June 15th, 2017

Father’s Day

I’m a little late on the Father’s Day gift front, but I think my husband will like these two items. An amazing cook, I bet he’ll love this cookbook by personal chef Mina Stone—it’s packed with family-style recipes. And these painted canvas totes are actually plant holders—a bit quirky, but could be wonderful filled with herbs.


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Chelsea double-breasted cotton trench coat


Bouclé jacket


Maxima 35 leather knee-high boots


Origano sweater


Onita brushed alpaca and wool-blend coat


Wool and cashmere-blend turtleneck poncho


Leather knee boots


Philippe cashmere and silk-blend bouclé sweater


Pablo cashmere and silk-blend bouclé midi skirt


Leather slingback sandals


Twill jacket


High-neck gathered nanette top

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  • I remember you had a rule for mother’s day: hand made by your kids and no gift from your husband, “you are not his mother”. Do you apply the same rule for father’s day? I have a toddler and we have been buying the mother’s/father’s day gifts for each other. But would like to start/have our own traditions and would love to hear what other parents are doing.

    ameeJune 16th, 2017  1:41 PM

  • Ok, this was the last straw on following your posts; while i’ve enjoyed them in the past, they are increasingly shills for products. you do not indicate which are sponsored posts, but i note how often you list a book you haven’t read, a piece of clothing you’ve never even seen. You can do better.

    BarbaraJune 16th, 2017  2:06 PM

  • Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for your comment.

    It’s true that I’ve been showing more product and identifying more items since I get so many requests from readers to do so. However, I rarely do sponsored posts (two to be exact and I included #AD at the bottom) and have no advertising on the site, it is monetized through the shop and links. I do have a very close relationship with Net-A-Porter since the founder is one of my dear friends and even though she is no longer at NaP, I still work closely with them.

    Regarding books—I’ve read every one I’ve posted on, which is why I don’t put them up that often.

    I’m sorry that you are no longer interested in my content, but there are lots of great sites out there these days and I’m sure you’ll find ones that you’ll like.


    PrestonJune 17th, 2017  12:09 AM

  • Hi Amee,

    I never give my husband a gift on Father’s Day, my girls make him hand made presents. But, I saw this cookbook in our new bookstore and picked it up for him to be an additional gift from our daughters because I knew he’d love it.


    PrestonJune 17th, 2017  12:18 AM

  • Kudos to all of the hard working fathers out there! I vote YES to giving gifts to husbands on Father’s Day although technically not your father. How bad can it be to honor the man who fathered your children? My Dad has passed away, so has my father-in-law. We miss them terribly. They were exceptional men in every way. Both WWII veterans, they displayed perfect character, an incredible work ethic, possessed true grit and integrity. IMHO, fathers (and men in general) are being overlooked in our culture today. They are portrayed as bumbling buffoons on screen and the object of derision by our culture. For us, as our children have become older (both 20’s), their father’s role has become more critical and and helpful than ever. This goes for daughters and sons alike. Young adult children need steady, strong, wise fathers – solid adult men – who exemplifies all of the character traits their culture lacks. When they were young, I was much more the go-to parent; but post-college presents entirely different issues, and I have found that what fathers bring to the table to be critical and quite different than what I can offer. I couldn’t be more grateful to him!
    I would give Dads something that promotes relaxation and fun – his favorite food, a bottle of his favorite spirit, an enjoyable read, a beautiful tie (if he wears one), personalized golf balls, a new putter, car accessories, gadgets, hobby gifts, etc. There is a gizmo for cooking bacon on the grill – get that! Whatever you do, celebrate and indulge the fathers in your life. It’s okay to wait on them hand and foot for a day, too! : ))

    PaulaJune 17th, 2017  1:26 AM

  • P.S. I enjoy the variety of content on this site. The concept of chic isn’t exclusive to what we wear. I especially enjoy the occasional table top or beautiful room! Anything that promotes and encourages a well lived life is chic as far as I am concerned.

    PaulaJune 17th, 2017  1:32 AM

  • Well said Paula. Preston, I love your fashion / lifestyle / books / travel picks. You run this site with great integrity and it is appreciated.

    SusanJune 17th, 2017  10:15 AM

  • Barbara – I follow a number of fashion blogs, in addition to other types of blogs. I think KiC is the least, by far, in the “shilling” of product. In fact, I often wish Preston would show more things that were actually available to buy.
    Thank you Paula – I have nothing additional to add to your support for Father’s Day and buying gifts for the father of your children, dogs, whatever. My father, stepfather and father in law are all deceased and I love thinking of something special for my husband, who is a fantastic father, stepfather, and grandfather.
    Sadly, he doesn’t cook or do any gardening, but I love the suggestions for those who do.

    KathyJune 17th, 2017  11:05 AM

  • I am aghast at the comment from Barbara. We are all entitled to our opinions but honestly Preston your site is the least monetized I’ve ever seen! It’s more a casual lunch date with a friend than a “shopping” site.
    As for Father’s Day, I find the older we get the less I have to do because our daughters have grown so thoughtful with their appreciation. The cards with letters this year (neither are in town anymore) will be lovingly tucked in his drawer to keep.

    SueMJune 18th, 2017  1:56 PM

  • My husband is as meat and potatoes as they come, in most respects. Clothes are just clothes, style doesn’t matter. But a few years ago my daughter gave me a pair of Artemis loafers as a gift and my husband remarked how much he liked them several times and actually said he might get a pair. So, although I don’t generally buy my husband a father’s day gift, I thought my three kids might like to get him a pair of these loafers for Father’s Day, They are somewhat pricey, so I suggested they each put in $50.00 and I would make up the difference. It was fun to watch him open the gift and to indulge his hidden “wild side”. Perfect for the “summer chic” wedding we will be attending in San Diego in August.

    AprilJune 19th, 2017  10:32 AM


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