March 17th, 2017



Last year when I posted that I was on the hunt for a miracle in a bottle to plump the lines around my mouth, a few readers left comments about microneedling. I asked my doctor about it, but he recommended fillers. Fillers are not my thing, so I’m revisiting microneedling. If anyone has tried a derma-roller, please let me know if it works.


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  • micro-needling is a great practice. basically it allows your products to work deeper; and therefore more penetrating. I believe in it, as it ups the products’ benefits, but forgoes needles and surgery, which I will not opt for as a treatment.

    ellen marieMarch 17th, 2017  8:10 AM

  • Micro-needling and fillers are as different as chalk and cheese.You will never get the same effects as fillers with micro-needling,especially for lines around the mouth.

    Claude RemainsMarch 17th, 2017  9:25 AM

  • My husband (a plastic surgeon) uses a RF (radio frequency) Microneedling which goes much deeper than the roller. This triggers heat coagulation which causes new collagen formation in all layers of the dermis which tightens skin and smooths it (he just dictated this to me). It is a machine that requires the face and neck to be numbed by a cream before application. The procedure takes around 1 hour. You look as if you have a very bad sunburn when you leave the office, but can use makeup five hours after. To me, it is the most natural of procedures as all you are using is heat to improve your skin. For optimal results you need three applications six weeks apart. To use a baseball analogy, a facelift will get you to home base, RFmicroneedling will get you to second base. I have done it and am please with the results.

    BarbaraMarch 17th, 2017  9:27 AM

  • YES!!! it works! i was spending a fortune having it done at a bev hills facialist, and then just bought my own and do once a month at night -should do every 2 weeks, but it makes total sense as you body produces more collagen to heal the little micro damage it causes. you cannot put any chemicals on afterwards-only natural oils or snail slime cream which is great too! this gold one is chic-where is it from?

    MathildeMarch 17th, 2017  9:28 AM

  • Tune in to Cayli @knockingonforty. She does an Instagram live each night affectionately called the Loo Crew where rolling is front and center Cayli swears by it.

    KristinMarch 17th, 2017  9:37 AM

  • I love micro needling as it gives a beautiful texture and glow to my skin. Over time sun spots fade as well. I don’t believe the lines around my mouth nor my elevens have improved. Clearly they require something deeper and more aggressive. I’m a big proponent of microneedling. I rarely need to wear foundation anymore unless I’m having a special evening event. Be careful what you apply right before and after – no acids as you will damage your skin and best to do at night since your skin is photosensitive after.

    HadassahMarch 17th, 2017  10:13 AM

  • I tried this a t home and it was easy! My skin looked refreshed and my pores clean!
    I watched a couple of U tube videos for instruction.
    Will continue to do every 3 weeks or as needed.

    CCMarch 17th, 2017  10:30 AM

  • I had it done during a facial, and it was too harsh for my skin – caused a bad reaction. Maybe it was too rough and the home version is better?

    KathyMarch 17th, 2017  11:14 AM

  • I just had a conversation with my doctor about micro needling while I was there for Clear+ Brilliant. She said that the at home devices don’t go as deep as the office procedure and can lead to skin irritation and scaring if not done right. I love lasers and think they might be helpful for you. I’ve seen such a huge difference in my skin since I started them three years ago.

    Habitually ChicMarch 17th, 2017  11:27 AM

  • Yes- It works wonders. I get it done at a plastic surgeons office. Never tried the at home device, can’t imagine it would give the same results.

    TammyMarch 17th, 2017  1:10 PM

  • This article is timely, just last week I was enquiring about this procedure for my sun damaged skin. The responses seem positive, I will definitely book in for a treatment.

    JacqMarch 17th, 2017  3:49 PM

  • I’ve had the MD Pen used on my face several times in my dermatologist’s office with great results, but you have to plan for some redness for a few days afterwards. Habitually Chic is right about lasers. So many people out there think fillers are the end all be all. Far from it. There is so much available. The other thing I love about my dermatologist is the availability of incredible product lines like Neo-Cutis and Skin Medica. I also get mild peels on a regular basis and that helps tons with fine lines and sun damage.

    kimMarch 17th, 2017  3:55 PM

  • Hi Preston whilst I haven’t tried the Mico needling another skin treatment I have tried is Omnilux light therapy. It has totally transformed my skin which seems plumper and clearer than it has for years. It’s non invasive, quick, relaxing and helps with collagen production and plumping out fine wrinkles. Sometimes it’s used with a hydrating mask. I never wear foundation anymore just sunscreen. I am 48 and my skin looks better than it ever has. It’s best done as a course but once a month I like to maintain my skin and book a treatment if I have something on. Afterwards your skin looks noticeably plumper and it glows.

    Eleanor LangmeasMarch 17th, 2017  5:39 PM

  • Of course after reading all these glowing reviews of it – I’m going to call my dermatologist on Monday. Maybe the facialist didn’t do it correctly?

    KathyMarch 17th, 2017  7:08 PM

  • I tried a Derma Roller by Leaf & Rusher – I think it helps creams to penetrate the skin but will not really help with the lines around one’s mouth. I like the RF Micro needling and will try.

    Lisa EastmanMarch 17th, 2017  7:51 PM

  • I’m intrigued by all the positive comments on micro-needling. It’s something I’ve never considered. If you try it Preston, it would be great to hear your opinion and follow up on its effectiveness, and what products you decided to use.

    KarimaMarch 18th, 2017  10:59 AM


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