December 6th, 2015
In Vogue Italia

Tights & Sandals

I’m going to take a page out of Carine Roitfeld’s book and wear tights with sandals. The patterned tights in the Chanel pre-fall show are on my wish list.

Images by Tim Walker for December Vogue Italia


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The Pouch gathered leather clutch bag


Single-breasted leather coat


Intrecciato-woven leather tote


Ruched slingback leather pumps


The Pouch large leather clutch bag


Miles leather ankle boots


Print jute tote bag


Iacopo double band sandal


bandana print tie neck blouse


Iacopo double band sandal


Mella gold-tone hoop earrings


embroidered flared skirt

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  • I have struggled with this as a look in the past, but have come to terms with it and agree with you. Patterned tights where the foot of the tight shows no difference in appearance (no demi toe, non patterned toe, etc.) from the rest of the leg, is a good look. One caveat, the shoe must be substantial enough to carry the tight. I used to be rigidly against it, but have been won over.

    AprilDecember 6th, 2015  5:27 PM

  • Like April, I never used to like it, and I agree with her that the sandal has to be substantial, like your Celine’s. Now I love the look.

    KathyDecember 6th, 2015  6:16 PM

  • what about a sheer/nude tights? is that ok with a substantial sandal?

    ShoshanaDecember 6th, 2015  9:40 PM

  • I think this looks fantastic – particularly like the first picture with matching tones

    That's Not My AgeDecember 7th, 2015  8:27 AM

  • My favorite is wool or cashmere tights with sandals.

    RTGDecember 7th, 2015  8:32 AM

  • I love the look of those patterned tights with that chunky sandal. Looks fresh and chic. What I don’t like are socks and sandals. I saw a bunch of these looks on another blog this week; one girl looked like she had on men’s dress socks. I laughed out loud.

    Sue BurpeeDecember 7th, 2015  8:55 AM

  • Agree with the above comments…it must be substantial like in the editorial. I bought a black suede Miu Miu platform sandal specifically to wear with tights. All black is easy, I think a color would be a little more challenging.

    A Note On StyleDecember 7th, 2015  8:58 AM

  • Anything is preferable to bare legs in winter! The way Carine wears patterned tights as part of a sensual, multi-textural look works really well and I think M Lagerfeld took a lot of inspiration from her in his fabulous show last week. Looking closely, I thought it looked as if he had paired lace knee highs underneath tights on the models? Have a look. I’m also inspired by some shots of DvfF et al at Studio 54 in patterned tights. I’m really considering Wolford Daria tights as part of a party outfit but it depends on the shoes. If I wear plain shoes, I will go with the patterned tights. Cage shoes/whatever and for me, it has to be plain sheer. But that’s just my style. Carine would think differently.

    Jill, GlasgowDecember 7th, 2015  3:01 PM

  • Well, it’s still a no-no for me… I don’t know why, but it still looks weird, and not in a fashionable way… But well, I’m not Carine Roitfeld 🙂

    CarolineDecember 10th, 2015  4:43 AM


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