who cares? Returns are generally free.

    I do hate buying from BG online, though. The receipt is often impossible to use for a return and then you have to bring the item back to the store and wait on line in that horrible customer service office for someone to help you.

    ellaSeptember 8th, 2015  9:08 AM

  • PS: I desperately hope Net-a-Porter retains its excellent customer service in the post-Massenet era – but I am not holding my breath.

    ellaSeptember 8th, 2015  9:12 AM

  • Thanks for sharing. I’ve also had similar experiences when I’ve ventured back into shopping at stores and have had HORRIFIC experiences, as well.

    AnitaSeptember 8th, 2015  2:08 PM

  • Good for you for calling that saleslady out. A great Pretty women moment indeed !

    parisSeptember 9th, 2015  11:45 AM

  • I just want to offer a note of dissent here: I have had only positive experiences shopping at Bergdorf’s. Many years ago, I met a lovely woman named Suzanne Turner while we were hiking with our sons in Yosemite. We were both sweaty and dirty and in possession of teenage boys. Suzanne was very funny and well read, and it turned out, she was also a personal shopper at Bergdorf’s. I went to see her for help finding bar mitzvah dresses for both of my sons’ bar mitzvahs. For both events, she found me dresses—and it took her less than an hour! I very happily went home with wonderful dresses from Prada, Derek Lam and Jason Wu. I love them all, and have worn the Derek Lam and Jason Wu many times. (I grew out of the Prada, unfortunately.) Suzanne is good friends with Betty Halbreich and it shows. Suzanne runs marathons and has great book recommendations, on top of knowing her way around BG. I can’t say enough good things about her. If you’re interested, here is Suzanne’s info:
    Suzanne Turner
    Akris Boutique
    Fourth Floor
    Bergdorf Goodman
    646 483-8450
    Follow me on Instagram: sznnturner
    Add me on Facebook: Suzanne Turner

    Laura Zinn FrommSeptember 9th, 2015  7:06 PM

  • I think that if you need to have a relationship with a SA, then there is a huge problem with the level of service. Like Preston, I know what I want to try. I should be able to walk in off the street and be treated as well as those of you who have special relationships with the sales staff.

    GeorgiaSeptember 11th, 2015  7:19 AM

  • And, can we talk about BG’s online service? I ordered an item last week with overnight service and have not even gotten a shipping confirmation. Customer service told me that it will be overnighted once the order is filled, but they have no idea when that will be. They must be kidding!!!

    KristinaSeptember 11th, 2015  7:22 AM

  • Yes, there has a been a decline in service at the large department stores. That’s why I have developed my relationships with the small, independent boutiques in my area (Palo Alto, Peninsula area). The service you receive from these small boutiques is outstanding and can’t compare to the department stores. The sales staff is knowledge about their inventory, the latest trends and give you honest opinions. I love walking into the door and being greeted by first name. They usually know I have a small window to shop and start gathering items into a dressing room. Many will ship or carrier to my home. I’ve given up on department store shopping; I go to look but not buy. I also buy heavily online but occasionally miss the F2F contact. @Susan in Atlanta, I would shop your boutique if I lived there. I hope these small boutiques don’t go out of business or else I and others will have no where to go.

    rss2September 11th, 2015  7:45 PM


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