July 20th, 2017

Tried and True

I’ve been buying and trying a number of light-weight foundations recently and I keep coming back to Charlotte Tilbury’s products—they are great on my dry skin and aren’t irritating. Until something knocks them off their pedestal, I’m sticking with what works.

Light Wonder, Wonder Glow, The Retoucher, Nude Kate lipstick.


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Oversized round sunglasses


Hooded leather-trimmed shearling jacket


Leather-trimmed cashmere tote


Hooded quilted coated-shell jacket


Metallic leather sandals


Leather-trimmed cotton-corduroy blazer


Hooded shearling jacket


Giselle jumper


Libra ribbed cashmere bodysuit


Lilibet wool and silk-blend crepe midi dress


Tubular Leather Knee Boots


Denim jacket

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  • Hi Preston, I LOVE Charlotte Tibury products but nothing beats VITALUMIÈRE AQUA by Chanel. Oh and yes to Nude Kate! If you want a very chic summer date night lip, dab The Queen as a tint…gorgeous.

    SuWuJuly 20th, 2017  7:56 PM

  • Charlotte Tibury products have not been working too well for my skin and I tried several since they have been consistently receiving high marks on KiC. Am thinking, it may be the skin type or something to that effect. I am a long time fan of Chanel and their foundation, blush, lipstick, and mascara are just hard to beat! Lighter products are perfect for summer (and I live in Texas and ‘test’ every item in major heat!). I do ‘cheat’ on Chanel with nail polish – Dior has come up with the Abricot line and it is magnificent.

    IrinaJuly 20th, 2017  11:29 PM

  • For texture, Burberry is still my fave. But I’ve just this second tried Estee Lauder Doublewear Nude. It’s a much lighter, water-based version of the clsssic Doublewear. It goes on like a dream and feels like nothing on the skin but I want to see how it lasts throughout the day. I have a few dry patches so I want to see if it clings to them or not. Charlotte Tilbury’s undereye concealer pen is amazing, I can’t remember if I’ve tried the foundation. Need to hunt it out…

    disneyrollergirlJuly 21st, 2017  7:16 AM

  • Another vote for Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua! I have used Chanel foundations longer than I care to remember, it gives that your own skin but only better.

    ClaireJuly 21st, 2017  7:19 AM

  • I love everything Charlotte Tilbury!

    Lisa EastmanJuly 21st, 2017  8:59 AM

  • I love CT wonderglow and the lipsticks. For foundation I prefer Tom Ford and Armani. In the summer I love the Armani crema nuda.

    marciaJuly 21st, 2017  12:34 PM

  • I love CT for eyes and lips but I prefer Lancome for yellow tone foundation. CT’s Walk of Shame is my favourite lipstick for the evening.

    MMSJuly 22nd, 2017  4:39 AM

  • Do you know how it compares to NARS tinted moisturizer? That’s been my HG.

    CJuly 22nd, 2017  9:53 AM

  • I used Laura Mercier for years, never tried NARS.

    PrestonJuly 22nd, 2017  10:29 AM

  • I use Nude Kate with Blondie gloss over it – great summer lip.

    KathyJuly 23rd, 2017  10:30 AM

  • Preston – I also have dry skin. Which moisturizers do you use? Eye and face, day and evening.


    DianaJuly 24th, 2017  3:48 PM


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