December 23rd, 2017
Christmas Shopping

Starting, Now!

Believe it or not, I’m starting my Christmas shopping today. For a silly superstitious reason, I didn’t buy anything the past three weeks except for a pair of Saint Laurent sandals, which are still in the box, a few beauty products, and some books. I’m not sure if you noticed, but nary a kic gift guide was posted in December (I snuck in this one the end of November—the cookbook is amazing BTW and the pot will be under the tree). Added to this, my younger daughter nixed a fresh cut tree, asking for two small live trees instead that we’ve planted by the front door, and she suggested that all gifts be handmade. I agreed to the tree idea, but a few non-homemade gifts are in order and so, today I’m shopping local.

Vogue Paris 1975


what's new


Small Sidonie top-handle tote bag


Belted leather-trimmed twill jacket


Shelly stretch-cotton poplin tank


Flat-front skinny pants


Atrita metallic leather sandals


Lorna crewneck long-sleeve midi dress


The Rockstud Spike medium appliquéd leather shoulder bag


Paneled cotton and silk-blend midi dress


Bow-trimmed satin slingback pumps


Ribbon-tie silk blouse


Slim-leg wool-blend trousers


Woven trench coat

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  • Preston – that is beautiful. I find as my boys get older, Christmas is less about how much is under the tree and more about spending time together. I commend your daughter as she has withstood the onslaught of pressure from social media “to want”. It leads to more stuff laying around. Carolyn Murphy and others have posted about acquiring less with more thoughtful purchases. Happy Holidays!

    CharlotteDecember 23rd, 2017  9:03 AM

  • Best of luck today Preston. It sounds like you have the makings of a truly beautiful Christmas.

    TriciaDecember 23rd, 2017  10:26 AM

  • Sounds like a wonderful, cozy Christmas. Have a great time with your family. xo

    KathyDecember 23rd, 2017  2:08 PM

  • Due to a lot of work demands, I did not start any shopping until 2 days ago. Like your family, Preston, my young adult children ( both girls) did not want “things,” but requested trips, art classes, a rock climbing membership, and other experiences. In many ways it is a nice change. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    RebeccaDecember 23rd, 2017  7:01 PM

  • I adore the live Christmas tree idea. My daughter is only 1.5 years and I love planning activities that I hope will become traditions. I love your website and taste; in inspires me to acquire beautiful, more intentional and fewer items. This leads to a fuller life!

    KatieDecember 24th, 2017  2:39 AM

  • Although I could never imagine a Christmas without a fresh cut tree gracing our main floor, I also believe in the ‘experience-over-stuff, quality-over-quantity’ philosophy! A wise friend introduced me to the idea of giving each child a vintage, beautifully printed and bound favorite book title instead of new stuff. They both adore literature and appreciate the craft of printing and binding. Owning something well-made and meaningful from the past is worthy, be it a book, an antique print, silver, china, grandma’s linens, etc. And it doesn’t require a large expenditure. Another direction is to introduce a collection to a child of any age – my mother started my collection of demitasse when I was about 10 years old (Antoine’s of New Orleans). As parents we’ve learned it’s best for grown kids to let them buy their own necessary clothing and furnishings – it’s an important education in economics which isn’t taught at college. : )))

    PaulaDecember 29th, 2017  9:34 PM


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