October 19th, 2015

Monday Morning Must-Have

Tablet Plus at Tablet Hotels

Yesterday’s post on the upcoming ‘Unrealism’ show got me thinking about quick trips; I’d love to pop down to Miami to see the exhibition in early December. Although I’m having fun planning our big adventure to Scotland’s Highlands and Islands, I have a hankering for a fall weekend getaway. This is where it’s helpful that my husband is the co-founder of the site Tablet Hotels.

As you may know, I don’t do sponsored posts or partnerships with advertisers. The downside of this policy is that I never have anything to give away to readers. So, instead of putting up something to buy this morning, my husband has generously offered complimentary one-year Tablet Plus memberships to KiC readers. If you love to travel, this is an amazing program.


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Suzanne necklace


Margarete poncho


X Suzanne Koller leather backless slipper shoes


X Suzanne Koller Gertrude cotton-blend parka


X Suzanne Koller Codeo striped cotton shirt


Katja wool maxi dress


X Suzanne Koller leather backless slipper shoe


X Suzanne Koller drawstring leather pouch


Ethan oversized wool sweater


Suzanna oversized felt tote bag

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  • Thank you. What a great site! I am off to Athens today for a short half-term break but I will use this site for my next trip!

    MMSOctober 19th, 2015  2:28 AM

  • Thank you so much! I adore Tablet and look forward to using it for our upcoming trips!

    YNYOctober 19th, 2015  5:45 AM

  • That’s so kind, thank you so much ! And you are so lucky to go to Scotland, it’s been one of the best trips of my life !


    CarolineOctober 19th, 2015  5:57 AM

  • Would like daily blog

    LaraOctober 19th, 2015  6:44 AM

  • So generous. Tablet hotels are great, we used them in each city for a trip we had planned for Europe. Thanks!

    KathyOctober 19th, 2015  7:32 AM

  • That’s awesome thank you! I have always wanted to try Tablet and now I will! Lucky you that your husband is co-founder!!

    Sue TothOctober 19th, 2015  7:32 AM

  • Thank you so much – this is great!

    AlexisOctober 19th, 2015  7:54 AM

  • Preston,
    I really appreciate that you do not do sponsored posts. Your unbiased, subjective blog is your opinion and I know that and love it! You have a wealth of experience and I cannot thank you enough for sharing.
    Thank you for the generous offer. I am a current Tablet Plus member and the customer service is outstanding!

    MoiraOctober 19th, 2015  8:21 AM

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is wonderful! It is a great way to start my Monday after my Colts lost to your Patriots 😉 xx

    MaryBOctober 19th, 2015  9:24 AM

  • Preston, I’ve been reading your blog for years and try to keep my comments to myself. This morning’s post inspired me to write you a little note of thanks.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise, thanks for being so inclusive and allowing us to feel comfortable sharing our thoughts ON the topics you share.

    Finally, thank you for reminding all of us that the best gifts come from the heart, not for showing off. Please thank your husband for me.

    Much appreciation, L

    LPKOctober 19th, 2015  9:24 AM

  • Thank you! Just came back from a trip and now I am ready to plan the next one!

    SusanOctober 19th, 2015  9:25 AM

  • How wonderful! Thank you Preston, what a great way to start the week.
    PS I’m echoing everyone who expressed appreciation for your lack of sponsored posts. Trust is a big reason why we keep coming back.

    C.MicholOctober 19th, 2015  10:13 AM

  • I’d like to echo everyone else here…I’ve been reading for several years because I love your voice, perspective, and the fact that it does come to us unbiased.

    JenOctober 19th, 2015  11:01 AM

  • Thank you very much! I’ve been reading your blog for years. I love your voice and your eye for fashion and culture. What a nice gift. Be well, Alicia

    AliciaOctober 19th, 2015  11:13 AM

  • Thanks Preston!
    What a lovely way to start a Monday.
    Best to you.

    AndreaOctober 19th, 2015  12:42 PM

  • Preston, your blog is one of my favorites and a fashion-insiders must read in my opinion! I love that your unbiased opinion and excellent eye is never swayed with sponsorship bias, and some of my favorite pieces have been purchased based on your recommendation.

    What a lovely way to treat your readers …I love to travel and this is an extremely generous offer! I look forward to using your husband’s site….thank you both so much!

    CsananOctober 19th, 2015  1:07 PM

  • That is wonderful. Thank you and your husband very much!

    nikOctober 19th, 2015  4:34 PM

  • I am a big fan of Tablet hotels! It’s my go to site when I travel for business and pleasure.
    And now with this great offer, I look forward to plan my next trip.
    Love your website~~
    Thank you!

    CPOctober 19th, 2015  8:54 PM

  • Very generous, thank you.

    StephanieOctober 19th, 2015  9:34 PM

  • Thank you! What a kind and generous offer!

    PaulaOctober 20th, 2015  12:33 AM

  • Thank you– and your husband — so much! An unexpected gift and motivation to start planning a trip… I also implicitly trust your opinion, love your taste — and really enjoy your blog as daily hit of something beautiful —

    NancyOctober 20th, 2015  3:32 AM

  • Thank you! i have signed up. Hopefully Tablet might get to Australia soon?!

    SilvanaOctober 20th, 2015  4:20 AM

  • I’m happy that so many of you took advantage of Tablet Plus! Thank you for the nice comments.

    PrestonOctober 20th, 2015  7:02 AM

  • Silvana – Tablet has plenty of properties in Australia Tablet in Australia

    MichaelOctober 20th, 2015  7:10 AM

  • Thanks so much for this generous offer! I will look at Tablet often while planning an escape from the Canadian winter!

    LisaOctober 20th, 2015  10:43 AM

  • This is such a kind, generous offer. Many thanks to you and your husband. I am a loyal Tablet user and value the great customer service.

    NicoleOctober 20th, 2015  1:15 PM

  • Thanks to you and your husband, Preston! This is so generous of you both to offer to Keep it Chic readers. I’ve been following Keep it Chic for several years and always appreciate your take on fashion and style. I’ve also been a fan of Tablet Hotels for a long time and loved learning that your husband is one of the founders! Thanks to you, I just joined. I am thrilled to be a member and have access to the many benefits….fashion and travel are both passions of mine, and the two of you have me covered. Thanks again.

    CareyOctober 21st, 2015  9:01 PM

  • Thank you, Preston and Mr. KIC! What a thoughtful offer. I am a huge lover of both your site and travel so this is a gift that keeps on giving.


    TanyaOctober 23rd, 2015  11:42 AM

  • What a lovely and generous gift! I love Tablet, and have been relying on the site since 2010 to plan my travels. And I love KiC; which I’ve also been following for a long while for exposure to gorgeous images and sound style advice.

    KatherineOctober 23rd, 2015  2:36 PM

  • Merci beaucoup.

    RonicaOctober 23rd, 2015  5:24 PM

  • Merci, grazie, gracias

    RonicaOctober 23rd, 2015  5:24 PM

  • Hi Preston, I do so enjoy your blog and just wanted to thank you and your husband for your lovely and generous offer. My husband has just gone to Copenhagen on a business trip and I used my new membership to book him into a Tablet Hotel. Thanks again! X

    Sue G H ( in London)October 26th, 2015  1:49 PM


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