January 20th, 2017

Rose Roll-On


Rose is one of my signature scents and I’ll try any that come down the pike. When I spied this Diptyque roll-on I didn’t even hesitate–I’ll leave a review in the comments.


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  • I like Diptyque’s but I think Jo Malone’s Red Roses is rosier. Neither last long.

    ToriJanuary 20th, 2017  11:28 AM

  • I have a roller from diptyque that I absolutely love – the bottle is a darker glass though, so maybe not the same? I am completely obsessed, and after comments from their boyfriends several of my friends have become obsessed as well. I wore it this summer on a sailing trip through Croatia, would put it on after a day ssimming out in the sun, wearing that with tan skin, a simple dress, wet hair from the shower and not much else. Smelling it now transports me back.

    LauraJanuary 20th, 2017  1:24 PM

  • This is a lovely scent by Diptyque. My teenaged daughter got that same rollerball in her stocking. : )

    That said, I have been wearing Diptyque’s Eau Des Sens almost daily for a couple weeks and loving it! I can be fickle with scents this time of year as the weather has me wanting to be cozy at home and ready for sun and spring all at the same time. Fragrance may be part of my coping strategy.

    KWJanuary 20th, 2017  8:47 PM

  • Love the idea of fragrance as a ‘coping strategy’- there’s a post in that statement.

    PrestonJanuary 20th, 2017  9:48 PM

  • Love love love rose. Preston, just want to let you know about In Fiore’s rose noir — it’s a solid perfume, not a roll-on, but those are also great for travel, etc. The other base notes are oud and vetiver, so it’s a little bit deeper, perfect for winter. I love it and maybe you will too =)

    C.MicholJanuary 21st, 2017  7:57 PM

  • I LOVE this scent! I found it over the summer and wore it exclusively for months. It is bright and delicious, and not too rosy.


    AlexandraJanuary 23rd, 2017  3:12 PM

  • I love this scent, it is light and lovely!

    PrestonJanuary 24th, 2017  1:24 PM


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