March 28th, 2017
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The Clasp Bag, Cont.

After seeing a number of show-goers carrying the Céline Clasp bag, I decided to pop into the shop and take a look at it. There’s no denying that it is lovely.


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Demi-fine 14K gold-plated hoop


Oversized-lapel double-breasted wool-blend coat


Quincy shiny ballerina loafer mule


Pleated checked wool midi skirt


Checked wool blazer


High-rise straight-leg jeans


Blanche leather ankle boots


Bellechasse medium leather-trimmed canvas bag


Double breasted coat


Flared corduroy trousers


Square belt bag


Flared corduroy trousers

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  • Just a little too formal / stiff for me- but it looks beautiful nonetheless

    RuthMarch 28th, 2017  9:38 AM

  • True that it is beautiful, but how practical is it? It looks very narrow.

    BarbaraMarch 28th, 2017  9:44 AM

  • The bag is gorgeous and reminiscent of the vintage bags my mother has from the 60s but it’s sadly not commodious enough for all my daily stuff and too big for evening use.

    YNYMarch 28th, 2017  10:30 AM

  • I ordered it and it’s wider at the bottom to fit all your things. Since I am rather tiny, I can carry it over my shoulder. I am not sure if I am gonna keep it yet though. The verdict is still out. There’s so much out there to buy and I don’t want any really expensive regret purchases.

    TracyMarch 28th, 2017  11:23 AM

  • I like it because it soooo the opposite to everything else out there. I think luxury is not having to carry lots of crap around. (That said, I shall be sticking to my jumbo chuck-everything-in tote for now!!)

    disneyrollergirlMarch 28th, 2017  3:16 PM

  • It’s beautiful but what I really like is that it’s in box leather. Or at least it looks like box which is something that Hermès has sadly stopped doing. Luckily I’m old enough to have a Kelly in black box so I’ll stick with that.

    RTGMarch 28th, 2017  5:18 PM

  • What I want to know is if the microneedling is working? I read up on it and want try it but am afraid I will mess up my face. I recently tried threading and it left little scabs. Argh!!!

    TracyMarch 28th, 2017  5:18 PM

  • I saw it in person today and it is gorgeous. Not for me, but like many other things – for others.

    KathyMarch 28th, 2017  6:34 PM

  • I could live with this – I love box leather, it’s minimalist, it feels related to the classic Mark Cross. It’s definitely town, not country. I like the slim, trim silhouette.

    PaulaMarch 28th, 2017  11:06 PM


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