December 4th, 2017

The Beauty Chef

When I was loading this Holiday Boost Set into the kic shop I liked the idea of helping my skin from the inside out. Going to give them a test drive.


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Crinkled-satin midi skirt


Tech Pack 2.0 reversible linen and cotton-blend jacket


Leather clutch


Cotton denim midi skirt


Suede collarless jacket


Casatt double-breasted cotton trench coat


Chignon monogram silk-satin scarf


Belted leather-trimmed twill jacket




Le Bracelet braided-metal bracelet


Figari plunge knot-front top


Achilles leather sneakers

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  • I have been trialing the Beauty Chef products for the last couple of months. Especially Advanced Glow, Antioxidant and Collagen. I find the taste far superior to all the green powders etc on the market. I have noticed a wonderful difference in my skin of which I am very thank full for. I have read a lot about the correlation of Gut health and the benefits for your skin. And another amazing thing is that I have been giving it to my 13 year old pimply son (whose two brothers were on Roaccutane. It has helped cleared his skin significantly. He puts it in his smoothie every morning.

    Eleanor LangmeadDecember 4th, 2017  8:30 AM

  • I tried the glow powder, the advanced glow and the collagen for a few months. I liked the glow powder but didn’t notice a huge difference in my skin and the collagen has a lot of sugar. If the glow powder was cheaper i would keep taking it. I suffer from acne and this didn’t help in any way

    SharonDecember 4th, 2017  7:44 PM

  • As a proud person who lives in Australia,( I am British Citizen ) the Beauty Chef products are so good in so many ways. I can also highly recommend Carla’s new cookbook, The Beauty Chef: Delicious Food for Radiant Skin, Gut Health, and Wellbeing by Carla Oates the founder of Beauty Chef.

    Gilly DownesDecember 4th, 2017  11:18 PM

  • I’ve been taking collagen supplements (with cermitides – sp?) for some time, and I like to think it has given my skin a boost. Although nothing can really reverse age or sun damage, I believe in doing all we possibly can at home to preserve whatever state our skin is currently in and possibly polish it up a bit. A lot of water, eating avocados, a monthly gentle facial (nothing too aggressive), and quality exfoliation and moisturizing products are basic to care. And, of course, we are what we eat.

    PaulaDecember 4th, 2017  11:48 PM


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