October 22nd, 2015
On The hunt For

Block-Heel Pump

I had a bit of an ‘aha’ moment after I posted the Holiday magazine images; I need a run around block-heel pump. Gucci made the best ones years ago—polished calf, a 2″ block-heel, and the classic horsebit across the toe. I had both black and tan and wore them all the time. If I were a vintage fan (and had kept them), I’d pull them out again.

But, part of the fun is looking for an updated pair. These Gucci pumps have caught my eye. I’m on the hunt, TBC.


what's new


Crinkled-satin midi skirt


Tech Pack 2.0 reversible linen and cotton-blend jacket


Leather clutch


Cotton denim midi skirt


Suede collarless jacket


Casatt double-breasted cotton trench coat


Chignon monogram silk-satin scarf


Belted leather-trimmed twill jacket




Le Bracelet braided-metal bracelet


Figari plunge knot-front top


Achilles leather sneakers

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  • Very Ali McGraw in Love Story….

    BeccaOctober 22nd, 2015  8:15 AM

  • I went looking for that exact thing yesterday. Barney’s, Neiman’s, Saks, all were out of everything. Said it’s “resort shoes” now. Couldn’t find a thing – please keep us posted. I like the above pair, but I think they’re busier than what I want.

    KathyOctober 22nd, 2015  8:15 AM

  • I recently bought a pair of black suede Prada pumps that has a silver buckle detail and a 2.5″ heel that I love. The shoe also comes in wine, which is gorgeous. I agree with Kathy that these are kind of busy. While I love the fringe detail, there are times when I don’t want to broadcast that “I’m wearing Gucci shoes”.

    kimOctober 22nd, 2015  8:39 AM

  • While strolling down Lexington Ave I came across an “old lady” shoe store which upon closer inspection was filled with lots of great chunky mid heel pumps all surprisingly well made in Spain or Italy in the 300$ range. It’s called “Diane B”.

    KellyOctober 22nd, 2015  8:41 AM

  • Rupert Sanderson does a nice block heeled pump called “Luce”. They are very comfortable and chic. Maybe too dressy for what you’re looking for, though?

    SueOctober 22nd, 2015  9:03 AM

  • Kim – I seriously considered those Prada shoes in wine yesterday! So comfortable too. Still thinking……

    KathyOctober 22nd, 2015  9:33 AM

  • Fabulous shoes, great color, love the kiltie . . . but lose that garish logo! Cheapens the whole look, unfortunately. Why must design houses still be hanging on to these ridiculous logos??

    PaulaOctober 22nd, 2015  11:51 PM

  • The horse bit hardware would have been nice on these. A horse bit has a function in real life and harkens back to the House’s original sporting roots. I think logo initials are tricky to pull off.

    PaulaOctober 23rd, 2015  12:35 AM

  • I remember the Gucci shoes you are talking about, glossy (not patent) leather with that silver snaffle bit. Simple and elegant and easy. I had them too and miss them. I agree with others that between the logo and the kiltie, these are too busy for me. While I think the low heeled roger vivier belle du hour shoes are the best, they also make a block heel which is quite nice. Simpler and more elegant than these. But I’m sure you already know about them!

    VictoriaOctober 23rd, 2015  5:31 AM

  • What about the Ferregamo “Vara”? Could be a good option- the LSD looked amazing wearing them with skinny jeans and a classic trench in the ad campaign a while ago.


    PaigeOctober 23rd, 2015  7:15 AM

  • Gucci loafers are top of my wish-list, right now!

    That's Not My AgeOctober 23rd, 2015  8:43 AM

  • I have 3 pairs of those vintage Guccis- 2 black leather, 1 black patent with the silver horse bit and wear them ALL the time. My Ferragamo Varas are my go to, run around town, shoes. Both are so comfortable. I take care of them, resole when necessary and they have lasted nearly 20 years!

    AmdliaOctober 23rd, 2015  8:43 AM

  • I too tried the Prada… they felt a bit too chunky.
    My 16 year old daughter is wearing a knockoff brand and she looks great!
    I am still on the hunt! Keep posting ideas!

    CarrieOctober 23rd, 2015  10:09 AM

  • I still have those old Gucci pumps in black, brown, navy and rust suede. I lived in them for years and adored them for looks and comfort. Retro, time to pull them out for another run. Thanks !

    Kathleen CushmoreOctober 23rd, 2015  12:07 PM

  • I agree with Kelly. When I was growing up my grandmother bought all of her shoes in those shops on Lexington Avenue. I believe Lexington Avenue is an unsung hero. There are great shops on Lex. Especially for the type of shoe that we’re talking about here.

    Other than this my next favorite would be the Saint Laurent babies loafer in black. They are very close to that old school block heel style.

    RTGOctober 25th, 2015  7:34 AM


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