July 28th, 2017
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What Goes Around, Comes Around

The belt bag has been back on the fashion radar for a few seasons and is picking up steam. I dug out this ’90s Chanel, which I proudly wore with a Prada parka way-back-when. Now I really want an updated, casual version to wear with jeans and a slouchy sweater, so I asked Agnes Baddoo if she could convert one of her soon-to-be launched Poches into a belt bag.  Lo and behold, she was already one step ahead of me…

 Voilà! The Agnes Baddoo Belt Sac will be available in September.

The Gucci belt bags (also here and here)are cute.

And Clare V. makes nice, well-priced ones, too.


What's New


Park small grained-leather shoulder bag


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt


Inca straw bucket hat


Cropped crocheted cotton-blend wide-leg pants


Amuko leather-trimmed suede tote


Crochet-knit cashmere, wool and silk-blend mini dress


Braided leather bangle


Delcie tie-detailed ramie midi dress


Gate knotted leather slippers


Postcard fringed crocheted straw bucket hat


Solitaire swimsuit


Santos de Cartier metal shield sunglasses


Small raffia bucket bag


Double-breasted virgin wool coat

  • Ooh that Agnes Badoo poche! I’m not ready for the belt bag but the poche is fabulous!

    KIC fanJuly 28th, 2017  7:47 AM

  • As gorgeous as the Agnes Badoo poche maybe, I will be sitting this one out as I did the first time around

    ClaireJuly 28th, 2017  8:17 AM

  • Gucci or Chanel…it’s still a ‘fanny-pack’

    SusanJuly 28th, 2017  9:27 AM

  • I like the name “belt bag”. Certainly an improvement over “fanny pack”. I think its practical, especially for people who do a lot of shopping on foot. Like a back pack, there is a place for them, and the ones shown are great examples and upgrades from the past.

    AprilJuly 28th, 2017  10:16 AM

  • I’m of the age where Been there. Done that.
    Never again. … No thanks it’s not happening applies.

    I’ve grown up into using beautiful tote bags.

    CelesteJuly 28th, 2017  7:34 PM

  • What is the difference between a belt bag and a fanny pack? For me, a cross body bag is the more stylish ‘hands free’ way to shop. I hate to say it, but this looks so mumsy to me.

    PaulaJuly 28th, 2017  8:27 PM

  • No, just no…please.

    SuWuJuly 28th, 2017  10:48 PM

  • I love belt bags. So much tidier to wear than a cross body and kinder on the shoulders than a tote.. The Agnes Badoo one looks particularly good because of its size and structure. If I am going to wear a belt anyway and the belt strap can fit into my currently higher waisted jean’s belt loops, it’s a win!

    KarenJuly 29th, 2017  6:21 AM

  • I can only wear a crossbody bag over a coat. As I get older I try to view recycled fashion items through a new lens. The belt bag looks good to me right now—with jeans and a slouchy sweater, tucked under a blazer, or belted over a trench would be chic. The Row did one a few season ago that I loved and keep hunting for a smaller version—here is that post: https://keepitchic.com/2014/01/15/what-i-want-to-wear/

    PrestonJuly 29th, 2017  6:32 AM

  • I love bumbags/fannypacks for when i’m on a shoot or traveling. Truly practical! But I prefer the old school Le Sportsac ones for that. For the grown up bumbag, I like the idea of wearing it cross body. I have a post coming too so I’ll link to Agnes’s one!

    disneyrollergirlJuly 29th, 2017  7:03 AM

  • I’m with Preston, like the vibe this time around.

    KWJuly 29th, 2017  7:57 AM

  • Hi, Preston, I am back in the loop!

    I could not agree more about the belt bag and love the Agnes Baddoo. Enjoy the weekend!


    MarjieJuly 29th, 2017  8:42 AM

  • Somehow to me the logo ones (even the new) look wrong, like they would suit a young girl wearing them ironically. The Agnes Baddoo looks chic and practical because of it’s minimalism.

    SueMJuly 29th, 2017  10:04 AM

  • I used to be on the ‘no’ fence until I saw two very chic women pull these off with aplomb. One would, as you mention, wear w/a slouchy sweater and trim pants. The other had a Michael Kors belt bag similar to your Chanel. I think it has to do w/scale. If the size of the bag works w/the wearers height and shoulder width, they are very sleek and chic. Thanks for posting!

    LisaJuly 29th, 2017  10:06 AM

  • It took me awhile with this post, but I do like it. However it has to be practical and utilitarian for me to use it. I hike with one, so I know soft, with a top zipper is best – so I’m intrigued with the Gucci, but I always have a hard time getting over the GG hardware….So good for biking around the city too.

    KathyJuly 29th, 2017  1:56 PM

  • It may be called a Belt Bag now but it’s still a fanny pack and reminds me of the elderly on a walking tour. Just can’t…..

    CariJuly 29th, 2017  2:47 PM

  • I’m too burdened by the reputation of the fanny pack from the last go-around .

    LilyJuly 29th, 2017  3:41 PM

  • I have an old Gucci one and I use it all the time. I love them!

    Paula BJuly 29th, 2017  5:30 PM

  • Kendall Conrad makes a really nice one that converts to a cross body as well. Very feminine and low key. New one coming for fall too.

    KathyAugust 4th, 2017  9:23 AM


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