December 21st, 2016

Is Cauliflower The New Kale?

Cauliflower is my new favorite veggie, its up there with zucchini noodles. The mild nutty flavor works with just about everything. I like this roasted-parmesan recipe from Epicurious–talk about easy.


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  • Just read the recipe- looks so easy and effective.
    Never heard of Kosher salt though ….?

    RuthDecember 21st, 2016  7:13 AM

  • Yum! Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) and kale (Brassica oleracea var. sabellica) are variations of the same plant breed. Other variations include kohlrabi, brussel sprouts and cabbage. All the brassica vegetables offer pizzaz, variety and nourish our health. Thanks for posting; vegetables are chic, indeed.

    Kathryn HarlowDecember 21st, 2016  8:01 AM

  • Highly recommend this recipe, it’s an absolute favorite for cauliflower, a regular in our house!

    VictoriaDecember 21st, 2016  10:20 AM

  • Ruth, how come?
    I could not live without “Kosher” (and I am no Jewish, but love kosher food), “Himalayan” and “fleur de sel” salts!
    My new favorite is Maras Salt (I went to see the mines in Peru a couple of weeks ago)

    Martha ElenaDecember 21st, 2016  11:13 AM

  • OMG! I love, Love, LOVE Cauliflower!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roasted Cauliflower is my absolute favorite!!!!!!

    SondraDecember 21st, 2016  11:54 AM

  • Ruth – Kosher salt is carried in almost every supermarket – right near the “regular” salt. It’s merely a coarse salt – you can also use coarse sea salt. I don’t buy “regular” salt anymore – I think it’s easier to control the salt content using Kosher salt. We use a salt grinder at the table – with even coarser salt. And…I use a finishing salt for certain dishes (Maldon flakes).

    Preston – we’ve been roasting just about every vegetable – love roasted cauliflower! I did save this recipe – it’s almost the same as what I make. I also love roasted broccoli – after roasting, top with parmesan, lemon juice and toasted pine nuts – fabulous!

    bisbeeDecember 21st, 2016  1:07 PM

  • I make this and lots of other roasted vegetables this way, but highly recommend using a cast iron pan instead of a baking sheet. Roasts vegetables so beautifully.

    KathyDecember 21st, 2016  9:30 PM

  • This sounds wonderful, and it’s officially on the menu for New Year’s Day! Mundane vegetables are all better when roasted (i.e., brussel sprouts)! We have not used traditional table salt for over a decade – Kosher salt is a staple, and Maldon salt is a must for avocado toast! Plus, it’s so pretty ~

    PaulaDecember 22nd, 2016  2:09 AM

  • I agree with Bisbee re roasted broccoli. It will make one a broccoli lover.

    AprilDecember 22nd, 2016  10:29 AM

  • April and Bisbee- this is the only way we eat broccoli, haven’t steamed it since the last century.

    PrestonDecember 22nd, 2016  10:49 AM


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