June 29th, 2017
On My Mind

Runway vs. Reality

When I spied this J.W. Anderson jacket on the SS17 runway, I posted and put it on my wish list. Fast forward to the spring sales and my surprise to find that it was still available, and in my size no less.

It’s the perfect fashion piece to give my wardrobe a bit of zip, or so I thought. That is until my daughter pointed out that I resemble an extra in a Shakespearean production. Through that lens the jacket feels “not me.” When does fashion cross the line from fun to silly?


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Gold vermeil hoop earrings


Alan shearling coat


Cat-eye square-frame sunglasses


Belted wool-twill coat


Berta sweater


Buckled tweed blazer


Nora leather kitten-heel booties


Small Made in Tote in textile


Knot small hoop earrings made of brass


Susan leather ankle boots


Satin midi skirt


Long wool blazer

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  • My response is that we can all live in hope and anticipation- sometimes those hopes are dashed but at least we had the joy of anticipating!

    RuthJune 29th, 2017  7:45 AM

  • You are a delight! Are you showing this as evidence that even the most stylish occasionally make a dubious call in the fashion stakes?
    Your daughter thinks a Shakespearean extra, I am thinking the Seinfeld puffy shirt episode.

    ClaireJune 29th, 2017  7:52 AM

  • Hi Preston,
    I loved meeting you yesterday. Thank you for being so gracious.
    In response to your question, I think that it all relates to setting. If you were at a dressy party, the top might work fine. But running around in flamboyant pieces is trickier to pull off.
    My Best,

    LauraJune 29th, 2017  8:03 AM

  • Laura,
    It was fun to meet you, too. Thanks for your comment.

    PrestonJune 29th, 2017  8:15 AM

  • Ok–I actually kind of love it. I think it’s cool and different and if you pair w simple pants or jeans I feel like you’d be the coolest chic on the block!!’

    KrisJune 29th, 2017  8:33 AM

  • I think you look adorable and effortless in it!!!

    FayJune 29th, 2017  8:37 AM

  • You have to love the honest opinions of our daughters….sometimes! I liken some purchases to a brief romance as opposed to a lifetime love.

    DawnJune 29th, 2017  8:51 AM

  • I concur with your daughter. That’s the small problem in living in an all boy house, they would comment, “you’re wearing THAT?” as I would be heading out the door and tags are clipped offf! LOL!

    MaryBJune 29th, 2017  9:29 AM

  • Personally, I love a small touch of drama with outfits, and I strongly believe people should wear what they like — at the appropriate times! I agree with the commenter who said it might be easier for evening, but what strikes me about your daughter’s Shakespeare comment are the sleeves. They look a little long for your arms, Preston. Maybe if they were shortened the jacket would look less theatrical? Off topic — excellent rug.

    C.MicholJune 29th, 2017  10:06 AM

  • Even on the runway model the sleeves are so long. Nothing like your own kids for reality checks.

    KathyJune 29th, 2017  10:08 AM

  • I actually kind of like it as well. You are so petite, Preston, that you can pull it off. Can it be worn not fully zipped up? I think it is fun and interesting but if you are like me, you need to love it to keep it, otherwise it collects dust in the closet.

    Mary KayJune 29th, 2017  10:24 AM

  • I have 2 girls and can completely relate. Especially the past few seasons many of the pieces I think I’m going to like come off a little too Holly Hobby or Little Bo Peep – so many ruffles and peplum and lace! I’m too petite and too old to pull those pieces off and my daughters comments have actually saved me a lot of money!

    JenniferJune 29th, 2017  10:38 AM

  • I agree with your daughters

    TammyJune 29th, 2017  10:42 AM

  • Love the comments. Sounds like you need to return it!

    Paula BJune 29th, 2017  11:09 AM

  • I think it is interesting and unique. if you wear it with confidence because you really love it, that’s all that matters

    SharonJune 29th, 2017  12:33 PM

  • I agree that its the sleeves that overwhelm you. Even shortened they look like too much for you to carry. At any rate, you look happier than the model does wearing it!

    AprilJune 29th, 2017  1:45 PM

  • I think everything is too covered up. The combo of the high neck, the long sleeves and the puffiness looks a bit suffocating. Maybe it works better on the model because there’s movement with the skirt and she’s showing skin? Or maybe it’s just because she’s in motion. We need to see this as a Boomerang!

    disneyrollergirlJune 29th, 2017  3:13 PM

  • Can’t resist chiming in! I think I would love it worn open, then the horizontal bands would relax and look more like the “item” picture. I would also push up or shorten the sleeves. I’m thinking, treat it more like a cardigan. It would look fantastic with these little adjustments over a slim black dress and add interest to anything really.

    I get all sorts of crazy comments (with a dose of reality) from my boys. There is usually some truth to what they see…and probably what many see, who aren’t focused on fashion.

    You look great too!

    Karima | A Note on StyleJune 29th, 2017  3:19 PM

  • That’s the problem. What looks good on the catwalk doesn’t always look good in real life!!

    Claude RemainsJune 29th, 2017  5:08 PM

  • Hmm, now you know why it went on sale and they had your size. It isn’t you. It’s the jacket. By the way, my daughter is my harshest critic!

    KarenJune 29th, 2017  7:57 PM

  • I think the jacket would look great once the sleeves were shortened and if it was worn open with skin showing and/or with white jeans!

    MMSJune 30th, 2017  4:48 AM

  • I loved it too, bought it in the sale and promptly returned it. I think I might be a similar height to you and had a better match with a satin khaki jacket by the same designer.

    MargaretJuly 1st, 2017  4:09 AM


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