September 30th, 2015
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The Horsebit Loafer

I’ve spied these Gucci loafers on a number of show-goers and they look very smart.


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  • What about the lug sole version? In or out of style?

    HeatherSeptember 30th, 2015  5:24 AM

  • I, too, have been seeing these and think they look fresh (ever since that Paris Vogue photo last fall). I sort of wish I hasn’t given all much Gucci loafers away a few years ago. I may have to buy another pair. I wouldn’t do the lug soles, though. While they are practical and my husband loves them, I never felt like myself when wearing them. They don’t feel at all feminine to me.

    KIC fanSeptember 30th, 2015  6:30 AM

  • What do you think of them in black suede?

    JoSeptember 30th, 2015  7:18 AM

  • I like them in black suede.

    PrestonSeptember 30th, 2015  7:25 AM

  • I am so glad I kept my loafers!! I am going to bring them to the front of my closet again!! Great style never dies !

    StephanieSeptember 30th, 2015  8:49 AM

  • I love them.

    AprilSeptember 30th, 2015  9:35 AM

  • I’ve always been a fan of Tod’s black leather loafers, but this year I saw the camel suede Gucci’s on Net-A-Porter and fell hard. I think I need the black leather too. Thanks, Preston!

    kimSeptember 30th, 2015  9:39 AM

  • I love classic black loafers like these, but I never know how to wear them. What would you pair these with?

    By the by, I love your site. This is the first time I’ve commented, but I’ve been a reader and an appreciator of yours for years.

    KatherineSeptember 30th, 2015  11:58 AM

  • I’d wear them with jeans, mostly.

    PrestonSeptember 30th, 2015  12:51 PM

  • Preston, what do you think of the elevated loafers with a wedge heel? I find them so flattering and comfortable but maybe not as chic as a flat loafer? I’m only 5′ 5″ though so always looking for a bit of a lift…

    margaretSeptember 30th, 2015  3:09 PM

  • Gucci loafers have been my standard go to shoe forever. I have my husband convinced it’s the easiest shoe to wear to the airport, easy to get on and off going through security ( the way we have to live life now if we want to travel). I will love them forever and I have some that are twenty years old and still going strong. Ciao.

    kathleenSeptember 30th, 2015  7:38 PM

  • Have you seen the black suede with the fringe? I like them but wondering if they are not as classic as the ones you posted?

    DanaSeptember 30th, 2015  10:21 PM

  • In the ’80’s, I bought two pairs, both suede, one brown, one black. I love suede shoes; in addition to jeans, I would wear them with a skirt–straight or pleated, short or knee length. I think they would be great for an office job (if I had one). They would also be great with a camel boy coat.

    PaulaSeptember 30th, 2015  11:50 PM

  • I’ve always wanted a pair of Gucci loafers and this season I’m ready to splurge

    That's Not My AgeOctober 2nd, 2015  1:23 PM

  • I agree, these have been seen on everyone, and I love the look of instant ‘nerd chic’ they give you. I still love the furry ones though, but I’m not sure they will pass the test of time like these ones !

    CarolineOctober 3rd, 2015  6:20 AM


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