September 10th, 2015
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The Chanel Slingback

I was having a devil of a time finding a pair of these Chanel slingback pumps in my size because they are one of the shoes of the season. They would certainly take my fall uniform of jeans and a sweater up a notch.  Thankfully, the Chanel PR team came to my rescue—merci beaucoup!


What's New


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt


Braided leather bangle


Delcie tie-detailed ramie midi dress


Gate knotted leather slippers


Postcard fringed crocheted straw bucket hat


Santos de Cartier metal shield sunglasses

  • So jealous! Love those shoes. But I really don’t have the life for them. I hope you really enjoy wearing them!

    Jill, GlasgowSeptember 10th, 2015  8:06 AM

  • Don’t get the hype about these shoes! The color combo is beyond matronly! If they didn’t have the Chanel emblem on the side of the heel, it could have been mistaken for a pair of shoes from the early 90s!

    ameeSeptember 10th, 2015  8:57 AM

  • I just love these shoes! The hype is that they are perfect and work with everything! Regarding the early 90’s critique– for many people, the clean classic minimalism that defined this era is never outdated. Great buy!

    BMASeptember 10th, 2015  9:58 AM

  • Love them, but they don’t really fit my life. I’m so glad you got them, was wondering if you would.

    KathySeptember 10th, 2015  3:19 PM

  • Just secured a pair to pick up in London next week ! I love them – Chanel has not been for me for a few seasons now but these I HAD to have !

    Penny CalderSeptember 10th, 2015  3:25 PM

  • I love mine. They are great with cropped skinny jeans and a sweater.
    Preston, thanks for your updates and love the blog.

    LisaSeptember 10th, 2015  4:06 PM

  • I love them and they fit my (lawyerly) life, but unfortunately they don’t fit my huge flat feet. Wear them well! I am envious!

    ellaSeptember 10th, 2015  6:29 PM

  • I thought I loved them…but once they arrived I was put off by the black grosgrain toe cap…I would have kept them if they were leather.

    A Note On StyleSeptember 10th, 2015  9:21 PM

  • I actually received a call that the pair I had reserved were in and ready to be sent. I ended up declining them, so someone with my shoe size just got lucky. Instead, I chose a pair of Jimmy Choo kitten heel pumps in mink color lizard. Low heels are my life . . . but those Chanels are adorable pumps!

    PaulaSeptember 10th, 2015  11:16 PM

  • Beautiful shoes. They are eternal. For me, they would only serve me well for parties, weddings, etc…and they would last for years!

    AnaSeptember 11th, 2015  2:08 AM

  • I love these shoes!

    MenchuSeptember 11th, 2015  5:07 AM

  • Classic! Love them.

    KarenSeptember 11th, 2015  5:16 AM

  • Love those shoes! Do they run small or true to size ?

    Felicia IannielloSeptember 11th, 2015  8:00 AM

  • True to size.

    PrestonSeptember 11th, 2015  8:20 AM

  • The color combo is timeless, not matronly. The reason I will not buy them, or even consider them, is the logo on the heel. I am SO over all the obvious branding. Even with Chanel, it’s a big turnoff for me. That’s why I love The Row. They have mastered subtlety and their logo isn’t in your face at every turn.

    KeriDSeptember 11th, 2015  8:24 AM

  • These are classics and will NEVER look dated. I have the flats and adore them !! Enjoy.

    kathleenSeptember 11th, 2015  9:02 AM

  • These shoes are real classy. I just got mine. I love them.

    KathrynSeptember 11th, 2015  9:34 AM

  • I second KeriD’s comment. I really like these and have been wanting the flats for awhile, but that logo on the heel is a bit too much.

    KellySeptember 11th, 2015  9:07 PM

  • Love them! I bought a black pair this summer after my daughter convinced me to try them on. I was initially (ha, ha) put off by the logo on the heel, but the style and comfort far outweighed my hesitation.

    DawnSeptember 13th, 2015  5:43 AM

  • As an attorney, I am always looking for shoes that are attractive and not too “fashionista”. Classic and elegant is what I aim for, and these totally fit the bill. Not matronly at all, in my opinion.

    AprilSeptember 13th, 2015  3:39 PM

  • Hi, are these shoes available in any online shop? Really thank you for reply.

    MarryOctober 15th, 2015  8:55 AM

  • Unfortunately, they are not available online

    PrestonOctober 15th, 2015  1:52 PM

  • I just adore them, cc on the heel is not too much at all, I bought mine in Melbourne Chanel, but camelia on top, we did not get this particular style.
    I love it, non the less

    suzanaDecember 2nd, 2015  11:02 PM

  • Any idea if these beauties will be put back in production next year? I have finely combed several cities Europe – London gone, Paris gone, Copenhagen gone, Vienna gone 🙁

    ASCHAJanuary 8th, 2016  5:37 AM

  • Hi,

    Happy you got them but I’ve been struggling to get my hands on a pair. 38’s seem to sell out so quickly even though I’ve placed my name on a list twice. Any advice on contacting the PR team for help? Would love to hear how you managed?
    Thanks in advance for your Chanel shoe comradery!

    Lameez HendricksMay 22nd, 2016  5:38 PM

  • The comment about the logo is true for me too. I am quite disappointed in Chanel for following the LV trend of logos in your face. For me it’s very tacky. Also note that the photos of the Chanel Paris show with Cara and Kendall the shoes DO NOT have the logo. That’s why I thought it was weird when the retail version came out with the look at me I’m wearing Chanel. I think Coco would have thought this trend was low class.
    That said, I have been wanting a pair of these slingbacks forever. Seems every time they release them (in their varying styles) they sell out so quickly. But these by far are the best, in my opinion.

    BeatrizAugust 30th, 2016  12:25 PM


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