June 19th, 2017
On My Mind

“Swift Fly The Years”

We just got back from a three day trip to Los Angeles. Our older daughter graduated from college and we spent time with my husband’s family. I’d hoped to see friends and check out a few new LA hot spots, but packing up my daughter’s apartment took far longer than I had anticipated. At one point, my younger daughter noted that this would most likely be our last family trip for a while.  She’s probably right and it gives me pause.

Not that we haven’t taken a lot of trips as a family, but glamping in a vintage Airstream in the Grand Canyon and hiking the Hebrides (which I’ve postponed too many times, now) are probably not going to happen any time soon. The reality is, the girls are busy working and building their lives and resumes, which is the goal after all. 18th-century English poet Alexander Pope’s famous quote “swift fly the years” certainly hits home.

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  • A very lovely and wistful sentiment…nicely said.

    PriyaJune 20th, 2017  2:51 AM

  • Don’t worry too much, Preston. Our children traveled with us well in to their twenties. I’dl like to think it was for an opportunity to spend quality time with mom and dad, but think the all-expense=paid trip- they couldn’t-afford-on-their-own aspect was a bigger reason! Either way, we enjoyed traveling with them–and learned quite a lot more about their lives than had we not taken them along with us.

    BarbaraJune 20th, 2017  4:26 AM

  • Congrats to Anna !

    HelenJune 20th, 2017  6:22 AM

  • Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation. All these milestones really do mark time passing. It’s bittersweet and head spinning.

    KarenJune 20th, 2017  6:35 AM

  • Congratulations to Anna!
    Life’s milestones are bitter sweet. Lovely post.

    JenniferJune 20th, 2017  7:19 AM

  • Congratulations to your daughter! I hope her new job brings her back closer to you. Our daughter just completed 6th grade and in between camps we are touring high schools. Swift indeed!

    MoiraJune 20th, 2017  7:34 AM

  • The years do swiftly pass. It will be joyous I am sure; however, to see the fruit of all of your years of good parenting come to bear as the little being who was so small makes her way into the world (in fine style, no doubt).

    TraceyJune 20th, 2017  7:44 AM

  • Time does fly! I have theee daughters who have finished college and started their lives. We took our last big family trip in 2008, just as our oldest daughter completed her study abroad.
    It was an amazing 5 week stay in Europe. Everyone is far to busy for that now.
    However, my husband and I are taking lots of trips! It’s not the same but very nice and exciting to be in a new chapter in our lives .

    WandaJune 20th, 2017  7:45 AM

  • Yes they do…and the older you get, the swifter the seem. Congratulations on Annie’s graduation. xo

    KathyJune 20th, 2017  8:43 AM

  • Hear hear. Well said. The Journey.

    M. Kirk OkayJune 20th, 2017  8:46 AM

  • So swiftly. Sometimes you get lucky though: 2 years ago my husband and I were able to spend 9 days in London with our girls who were 23 and 29 at the time. The stars aligned with both having jobs that allowed for time off and no boyfriends in the picture. It was magical since we were all mature enough to appreciate it for the gift it was. Memories for a lifetime.

    SueMJune 20th, 2017  8:57 AM

  • i feel ya!

    mathildaJune 20th, 2017  9:33 AM

  • Congratulations Preston! Great quote. I, too, find my two college graduates are very willing to travel with me and their two younger sibs, all expenses paid.

    Betsy AmesJune 20th, 2017  12:57 PM


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