September 20th, 2017
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Packing List

I went to England last week for three days and posted this picture on Instagram with the comment “3 days, 1 bag.” When she saw it, my friend Agnes asked me to share my packing tips for the trip. Full disclosure—I didn’t go for LFW so I didn’t need loads of paparazzi-ready outfits, I was there to tour a university with my daughter. That said, here is what I packed into my beloved Jerome Dreyfuss tote:

  • Navy lightweight Zara parka (thankfully, it was freezing)
  • Grey cashmere poncho
  • Navy J. Crew cashmere crew neck sweater
  • Grey wool The Row turtleneck sweater
  • Grey Saint Laurent silk blouse that miraculously doesn’t wrinkle
  • Dark FRAME jeans
  • Army green Current/Elliott cargo pants
  • Gucci GG belt
  • Navy suede Belgian loafers
  • White Converse sneakers
  • Dopp kit
  • Laptop
  • Kindle
  • Adapters and chargers
  • Ray-BanWayfarer sunglasses
  • Brush
  • Mini umbrella

I carried a mini Givenchy Pandora crossbody for my wallet, passport, phone, reading glasses, and chapstick.

The trick is to put things into dust bags- the clothes in one, chargers another, etc. so it’s like packing building blocks.


What's New


Everett leather tote bag


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Caged satin minaudière


Wool-crepe strapless top


Vokayo high-rise straight-leg jeans


Garcon suede loafers


Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Logo-embellished leather loafers

  • Quality, not quantity, just the bare essentials for the occasion. Great tips, thanks!

    AgnesSeptember 20th, 2017  11:16 AM

  • Thanks so much for sharing! Your style is always so chic and I love seeing what you packed for a trip.

    JenniferSeptember 20th, 2017  12:24 PM

  • My husband and I will be traveling mid Oct. to Sweden to do the Volvo trip package and drive our new car. We also will be coming home through London. I’m searching for a small cross body and would like to know what the Pandora looks like. It sounds like a perfect travel purse.

    PamSeptember 20th, 2017  1:38 PM

  • Hi Pam, I put the link in the post. It looks like it’s an odd shape, but you won’t believe how much it can hold!

    PrestonSeptember 20th, 2017  1:48 PM

  • I love this post.

    I work for an airline. Am not a crew member but travel constantly for work and pleasure and regularly spend a week abroad in a roll-aboard (a weekend would be in boarding bag similar to yours but not as chic).

    The key is, as you mention, packing like building blocks with a place for everything and everything in its place. Quality wool, silk and denim in one or two color stories -plus a lightweight cashmere scarf or two – is also the way to go. My travel handbag bag is a flat gray Longchamp crossbody. Perfectly packable and appropriate day or night.

    MichelleSeptember 20th, 2017  3:59 PM

  • Preston: Is that Zara parka from this season?

    Shawn BrattonSeptember 20th, 2017  4:27 PM

  • Shawn, the parka is from last year, I posted on it.

    PrestonSeptember 20th, 2017  5:46 PM

  • Uniglo do great light weight down jackets and vests in neutral colours that are perfect for travelling. They pack onto their own little travel bag and will even go in your handbag.

    Golden Goose sneakers are brilliant for city breaks or weekends away- cool and so comfortable for walking/sightseeing.

    MelanieSeptember 20th, 2017  7:02 PM

  • Thank you for share!! It´s very difficult for me!

    MenchuSeptember 21st, 2017  7:16 AM

  • I LOVE packing posts. So fun to see one that is by a chic women and is age appropriate for me. Could we also see a pic or two of all the items laid out on the floor or bed?

    Packing is both an art and a science, and I’m darn good at it, but every time I fight the “what if…” thoughts that can cause the most stalwart traveler to overpack.

    More packing posts please, Preston!

    GingerSeptember 21st, 2017  7:48 AM

  • Preston, I am in awe. I am always trying to pack light and your list was wildly impressive. What type of dust bags do you recommend? Thank you!

    MoiraSeptember 21st, 2017  8:38 AM

  • Bravo Preston! You are inspiration to an over-packer like myself! Thanks for the edited list!

    Mary BethSeptember 21st, 2017  9:00 AM

  • Genius list! !! My only change would be to trade loafers (since I would be wearing ankle boots onboard
    with kitten heels for nighttime.

    BellbonneSeptember 21st, 2017  9:11 AM

  • Does the Jerome Dryfus tote fit in the overhead or under the seat? Thanks!

    StefanieSeptember 21st, 2017  9:26 AM

  • I love your post Preston, great selections and tips – especially the dust bag. What kind do you use? I have always wanted to add the Pandora to my collection – what size do you recommend, is the mini too small? The Tote is so chic but didn’t it get heavy with your laptop in it? I alway opt for my roller bag with a tote on top that houses my laptop, shawl, smaller purse etc.
    Also, I have been wanting to ask you to do a post on at home casual and cozy clothes…for even when you want to get out of your jeans and still look good. Would love any tips.
    Really enjoy your blog – thank you!

    Mary JeanneSeptember 21st, 2017  10:01 AM

  • Huh…brilliant!

    DeniseSeptember 21st, 2017  10:57 AM

  • I love packing posts! So inspiring. I can’t travel without athletic clothes and shoes , and that’s always some extra weight and baggage.

    SusanSeptember 21st, 2017  11:37 AM

  • I love this post. So helpful and inspirational to me. But, I can’t travel without my “face.” What do you do about that or do you just go au naturale?

    @maturitymuseSeptember 21st, 2017  11:38 AM

  • What do you bring in your Dopp kit?

    SusanSeptember 21st, 2017  1:02 PM

  • I have dust bags from every pair of shoes and handbag I’ve bought over the years… Yes, the Jerome Dreyfuss tote fits in the overhead and under the seat. I don’t wear makeup daily, but I do carry a Charlotte Tilbury touch up pen and lightweight foundation for those moments. xp

    PrestonSeptember 21st, 2017  7:44 PM

  • Please check out LONB (Love Or Nothing Baby) bags the next time you are in London. The travel bags are incredible. Beautiful leather, great styling, thoughtful storage design, classic yet modern. I discovered them when traveling in London this past summer. It is a relatively new company. Very much your style.

    Lynn LitwnSeptember 21st, 2017  11:20 PM

  • This is wonderful! And I could use a whole series of packing posts, like White Jeans, but for travel occasions, seasons, and destinations!

    PaulaSeptember 22nd, 2017  1:26 AM

  • In order to save space I pack Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a Palette. It is genius, and contains blush, bronzer,eyeshadows, and highlighter in very natural colors. Otherwise, all you need to pack in a little sac are mascara and lipstick and makeup brush and good to go.

    SueSeptember 22nd, 2017  8:00 AM

  • this post! Agree w above. Need more details about packing light. And would so appreciate pics. We are all moving around so much these days. I did a college visit w my son and was so proud of myself that I got everything into a small rolling bag. But when I went away w my husband and needed to up my game the big case came out and I was disheartened. We all want to simplify and lighten up. Please share more tips and pics. Thx!!!✨✌

    BSeptember 22nd, 2017  8:02 AM

  • Another request for the DOP/beauty packing kit!

    I’m another fan of the Uniqlo down jacket (I’m always curious why people call it UniGlo! Where is the G?!). It’s so good as an insulation layer under your coat. Annoyingly it’s so light that I didn’t feel mine fall off when it came untied from my waist at a fashion show last year. I definitely need another.

    disneyrollergirlSeptember 22nd, 2017  12:28 PM

  • This is a great post. I so agree with everyone how inspiring it is to read what and how you pack. It is imperative to have discipline and stick to a color story. And thank you for bringing up the Belgian loafers. I am ordering a new pair in burgundy.

    karenSeptember 22nd, 2017  4:32 PM

  • How talented, everything for London in that bag! I packed a small tote for a weekend in Colorado but it was mostly leggings and fleeces, nothing nearly as chic as what you’ve got. Buying packing cubes makes it a lot easier.

    I would echo the posts above – I would love to see this bag disassembled – how much do you fit in each bag, and if we’re lucky see it laid out (I love the way that habitually chic does her outfit posts)

    Ps I second (third?) the rave reviews of the uniqlo down! I love it, have the vests, different versions of the jacket, and got one for my mom as well. Very handy for traveling, has also really been perfect for even I went backpacking last summer — so light!

    LauraSeptember 22nd, 2017  9:12 PM

  • I love the Givenchy Pandora and havee coveted it but then found this in a local boutique the other day. A bit more practical for me at least as it has a back zip pocket and good interior pockets and the inside key fob is great, but I like labels hence the givenchy. Am I crazy???? Thoughts on thhe Kempton Bag?

    YasminSeptember 23rd, 2017  1:29 PM

  • Yasmin- love this bag, thank you for sharing!

    PrestonSeptember 23rd, 2017  7:39 PM

  • This is the perfect packing list, with plenty of navy (I hope that means you’re visiting my alma mater — go Blues!)

    SarahSeptember 24th, 2017  4:49 PM


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