November 16th, 2017
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Vintage Binge

Vintage and resale are “in” big time. From Amanda Ross’ fabulous YSL coat, my friend J.J. Martin’s online shop La Double J, unused Céline bags I’ve bought on Vestiaire Collective and TheRealReal, the newly opened REBAG store in Soho, which stocks a rainbow of Birkins and Chanel bags, to these cowboy boots (and a denim jumpsuit) that I just picked up at Beacon’s Closet in Williamsburg—buying vintage and “past season” items is hotter than ever.




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Very Boogie 60 suede ankle boots


The Pouch leather clutch


Arizona Fullex satin sandals


Gold-plated hoop earrings


Pleated crepe dress


Draped canvas-trimmed cotton-jersey tunic


Cotton and wool-blend wrap dress


Finnley ankle-tie leather sandals


Sailor cropped raw-denim jeans


Crinkled-satin midi skirt


Cotton denim midi skirt


Suede collarless jacket

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  • For incredible vintage finds, check out Lady Bug Vintage on 1st Dibs! Love her style!

    PatriciaNovember 17th, 2017  7:56 AM

  • Me too, Preston! I prefer seeing re-sale / vintage items in person and have had great luck at Roundabout in Greenwich and Westport. And by great luck I mean an unworn J. Mendel 3/4-length black mink coat in sheared corduroy. It’s insanely gorgeous. (I am grateful to a fickle rich lady somewhere.)

    ElizabethNovember 17th, 2017  8:35 AM

  • Resale has become my primary shopping source in recent years. Not only is it a more responsible way to shop in this world of “throw away, fast Fashion”, it’s more about finding that great special wardrobe addition or unexpected “must have” deal versus filling in basics. Plus, you never know what treat is awaiting you! My favorite designer resale handbag site is Fashionphile ( – great selection, easy to shop, and they even offer layaway and buyback!

    CatNovember 17th, 2017  9:08 AM

  • Just presented a big report on this! Stella McCartney partnering with TheRealReal making it all officially cool!

    disneyrollergirlNovember 17th, 2017  9:11 AM

  • I buy, but mostly sell, on The Real Real so I know what great deals can be found there. I’m divesting myself of all items that sit in my closet unworn. I love that they are getting a second life somewhere. And every now and then, I find something I can’t live without. The fact that you can return all items ( with the exception of purses) makes it risk free shopping!

    Paula BNovember 17th, 2017  10:37 AM

  • I bought a fabulous faux leopard Balmain coat on The Real for $100. I love there return policy, except they don’t offer it on handbags and I’m not sure why – so I’m afraid to buy one.

    KathyNovember 17th, 2017  10:50 AM

  • For those who buy on line, what’s the trick to finding the good pieces? Every time I am inspired to look at The Real Real, I feel like I am combing through the dregs.

    SusanNovember 17th, 2017  11:43 AM

  • I’ve always been a big resale shopper…consignment stores, flea markets, estates sales, even Goodwill. As Cat said, you never now what treat, or as I say, “treasure” awaits. It’s not for everyone, but I love the thrill of the hunt, and what I love even more is having a unique piece (whether it be for my home or for my closet) that has a fun story. I make sure to visit a market or antique store when I’m traveling, so I can bring home something that reminds me of our trip. There’s also a lot less guilt when I snag a sweater, scuff up a bag, or chip a vase.

    The Real Real is a great place for buying and selling (I’ve had good experiences with both, although I’ve read some absolute horror stories). Susan, I don’t have a secret, but I usually search by the brands I like, then also keywords (cashmere, wrap dress, etc) and that yields results that I then filter by size, color. You’ve really got to be prepared to do a few searches, and scroll through the results. Has anyone been to their new store in Soho? With the closure of Second Time Around, the Real Real seems poised to corner the market on both online and brick and mortar consignment.

    Preston, I’d be interested in hearing what got you into resale, since I know you’ve said in the past it wasn’t entirely your thing. The joy of finding something you missed the first time around?

    bllNovember 17th, 2017  2:28 PM

  • You are right bll, I’ve not been a big vintage/reasale shopper. It started with the things-that-got-away, pieces that I regretted not buying when in the stores. Like the Céline hobo in tan. But my recent surge in thrift store cruising started with my younger daughter who found the Beacons Closet stores near us and we got hooked. It’s fun and I, too, love the possibility of finding a “treasure”.

    PrestonNovember 17th, 2017  3:20 PM

  • Vintage Sud-Aviation Caravelle of Air France. You can tell by the shape of the windows.

    m kirk okayNovember 17th, 2017  7:44 PM

  • I’m so hard on bags. Even if I buy them new, they look “used” after a month. `I bought a gorgeous Celine belt bag on one of those sites from a few years ago. I swear it had barely been used and was at least $1,000 less than retail!

    catherineNovember 17th, 2017  10:16 PM

  • These are amazing reports, and I can’t wait to shop some vintage/resale shops! Online may be the route for me since the local shops I have visited didn’t have much to recommend them.
    Hoping your visit to Williamsburg included a visit to College of William and Mary? It’s been years, but I just adore Colonial Williamsburg! Must visit during the Christmas season . . . fresh fruit and greenery decor, heirloom livestock, barn stalls decorated for Christmas, candlelight windows, cozy dinners in pubs, The Williamsburg Inn, all so very quiet and tasteful. A true American treasure. Thank the Rockefellers ~

    PaulaNovember 18th, 2017  3:30 AM

  • Williamsburg, Virginia is glorious this time of the year, but the store I visited is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—also great!

    PrestonNovember 18th, 2017  7:04 AM

  • Roundabout in Greenwich has a fabulous Hermes black toolbox bag for sale right now for half of the retail price! On The RealReal I usually search “w/tags” and then refine by size, etc. You can also search on The RealReal by designer. Happy hunting!

    PspNovember 18th, 2017  8:46 AM

  • Lately, I have also been buying more vintage or gently used clothing items. Partly it is due to the escaping cost of designer goods. But mostly it’s because I have found some very lovely clothing items, such as a couture Chanel-style jacket, custom made heavily beaded silk cheongsam, 60s black geometric pattern beaded dress, and a short sequined black jacket with fox fur cuffs- each item only 40$. I have also purchased items from the Real Real. There is a vast selection and prices can be very good, although items are not always as catalogued for condition.

    RebeccaNovember 18th, 2017  12:53 PM

  • I have a lot of vintage jewelry, some designer pieces, and vintage hats that I am looking to sell. What would you suggest ?

    ChicklusNovember 21st, 2017  2:22 AM


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