September 14th, 2017
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The Ultimate Bag Cover

Suzanne Koller posted these two images on Instagram yesterday and I reposted the top one (the perfect Birkin). I’m in England and the weather is wackier than ever, going from bright sunshine to pouring rain in a matter of seconds. A bag cover is a brilliant idea—Suzanne’s is custom Hermès.


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  • My mother would love this!

    slfSeptember 14th, 2017  4:29 PM

  • Good for her to use it! This is a beautiful birkin, and it’s nice she’s protecting it. Hermes usually includes the rain cover in the box, and I’ve used mine a couple times but stopped because I was embarrassed they looked silly. But it’s not a bad idea to protect such expensive bags. Hope your trip is fun!

    KIC fanSeptember 15th, 2017  7:03 AM

  • Mine didn’t come with a cover!

    PrestonSeptember 15th, 2017  9:04 AM

  • I think the cover is a brilliant idea. I also can relate to the statement that one might be made to feel self conscious using it, but its so practical and the bag is an investment!

    AprilSeptember 15th, 2017  9:32 AM

  • I’ve never seen the ‘bag cover’ before but everyone in London should own one!

    That's Not My AgeSeptember 15th, 2017  9:57 AM

  • I have that cover too. Mine came with my birkin. I’ve never used it and don’t carry a birkin or any other expensive leather bag during bad weather. I am way to anal about protecting and preserving leather my bags. This is when a Prada nylon comes into play. Who cares if that gets a little wet!

    TracySeptember 15th, 2017  11:07 AM

  • I think I steal the idea for all my expensive bags!! It’s essentially a plastic bag, you cut a slit on the bottom side and pull it over your bag.

    AmeeSeptember 15th, 2017  11:12 AM

  • Oh, Preston, you should ask at the store for one if yours didn’t include it. I’m pretty sure all my kellys and birkins came with one. It’s folded quite small, clear plastic (like a shower curtain liner) and usually tucked somewhere in the box, and they are different sizes to match tre bag.

    KIC fanSeptember 15th, 2017  11:41 AM

  • A few years back I got stuck in a horrible downpour on Madison (right next to H, thankfully) and the lovely SA helped me dry my bag off and gave me a cover. I really should pull it out and leave it in my bag. But it does look like a shower curtain. . .

    LauraSeptember 15th, 2017  10:15 PM


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