January 24th, 2016
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Not Your Basic Black Tie

Later this week I have a black tie event and I’m trying to put together an outfit that’s a bit outside the box. The Miu Miu mini dress would be chic as a tunic over trim trousers.

Miu Miu mini dress, Oscar de la Renta earrings, Bottega Veneta clutch, Saint Laurent pants, Lanvin gloves, Miu Miu sandals.


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Long wool blazer


Jamie panelled silk dress


Lila hooded checked wool-blend duffle coat


Sinclair sucked silk-crepe blouse


Collins draped silk skirt


Point-toe navy suede and leather chelsea boots


Doris cotton-gabardine trench coat


55 leather knee boots


Color-block ribbed merino wool turtleneck sweater


Nirvy studded leather sandals


Avery oversized belted two-tone cotton twill trench coat


Scare Crow suede ankle boots

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  • This is perfect, maybe a very dark eyeliner eye,pale pink lip and a bit of hair tease…love

    leslieJanuary 24th, 2016  11:39 PM

  • Brilliant! Posts like these are why I love your blog.
    Thank you!

    yess!January 25th, 2016  12:27 AM

  • That outfit is GORGEOUS ! I loove the Miu Miu dress, and worn as a top, it must be even better 🙂


    CarolineJanuary 25th, 2016  7:03 AM

  • Terrific! This will be so chic. I love the tiny bows on the dress straps. You are an inspiration.

    KIC fanJanuary 25th, 2016  7:18 AM

  • Love the outfit! I love the shoe but might also try a very dressy black shoe ( with same heel height) with this outfit to see which looks more elegant! I always say putting together the outfit is more fun than attending the actual event! Hope you have fun!

    Paula BJanuary 25th, 2016  7:37 AM

  • Great inspiration; thanks, Preston. Also proves that my Bottega Veneta knot really goes with everything – I should bring it out of the closet more often.

    Lisa MacJanuary 25th, 2016  7:43 AM

  • It’s perfect and love the gloves with it. Very creative.

    KathyJanuary 25th, 2016  8:01 AM

  • Classic, edgy & sexy, you did it!

    SusanJanuary 25th, 2016  8:31 AM

  • Perfection! Jennifer

    JenniferJanuary 25th, 2016  8:37 AM

  • Gorgeous! Have a wonderful time!

    Jill, GlasgowJanuary 25th, 2016  9:06 AM

  • Wanted to add that the pieces all look so great together but the added bonus, is that each can be worn separately as well, so it’s not a “one time” dress.

    KathyJanuary 25th, 2016  9:07 AM

  • Epitome of chic!

    julieJanuary 25th, 2016  10:31 AM

  • How wonderful to feel so chic and be comfortable as well. When you wore it all together did it live up to your expectations? That is my personal test.

    SueMJanuary 25th, 2016  11:15 AM

  • Hi – Preston I enjoy your post very much and check it every day as a treat to my myself. I would love a photo of this outfit on you once you have finalized it and dressed to go. I wonder if you will go with the hair style that you posted a while back (60’s inspired I think). Cheers!

    saraJanuary 25th, 2016  12:35 PM

  • Super chic! That is standout elegance. I think I can speak for all your readers when I say we’d love a photo of you in it.

    ErinJanuary 25th, 2016  2:01 PM

  • Love this edit. They will look amazing together- inspired and individual.

    MelanieJanuary 25th, 2016  2:05 PM

  • Love your choice here, Preston. In particular I think the shoes are spectacular and will seem incredibly smart when your waiting for your car to arrive at the end of the evening. The gloves are sexy. Curious to know how you will style your hair.

    KWJanuary 25th, 2016  4:07 PM

  • You are waiting…hate when I hit send before proof reading my comments.

    KWJanuary 25th, 2016  4:10 PM

  • I love this outfit. The bows are a great touch on the dress. I, too, would love to see a picture of the final outfit. Have fun!

    JennyJanuary 25th, 2016  6:27 PM

  • I adore this entire outfit…makes me wish I had a black tie in my near future!

    MaryBJanuary 25th, 2016  8:24 PM

  • I agree, its a very chic outfit. The gloves are the finishing touch.

    AprilJanuary 25th, 2016  8:53 PM

  • I adore gloves – they always add polish, a little drama, and long gloves in particular add an edge of intrigue. And the shoes are unexpected, which I think is the fun!

    PaulaJanuary 26th, 2016  12:49 AM

  • I love the perfect marriage of form and function in each element of the outfit – especially the shoes!

    SamJanuary 26th, 2016  6:17 AM

  • I would wear this in a heartbeat. And keep all the separates in my closet. Timeless- my favorite way to dress.

    LisaJanuary 26th, 2016  7:20 PM


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