August 10th, 2017
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My Perfect Skirt

Contrast stitching + to-the-knee length + a flirty flair + good price point = my dream skirt. This Marc Jacobs skirt ticks all the boxes—I’d wear it now with sandals and a tee, then an oversized sweater and sneakers (Converse) in the fall.


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Pleated checked wool midi skirt


Checked wool blazer


High-rise straight-leg jeans


Blanche leather ankle boots


Bellechasse medium leather-trimmed canvas bag


Double breasted coat


Flared corduroy trousers


Square belt bag


Flared corduroy trousers


Off-the-shoulder smocked satin top


Tie-waist cotton-corduroy coat


Siria suede mid-calf boots

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  • I agree! Love the skirt and your blog. Thank you for taking the time to post.

    BonnyAugust 10th, 2017  2:19 PM

  • I’m a little confused by the new Marc Jacobs. I know they combined the 2 lines and the price points are lower but is the quality still there? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for a $1,500 skirt but it just doesn’t seem like the old Marc Jacobs – more like it’s only Marc by Marc.

    JenniferAugust 10th, 2017  8:52 PM

  • But unfortunately, it is not to the knee!! It looks like about 2 inches above the knee and NAP describes it as a mini skirt. Boo.

    Mary KayAugust 11th, 2017  1:01 AM

  • Mary Kay, this is exactly what frustrates me about online shopping. Terms such as “to the knee”, “hits at hip”, “ankle length” etc. are not at all helpful. Even two people the same height may be proportioned very differently. Brick and mortar shopping is still the best option for many people, and I hope it doesn’t become just a memory.

    AliAugust 11th, 2017  10:09 AM

  • I am 5’5″ and it is to my knee, mid knee, actually. It’s just what I’d hoped it would be—a good skirt at a good price. I would say the quality falls somewhere in between the Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc lines. It’s a keeper, for sure. I’ll take a pic later.

    PrestonAugust 11th, 2017  2:03 PM

  • Great to hear it is mid knee – just what I like.

    Mary KayAugust 11th, 2017  4:45 PM

  • The models are most likely 5’10” and above, so the skirt will be shorter on them. Cute skirt, but I agree with Mary Kay, online shopping is challenging unless you already know an item fits.

    SherryAugust 12th, 2017  4:25 AM

  • Aha! I found it! You looked so good in this the other day! The contrast stitching is such an elegant, subtle detail that makes this skirt quietly distinctive (and still classic!) xx

    JuliaSeptember 26th, 2017  1:10 PM


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