November 12th, 2017
On the hunt for

A Fur Vest & Warm Boots

I’m on the hunt for a fur vest and warm run-around boots that are not alpine or hiking-style. These pictures, taken by yours truly, are from old posts and are still on my inspiration board. Amanda Ross’ A.P.C. shearling-lined boots are exactly what I need (wish they still made them, a newer version here) and I may ask Pologeorgis to make me a trim vest to wear under my pea and duffel coats. Or, something will pop up on sale—the sales are about to start…


what's new


Croc-effect leather slippers


Cotton-drill shirt


Iacopo double band sandal


Belted trench


Brook leather belt


Egon nappa leather sandals


Obi leather waist belt


Sora cotton-blend poplin maxi dress


Eastwood thong wrap sandals


Leather clutch


Paola strapless crepe midi dress


Iacopo double band sandal

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  • Was having the same thoughts about a warm boot and these are perfect I hope – thanks!

    KathyNovember 12th, 2017  8:13 PM

  • Still love Amanda’s boots more…I am iffy on the crepe sole…search continues. You would think APC would have these as a yearly staple.

    MaryBNovember 12th, 2017  9:00 PM

  • Agreed— Amanda’s are perfect and A.P.C. should reissue them.

    PrestonNovember 12th, 2017  10:01 PM

  • Penelope Chilvers makes these boots

    Everyone who wears her boots comments that they stop the cold from penetrating the sole of your foot, as well as being stylish and shearling lined.

    BeccaNovember 13th, 2017  5:55 AM

  • I have 2 pairs of Penelope Chilvers boots and they are indeed very warm. This style is great, thank you for commenting.

    PrestonNovember 13th, 2017  6:58 AM

  • Hi. I have the Pologeorgis fox fur vest you posted about years ago. It layers very well under my Barbour and other jackets. Have you tried that? They also made a lovely chinchilla one I can sometimes squeeze under a coat in cold weather.

    KIC fanNovember 13th, 2017  12:11 PM

  • I strongly advocate Aquatalia “weatherproof” boots. As a Montreal-based brand, they know from winter and their boots are truly weatherproof – no leaks, and lined for the cold. I bought a pair of zip-up ankle boots recently and may wear them all winter long.

    NikNovember 13th, 2017  3:05 PM

  • How about the Manolo Blahnik Campocross boots? Those have a similar look.

    AbbyNovember 13th, 2017  8:16 PM


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