June 27th, 2017

Kendall Conrad’s Favorite White Jeans

Kendall Conrad White Jeans

I’m on the hunt for new white jeans and asked a few of my uber stylish friends to weigh in with their favorites. Third up, accessories designer Kendall Conrad:

“White jeans are a go to staple all year round for me as I live in California.

I wear them either high/low with my SANDALS or very high stilettos. A pullover sweater or a t-shirt and blazer always work well. Or a button down men’s shirt when it’s hot out with one of my BELTS.

I am very particular about them. I like flared, boyfriend, bootcut, and skinny but never too tight. I don’t like high rise or slashes or appliqués for me-I like to keep it simple.” Kendall

Three of KC’s favorites: Citizens of Humanity bootcut, FRAME Le Garcon, Current/Elliott skinny.

Photography by Arna www.studioarna.com


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Oversized round sunglasses


Hooded leather-trimmed shearling jacket


Leather-trimmed cashmere tote


Hooded quilted coated-shell jacket


Metallic leather sandals


Leather-trimmed cotton-corduroy blazer


Hooded shearling jacket


Giselle jumper


Libra ribbed cashmere bodysuit


Lilibet wool and silk-blend crepe midi dress


Tubular Leather Knee Boots


Denim jacket

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  • How are you tagging this series so readers can refer back?

    joannawnycJune 27th, 2017  7:38 AM

  • I am an avid proponent of the white jean irrespective of the season. It is stark yet chic and often sets someone apart without being too overt. I also agree that a more relaxed fit is ideal.

    JessieJune 27th, 2017  8:13 AM

  • I also love Jcrew denim. I know it’s not fancy but…V reasonably priced and they always have lots of good white options! I have long legs so the tall sizes are a perfect fit.

    Also my kids are young (2 & 11) but I’d love to know how you dealt w your kids going away to boarding school. My son (oldest) already wants to follow n his dads footsteps. We live in NYC and school in CT. Any tips? Thanks Preston!

    KrisJune 27th, 2017  8:32 AM

  • Hi Kris,
    I went to boarding school so I knew it would be a great option for my older daughter. My younger one is home in the city for high school and that’s been great, too. But we did switch from one all-girls to another after 8th grade. You can email me directly to chat in more depth.

    PrestonJune 27th, 2017  8:39 AM

  • Hi Joanna, I am tagging them “White Jeans Series”. I have many more coming, so thank you for getting me to do this.

    PrestonJune 27th, 2017  11:13 AM

  • This is a wonderful series of posts! For my taste, Ms. Conrad sums it up best.

    Since the door was opened ever-so-slightly to child related issues, I would like to suggest a book I am currently reading, ‘The Vanishing American Adult (Ben Sasse).’ Great insights into how to raise an adult.

    PaulaJune 27th, 2017  11:28 AM

  • Michel Negri makes a wicked pair of jeans for men! Says Charlie Berry!

    Kathryn BerryJune 27th, 2017  2:41 PM

  • I took a razor to a pair of AG Stilts from 2/3 years ago and sliced them above the ankle. Perfect! The razor really does the trick when altering the length, the fraying occurs naturally and the new length is extremely flattering. Lol, I actually did this at work to the amazement of my male colleagues. I went from “mum” to “current” in 65 seconds! The razor is key if you want to make any home alterations, not scissors. Perfect for fraying hems, seams, and pockets.

    EricaJune 27th, 2017  10:46 PM


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