November 5th, 2017
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Candles Are Not Cliché

…or at least not in my book. Now that it’s cooler and and the windows are shut tight, I pull out my favorite candles. A huge fan of rose, I’ve ordered this one by Byredo and will let you know if it makes the cut.


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  • I love scented candles but I always buy them for myself….haunted by a quote from Lauren Santo Domingo, “To me nothing says ‘I don’t care’, more than a scented candle.” 😉

    JacquelineNovember 5th, 2017  2:58 PM

  • I agree Preston. If it is given as a gift…I think if it thoughtfully purchased (the scent is one in which you know the receiver would love) and a quality, elegant candle…I definitely would appreciate a beautiful, scented candle.

    JulieNovember 5th, 2017  3:30 PM

  • I am going to try Dusty Rose by Anine Bing…I will let you know!
    Do you have any favorite in Rose??
    Pamela Taft

    Pamela TaftNovember 5th, 2017  4:58 PM

  • I’ve tried them all and Diptyque is still my favorite.

    PrestonNovember 5th, 2017  5:06 PM

  • I love a spicy, warm candle this time of year and favourites are from Jo Malone and Voluspa. I also disagree that they are thoughtless presents if you take the time to know your giftee.

    SueMNovember 5th, 2017  8:56 PM

  • I agree that Diptyque makes the most lovely candles. Tuberose, Violette, Pomander, Juniper, and Cypress are all favorites! I think they make absolutely beautiful gifts, especially if you share a favorite fragrance.

    PaulaNovember 6th, 2017  1:43 AM

  • I turn to Diptyque’s Feu de Bois this time of year – although in summer it evokes the beach fires of childhood in New England, too! An annual staple on my Amazon wish list.

    Lisa MacNovember 6th, 2017  5:23 PM

  • . . . integrating fragrance into our homes and onto the body dates back to Roman times and earlier. Giving fragrance as a gift is historically meaningful. Certain fragrance holds special meaning historically and biblically (frank, incense, myrrh); Native Americans depended upon fragrance to heal, deter spirits, and for pleasure.

    PaulaNovember 6th, 2017  11:40 PM

  • Preston, The Anine Bing candle is called Savage Rose! Sorry in my earlier post I had the name wrong. It is lovely!
    Have you tried the Byredo Rose Water?

    Pamela TaftNovember 15th, 2017  1:10 PM


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