May 21st, 2016
Oscar de la Renta 2017 Resort

Day Dresses

April and May are always busy, but this spring has been particularly event-filled thanks to Shonda Rhimes’ inspirational book, “Year of Yes”.  I took Ms. Rhimes’ advice and accepted every invitation that came in, save two. It was a challenging, yet rewarding, exercise and I’m glad I did it—but I ran through all of my good dresses.

Thankfully, the Oscar de la Renta 2017 Resort collection is packed with amazing day dresses—I’m going to put my name down for two of the ones, above.


What's New


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt


Braided leather bangle


Delcie tie-detailed ramie midi dress


Gate knotted leather slippers


Postcard fringed crocheted straw bucket hat


Santos de Cartier metal shield sunglasses

  • I absolutely love the first one. Very beautiful!

    ChennillMay 22nd, 2016  5:14 AM

  • How was that book? Love the dresses, but are they “day dresses? “

    KathyMay 22nd, 2016  7:58 AM

  • Adore these dresses! Stunning!

    Jennifer KellyMay 22nd, 2016  8:06 AM

  • In my neck of the woods, these would definitely be considered ‘day dresses’. But, they can all go into evening, which is an added benefit. Especially, the black lace.

    PrestonMay 22nd, 2016  8:43 AM

  • In south Florida we have a lot of CH boutiques the first two dresses remind me of dresses I bought, and plan to buy, there. Her cuts are masterful and especially flatter a smaller waist and bust, and not so small lower half. And her dresses look good on women of all ages because they are classy. Ditto De la Renta.

    WilsonMay 22nd, 2016  9:31 AM

  • Not day in LA! Stunning still..

    cindalaMay 22nd, 2016  10:13 AM

  • Very lovely, unique dresses! Especially love the top 2. The bottom, right one is lovely with the lace, but my reservation with it is the sheerer look of it as it progresses to the hem. Just reminds me of that “high – low” look of a few seasons back, a look I never cared for. Regardless, on the right person at the right event, it will be lovely, I’m sure.

    AprilMay 22nd, 2016  10:13 AM

  • Haven’t read the book (and not really a Rhimes fan), but her advice sounds a lot like the plot of the Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man”. Have you seen it? It was marketed as a farce, but was unexpectedly deep and poignant.

    AnnMay 22nd, 2016  11:04 AM

  • Would love more casual than these; sleeveless and flattering day dress suggestions please – for the burbs (no tunics or boxy/flowy off the shoulder dresses for me). Thanks! Love your style.

    MoodseyMay 22nd, 2016  5:08 PM

  • I love a dress for day time – however, most unfortunately, each of these would only be considered for a ‘destination” anywhere but a truly great city. These dresses only work for luncheon events, charity events, etc., but I can’t think of many cities where a woman could put one of these dresses on to shop, meet a friend/husband for a chic lunch/stop in on a gallery, do a little shopping, etc. I was so dismayed on my last visit to NY to see all the young moms, young women, running around in their lycra . . . athleisure . . . ripped jeans . . . and even the children aren’t dressed to go out. Sadly, New York may have lost it’s glamour. There was nothing elegant on the street.

    PaulaMay 23rd, 2016  8:57 PM


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