June 5th, 2016

Salad Days

I co-hosted a benefit dinner last evening and my fellow hostess served salmon. Tapped to make the salad, I considered a number of recipes before deciding upon baby romaine tossed with goat cheese, golden raisins, toasted sliced almonds, and a balsamic vinaigrette—it was a huge hit. The process of narrowing down to just these four ingredients got me thinking about the infinite number of possible combinations. This summer I’m going to expand my salad repertoire.

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  • I totally agree that there are so many directions you can go in to make a salad. I get into a rut making the same one over and over ! I’d love to hear what you come up with! I find that making your own dressing is always important. And I always worry that I’m not using enough ingredients. I like that you made your salad with only 4.

    Paula BJune 5th, 2016  7:48 AM

  • I made a 4 ingredient salad, baby lettuces, quinoa, dried cranberries and avocado, with a balsamic dressing! Also served with cold salmon. Yours sounds delicious and I’ll be making that soon.

    KathyJune 5th, 2016  7:57 AM

  • That sounds delicious! Do you make your ow dressing? There seem to be a lot of good bottled ones out now.

    JenniferJune 5th, 2016  8:02 AM

  • I’m so inspired by your using quinoa with greens, Kathy. That’s MY next salad!

    I love the Kerry Wood dressings at Whole Foods.

    PrestonJune 5th, 2016  8:29 AM

  • I often use quinoa in salad and add some grilled shrimp or shredded chicken – full summer meal then.

    KathyJune 5th, 2016  9:53 AM

  • Send us a picture of your salad please!

    Gabriela M.June 5th, 2016  10:13 AM

  • Please post your recipe for the dressing:))!

    Michelle RamerJune 5th, 2016  10:26 AM

  • Would love to see the recipe you used – I find sometimes salads are the hardest to make “right.” Sounds delicious!

    AnnieJune 5th, 2016  11:46 AM

  • That sounds delicious! Recipe please… I’m a very lazy ‘cook’ so I rely on a salad of avocado, beetroot, feta cheese, grapes and tomatoes (no leaves!) as my staple diet (tossed in lemon juice and olive oil) served with warm ciabatta. Def need to expand my repertoire too!

    disneyrollergirlJune 5th, 2016  2:40 PM

  • Sorry, no recipe, I just threw it all in a bowl and tossed…

    PrestonJune 5th, 2016  2:48 PM

  • I always make salads for potlucks and they are always very popular. My go-to is one with grapefruit, spinach & avocado with a grapefruit juice vinaigrette. Watercress, watermelon & feta is also really good for summer!

    joannawnycJune 5th, 2016  4:04 PM

  • Joannawnyc- we love the watermelon, feta salad with arugula and a jalapeño, lime vinegrette. Many variations, but always a hit.

    KWJune 5th, 2016  4:23 PM

  • I love nuts in a salad. Making the dressing is so easy and worth it, but I also have a few favorites I buy for really rushed/lazy days. As much as I love the way a dressing adds flavor, I know I am often guilty of over dressing. The salads I eat and find memorable are usually very lightly dressed. I love golden raisins, and will have to try them in a salad soon!

    AprilJune 6th, 2016  8:50 AM


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