July 27th, 2016
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Denim Skirt

While searching for a pair of cut-offs, I came across this denim skirt on sale for $20. I snapped it up and have been wearing it with a white polo or striped tee, and K. Jacques sandals.


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  • Unless I’m attending a picnic in a city park (nothing against city parks, ours are fantastic), I wouldn’t have a use for this tiny denim skirt.. After traveling this summer, I am completely overwhelmed at the sight of shabby, boho, athleisure, wrinkled, and just plain sloppy dress by men, women, teens, children, college students and young adults in the shops, restaurants, at the markets, in the hotel lobbys, in the hotel bars, in cathedrals, in museums, at classes, on tours, in cities, in the country, and of course on the airplanes . . . not to mention the obesity. As my mother said late in her life when looking out the car window onto the street scene, “What happened?” In revolt to what I have witnessed this summer, I am making every effort to pull myself together every time I step out the door. It should be a civic duty not to pollute the streets. Unless it’s very polished, I’m wearing less denim out the door.

    PaulaJuly 27th, 2016  12:23 PM

  • Remember when people used to dress up to fly?

    M. Kirk OkayJuly 27th, 2016  10:34 PM

  • I was in Paris and the south of France this summer and everyone was dressed so nicely!! In Paris I ended up wearing a really cute white skirt I bought at a shop that sold French designed clothing. I didn’t feel like wearing the more casual shorts that I had packed. There were so many boutiques with clothing designed in France, IKKS, Swildens, Suncoo, princesse tam-tam, etc. It was fantastic and since I am petite everything fit very well! I was able to find lingerie and swimsuits that fit perfectly!! The twice yearly sale was on and everything that I bought was 50% off. I didn’t pack jeans and I haven’t worn them since I returned but that jean skirt is very cute!!!

    Sue TothJuly 28th, 2016  6:22 AM

  • Paula is so right! This is also going on in France, and except in Paris and on the Riviera, most people go around wearing plain sloppy dress… the race to the bottom!


    SabineJuly 28th, 2016  7:38 AM

  • Wow,Preston. I think you inadvertently pushed a hot button. My comment was going to be that the skirt is too short for me. But. I have been surprised by the comments others have had. I too am tired of seeing people dressed too casually when pulling yourself together would be so much better. There is a time and place for denim ( even torn denim) but I agree that it would be nice if people made more of an effort!

    Paula BJuly 28th, 2016  7:56 AM

  • You’re funny Paula. I agree and I think it’s too late for our country!

    KrisJuly 28th, 2016  7:56 AM

  • I just returned from Paris, Rome and the Amalfi Coast. We stayed in 5 star hotels, and I’m saying this for “context”. Everyone was dressed very casually, as casually as in Santa Monica (where I’m from). Women and men all in Birkenstocks, loose jeans, cut-offs, linen tunic tops and tee shirts. I actually brought some summer dresses and never wore them, would have felt too touristy. Over dressing can look inappropriate in these situations as well, as many of the Americans staying in these places were. The women looked ridiculous in tight dresses and high heeled sandals.
    I’m sure Preston doesn’t intend to wear the denim skirt on Madison Ave in NY – she said it was to take the place of cut-offs, so that’s the context of the post.
    Also, I think to mention “obesity” in this thread is just plain body-shaming and mean spirited.

    KathyJuly 28th, 2016  8:11 AM

  • I love this skirt – I have one similar. I think it’s all how and where you wear items that can be appropriate and inappropriate. I remember a post you did last year “Birkenstocks, yes or no?”. I think that young lady looks darling. I love a linen blouse, my denim skirt and my Birkenstocks for running to a Farmer’s Market or sitting at a baseball game on a hot day. I’d feel silly to be dressed otherwise.

    I agree with Kathy…all people come in all shapes and sizes. Some have weight issues for reasons unknown to us. Dressing appropriately has nothing to do with size…kindness!!!!

    MaryBJuly 28th, 2016  8:48 AM

  • That’s a cute skirt and quite the buy! I envy you for feeling comfortable in denim minis 😉

    joannawnycJuly 28th, 2016  9:12 AM

  • After reading all these comments , I feel better knowing I am not the only one who thinks that people in general , especially young adults are sloppy, ungroomed, and look like they just rolled out of bed. I live in NYC and I see many people with dirty feet, in dirty flip flops , chipped nail polish on fingers and toes, dirty hair, plus clothing that does not fit and is not well suited for one’s body type. Nothing wrong in taking some pride in one’s appearance.

    FeliciaJuly 28th, 2016  10:37 AM

  • Paula is right! Manners are a thing of the past. However – Preston does mention no preachy comments about body weight. Maybe this only applies to comments about skinny models!?

    Either way – the skirt is cute and combined with a polo and k Jaques – a great look!

    JenniferJuly 28th, 2016  11:00 AM

  • I agree with Paula!

    TTJuly 28th, 2016  11:02 AM

  • I love this conversation! More fun than the hot topic in our country today:)
    I love the idea of a cute mini for beach or the lake…where I am headed.
    Perhaps not the city or a museum but for casual summer fun…love a mini!

    carrieJuly 28th, 2016  11:40 AM

  • I bought this skirt to wear as I would cut-offs. It’s perfect for running around doing errands and over a swimsuit. Re. weight, I don’t think it’s appropriate to comment on body weight at all on KiC. I read the first comment quickly and didn’t register the “obese” mention. Otherwise, I would not have approved it.

    PrestonJuly 28th, 2016  12:37 PM

  • My Initial reaction was a gasp. Then I took a step back and thought Preston is much younger than I am. I never doubt her level of style. Preston, you set the bar for me every day and if this is truly chic as your blog is based on, and you have the physique to pull it off, I say enjoy. After all, the great Diana Vreeland said something about the beauty of denim and the gondola.

    sara purfieldJuly 28th, 2016  7:22 PM

  • I agree with Paula! (Not the obese comment though – I didn’t register that comment either)

    TTJuly 28th, 2016  9:44 PM

  • Dear Preston and friends at KIC,
    It is not ‘body shaming’ if you are making an observation as part of a general discussion in a forum, which a blog is. The observation re. obesity was not in reference to any specific person. It was a general observation based on an empirically observable fact. To the extent people are obese and are in a position to control it, then it is just like dress. We all make judgments regarding dress and other behaviors every day. If you have the ability to control your size within reasonable limits, and most of us do, then it is no different than intentionally engaging in sloppy dress or poor manners. It is something you have chosen to do, and it is an area of one’s life which can be and should be improved.
    Obesity as a result of a medical condition is exceedingly rare, and those situations deserve our sympathy and understanding. However – what we are seeing on the streets now, whether it be poor manners, sloppy dress, vulgar behavior, cell phone use, rude driving, poor hygiene, and yes, gross obesity, are almost always within the power of an individual to control. They all arise out of a lack of self discipline and a lack of proper consideration for others. Thank you.

    PaulaJuly 28th, 2016  11:25 PM

  • KiC is only a “forum” because I allow comments. However, I have been considering shutting them off for a while.

    PrestonJuly 29th, 2016  5:29 AM

  • Preston…the skirt is cute and classic, and you did say you would wear it in place of cut-offs. Totally appropriate and kudos to you for having the figure to wear it! How that simple post spurred comments about sloppy dressing, dirty feet and chipped nail polish is beyond me!

    I guess some will take advantage of any opportunity to comment on things that are really none of their concern!

    bisbeeJuly 29th, 2016  6:14 AM

  • Preston – I understand after a thread like this, your wanting to turn off comments…. but I for one, hope you don’t. What I would like though is for you to maybe monitor comments to keep them on track for the post. I agree about the blog not being a forum, or soapbox. It’s not a place for people to make generalized judgmental comments. Stick to the subject on hand.

    KathyJuly 29th, 2016  5:54 PM


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