June 20th, 2016
On My Mind

Summer Solstice


Today is my favorite day of the year. School is out and my girls are already firmly entrenched in their summer activities. I’m in the country, mostly, and time feels slowed down. Hours of just walking and thinking.

And evaluating. Is everyone happy? Is our country/city balance working? Is KiC still fun? The site could probably use something, but I’m not sure what…

So far, so good.


What's New


Caged satin minaudière


Wool-crepe strapless top


Vokayo high-rise straight-leg jeans


Garcon suede loafers


Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt

  • (the site could probably use something, but I’m not sure what).

    It’s been a while since you featured an interview. I think I discovered your blog through your interview with Kristina O’Neill.

    AnnJune 20th, 2016  11:24 AM

  • I think your site is fantastic! It would be nice to know about the boutiques and store fronts that are out there, across the country, where we can shop. When contemplating a significant purchase or updating a wardrobe, no website on earth can substitute for the help of a terrific shop owner (or excellent sales associate) with a well-edited collection and years of experience and with whom we can establish a relationship. Capitol in Charlotte is an example – I just can’t spend $$$$$ with an 800 number, no matter how good their return policy is.

    PaulaJune 20th, 2016  12:16 PM

  • I absolutely love your edits and suggestions- it would be very difficult to improve on what you are already doing.

    If I was to make suggestions for periodic inclusions they would be- interviews with inspiring women as you have featured in the past. Perhaps more photos of you in your purchases and how you put outfits together.

    Finally, for those of us working on a limited budget – perhaps edits that are more mid priced.

    MelanieJune 20th, 2016  12:45 PM

  • More skincare and makeup!

    (Your blog is my www-bible)

    AnnaJune 21st, 2016  8:45 AM

  • I agree with Melanie — would love more interviews, posts about your outfit choices/how you’re putting together your closet, and mid-priced pieces.
    On that last point I know that there are loads of blogs out there looking at less expensive pieces, and part of what I love about your blog is the fantasy, but you have such a good eye that it’s nice to know what you think is worthwhile from some of the less expensive lines too.
    Two thumbs up for all of the editorials you post and for your skill at keeping a positive and human tone in your writing.

    C.MicholJune 21st, 2016  12:18 PM

  • Love your blog…brevity is the soul of wit after all! Inspiring, but to the point.

    LeslieJune 21st, 2016  2:31 PM

  • I enjoy your blog and read it daily. You occasionally post on outfits/”uniforms” and I would love to see more of those posts since they are very inspiring and helpful.

    AlissaJune 21st, 2016  5:56 PM

  • My favorite day of the year as well for many reasons and I think your blog is perfect.

    KathyJune 21st, 2016  6:00 PM

  • You are one of my “first reads.” I enjoy your edits, but I’m on board with the other KiCers who would like to see the odd mid-priced post. I know that it’s not your focus, but you do have a great eye.

    SharonJune 21st, 2016  8:14 PM

  • Love, love, love your blog! Would appreciate more posts on what you buy and how you put it together (ditto Melanie).

    MMSJune 22nd, 2016  2:42 AM

  • Would love more on what makes it off your wish list and into your closet and how you put it together

    Mrs.CJune 22nd, 2016  9:09 AM

  • I would echo the other commenters who mentioned more from your personal life. It must be awfully scary to put yourself out there in this day and age, so many trolls on the Internet. But the posts that I’m most engaged in are the ones where you bring us into your world – whether it’s interviews with friends, or discussing recent shopping trips, what pieces are going back to the store and what pieces are making their way into the rotation. I think back to when there was the two of you running the blog, and I think it had a bit more vibrancy as it felt like I, as the reader, was part of an ongoing conversation between friends. I specifically remember one post on packing for Nantucket (or was it Martha’s Vineyard?) that was exactly the type of advice id ask my friends for, but chicer.

    Not to take away from what you’re putting out there. I really love how you’ve carved out a niche for yourself, a singular voice in this frequently crass world! Keep it up!

    LaufaJune 22nd, 2016  11:24 PM

  • I love your blog just the way it is! It’s a pleasure to look at and read. So many sites are too junky today and barely edited! xoxo

    kerryJune 25th, 2016  3:51 PM


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