December 11th, 2017

Facial Oils

Earlier this year I posted on wanting to try a facial oil and my friend Liz emailed me that she loves these two—both look good. My skin has been so dry, I’ll try anything at this point.

Burt’s Bees, Sonia Kashuk. Please read the comments, which are packed with recommendations.


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Very Boogie 60 suede ankle boots


The Pouch leather clutch


Arizona Fullex satin sandals


Gold-plated hoop earrings


Pleated crepe dress


Draped canvas-trimmed cotton-jersey tunic


Cotton and wool-blend wrap dress


Finnley ankle-tie leather sandals


Sailor cropped raw-denim jeans


Crinkled-satin midi skirt


Cotton denim midi skirt


Suede collarless jacket

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  • I am a big fan of Josie Maran’s argan oil. Have been using it for years and it really moisturizes my dry skin – especially in the winter.

    Leslie WDecember 11th, 2017  8:14 AM

  • Also the beautycounter oils are great! But I will check out the ones above as well. They make a huge difference for me. The other product I cannot live without is the cleansing balm from beautycounter. It is my favorite product of anything I own. Try it!

    Blandy CotyDecember 11th, 2017  8:41 AM

  • I use the Goop for Juice Beauty face oil. I also love Vintner’s Daughter, which is more of a serum than an oil.

    BrittaDecember 11th, 2017  10:03 AM

  • I’ve used a rose hip oil on my face for years. I don’t have a particular brand to recommend because I usually buy any brand I see in the skin care section at TJMaxx or Marshall’s. It’s a great product day or night under your moisturizer.

    TaunulaDecember 11th, 2017  10:34 AM

  • Tammy Fender’s Quintessential Serum is amazing! Bio Oil is great a lesser price point.

    karenDecember 11th, 2017  10:44 AM

  • A few years ago, I was lucky to get an appointment with Amanda Lacey during one of her residences at the Lowell Hotel. I have rosacea and her Oils of Provence along with her Cleansing Pomade work wonders. The redness is toned down and my skin looks and feels great. Both are available on Net-a-Porter.

    CindyDecember 11th, 2017  10:54 AM

  • Ditto the beautycounter oil!! These are GOLD and worth every penny!!!!

    Karina M DuftyDecember 11th, 2017  1:21 PM

  • You should try The Ordinary’s 100% organic cold-pressed rose hip seed oil. It’s beautifully nourishing and under $10!!!

    Claude RemainsDecember 11th, 2017  8:34 PM

  • Caudalie Premier Cru The Elixer is a fantastic facial oil and smells divine.

    DianeDecember 11th, 2017  9:01 PM

  • I swear by Aesop’s Damascan Rose Facial Treatment. A tiny bottle lasts forever and keeps my face moisturized even through Colorado’s dry winters!

    Elizabeth HubbellDecember 11th, 2017  10:22 PM

  • I’m here to testify for The Ordinary. Everything of theirs that I’ve tried has been great.

    I’d also recommend adding a hyaluronic acid serum before your moisturizer. It’s hugely popular in Asian beauty products and has been a game changer for me – it attracts more moisture and evens the skin.

    NikDecember 11th, 2017  10:53 PM

  • It’s that time of year! I live in a mostly humid climate, so when it’s cold and dry my skin is a nightmare. I just started using Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm, and I really love it. It can even be used as a mask overnight. The muslin and microfiber cloth that comes with it is pretty great too. No tightness, plump and dewy skin, and a lovely neroli scent.

    ColleenDecember 11th, 2017  11:46 PM

  • I second Vintner’s Daughter. Exxy, but worth it. I couldn’t believe the plumping and brightness I got after only a week’s use.

    Eloise DiasDecember 12th, 2017  5:29 AM

  • I love Sisley‘s Rose Oil – sometimes i mix it with the Rose mask! Just perfect !

    MirkaDecember 12th, 2017  5:38 AM

  • Sampling the new Sisley rose oil and liking it, but my favorite is Darphin 8 flower nectar oil. The scent is comforting and it helps my skin get through the driest winter months.

    KWDecember 12th, 2017  7:30 AM

  • I have been using the Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil. It’s been fantastic morning and night, I mix a drop or two with my moisturizer and it helps quench my dehydrated skin!

    ChristinaDecember 12th, 2017  8:29 AM

  • The Ordinary. Rose hip oil is fabulous.

    Mrs.CDecember 12th, 2017  9:53 AM

  • Also worth checking out is Caudalie Night Detox oil – very good and hydrating!

    Karina M DuftyDecember 12th, 2017  10:44 AM

  • I swear by Linda Rodin’s Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil. I use a few drops both morning and night, bare on my face, before any of my other facial creams and serums. It smells divine and gives my face a glow that is noticeable both with and without makeup.

    Gigi Schwartz... French DollDecember 12th, 2017  12:44 PM

  • All of these above-mentioned products sound worthy of investigation. Personally, I have had good results with Provoque, a stem-cell based serum. I have had noticeable improvement to the fine lines around my mouth.

    BarbaraDecember 13th, 2017  10:41 AM


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