October 7th, 2017
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A Bodysuit?

J. Crew bodysuit

My friend is trying to convince me to buy a J. Crew bodysuit and I admit that they look great with pants and skirts—no more tucking and retucking. It’s the snaps that give me pause… Thoughts?


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  • I trust this friend, so I ordered this morning. I agree about the snaps on the sleeves, but look sort of good in the photos. It’s hard to find turtlenecks, that can be layered where the neck has enough body and doesn’t flop around.

    KathyOctober 7th, 2017  11:01 AM

  • I thought you were hesitating because of snaps at the crotch. Lol! I can’t dp bodysuits for this reason. But I got the same sweater in crew neck without the crotch snaps but with the sleeve snaps and I love it!

    ToriOctober 7th, 2017  12:11 PM

  • I am hesitating because of the snaps at the crotch.

    PrestonOctober 7th, 2017  12:35 PM

  • I have two bodysuits that I wear often. You get used to the snaps, but try it on and make sure it sits in the right spot. That’s the last place you want to me uncomfortable!

    NikOctober 7th, 2017  4:05 PM

  • I preferred these exact bodysuits yesterday but not sure if will keep them. Snaps at the crotch give me pause as well. .., I guess I will have to try and see

    JulieOctober 7th, 2017  9:52 PM

  • I am a big fan of Wolford bodysuits. Unfortunately, they have ruined me for all the others :). The quality, wearability, and good fit are unbeatable. I am not a fan of spending on the basics, but a Wolford is an exception to the general approach.

    IrinaOctober 7th, 2017  10:25 PM

  • In the early 90s I used to wear the Donna Karan bodysuits with snaps. No one really wore thong underwear back then, so my concern with this newly reissued bodysuit is the panty lines! Worse than snaps.

    LouisaOctober 7th, 2017  10:26 PM

  • I love bodysuits. To overcome the difficulties of snaps at crotch, I have Velcro sewen in.

    @maturitymuseOctober 8th, 2017  1:09 AM

  • So funny! In my latest wardrobe purge out went a bodysuit that was a 90’s relic. They were standard issue way back then and the good ones were comfy as, with no excess fabric ruining the ‘line’. Go for it !

    ClaireOctober 8th, 2017  3:37 AM

  • My fear would be the dreaded VPL… visible panty line !

    AmberOctober 8th, 2017  8:17 AM

  • Having lived through bodysuits the last time they came around, I can say without hesitation that I haven’t missed them once in the 20+ years since. No great sartorial loss, especially given the inconvenience of the closure.

    KathyOctober 8th, 2017  9:23 AM

  • I am not a fan of bodysuits. The top might be smoother but the bottom leaves panty lines. I usually cut off the bottom part.

    LisaOctober 8th, 2017  9:47 AM

  • Aaah, the snaps dilemma: so hard to fit properly. My biggest problem with bodysuits is the fact that they never have sufficient room for my chest and end up flattening it into a uniboob…can anyone tell me if these are generous in the top or not?

    SueMOctober 8th, 2017  10:28 AM

  • would say skip it. panty line and the inconvenient crotch closure

    TLTOctober 8th, 2017  11:12 AM

  • You are in a rush, the ladies room is steps away, you open the stall door, and… SNAPS!

    SharonOctober 8th, 2017  11:31 AM

  • This has been quite the interesting conversation…being that I was the attempted “convincer”… I am gathering either you love or loathe. I had those early 90’s DKNY ones and wish I had never thrown them away, but they were quite worn. Never once was I bothered, hindered, bathroom delayed or a sufferer of “VPL”. I simply just wear them with jeans or a skirt and that turtleck doesn’t move. In fact I didn’t have that horizontal line going across my whole rear end that I suffer when I do tuck in a turtleneck. I think they are FABULOUS 😉

    MaryBOctober 8th, 2017  3:02 PM

  • Just Say No.

    Allison RoederOctober 8th, 2017  4:04 PM

  • Love them. I just had a baby so I am holding off for a bit. But I bought the ones they did over the summer in all the colors and wore them with mat jeans and just loved them. Wished I bought them in my regular size so I’d have now. Have the last 5 to drop and then I’m buying!!! J Crew is doing good things again– that’s for sure!!!

    NicolaOctober 8th, 2017  7:18 PM

  • This is hysterical! I lived in both DK and J Crew bodysuits in the 90’s. The snaps never bothered me. The Wolford ones are the best though and worth the $. This whole thread just reminds me of a scene in an old movie “Switch” with Ellen Barkin about bodysuits – too funny! I would absolutely buy to wear with trousers for work. I would probably skip fro running around in jeans though.

    JenniferOctober 9th, 2017  11:26 AM

  • Oh the old Donna Karen days! SKIP!!!!!!!!

    parisOctober 9th, 2017  8:24 PM

  • I just bought two tank-style bodysuits from Vince and am loving them. I wear them with jeans or leggings and top them off with oversized shirts or tunics that reach the hip. The tops cover any panty lines, the bodysuits avoid riding up, and the snaps have been no problem on comfort or convenience. I stepped up to a Medium because I’m chesty, too (like, 32E)!

    Lisa MacOctober 10th, 2017  1:53 PM


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