December 18th, 2016

Karl’s Library

Even though I love the ease of a Kindle, my house is stuffed with books and indie magazines. Every time I’m inclined to edit and toss, I think of this picture of Karl Lagerfeld’s library and just can’t do it.  Three of my favorite novels this year were: Commonwealth by Ann Patchett, My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout, and Modern Lovers by Emma Staub.

Image © Vogue Paris


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Chain choker - yellow gold


Cowbell gold vermeil hoop earrings


Gold-tone choker


Gold vermeil hoop earrings


Alan shearling coat


Cat-eye square-frame sunglasses


Belted wool-twill coat


Berta sweater


Buckled tweed blazer


Nora leather kitten-heel booties


Small Made in Tote in textile


Knot small hoop earrings made of brass

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  • That’s an amazing library! I love books too, but I don’t struggle with the books vs. e-books issue like some I know do. I do love the feeling of possessing a book, but I still feel it when its on my Kindle library. I love getting samples so I know I enjoy the writing style before I buy. The three titles you mention are in my queue right now. I recently read “Siracusa” by Delia Ephron. I highly recommend it. A fascinating study of interpersonal relationships and marriage.

    AprilDecember 18th, 2016  4:41 PM

  • Clearly where a lot of his inspirations have been drawn from-!
    I never cease to be amazed how talented people are so well read- quite often I’ve assumed ( perhaps wrongly…) they have their own unique sources of inspiration……

    RuthDecember 18th, 2016  5:36 PM

  • …with a library this chic it doesn’t even matter if you can’t locate a title! Sublime!

    TroyceDecember 18th, 2016  6:29 PM

  • interesting about Commonwealth. I picked it up on a whim (liked the cover art) and really struggled to get through the beginning…middle kept me interested, but I did not love the ending.

    bllDecember 19th, 2016  10:53 AM

  • Oh god I would love Karl’s library. We live in a flat and I try to be quite ruthless, though there are still piles of books, magazines and newspapers (old school), all over the place. Floor-to-ceiling would be fab.
    Love Elizabeth Strout’s writing x

    That's Not My AgeDecember 19th, 2016  2:35 PM

  • Great library. I’ve read all of your picks but not Modern Lovers yet…. next on deck.

    KathyDecember 20th, 2016  10:13 AM

  • Thanks for the library inspiration. Please add A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles to your reading list. You will not be disappointed. My favorite read this year.

    Brooke B KeslerDecember 20th, 2016  9:11 PM


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