January 14th, 2018

Long Weekend Reading

A few of my friends are reading The Woman in the Window and gave it a thumbs up—perfect for a chilly long weekend.


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Printed silk dress


Wool-blend coat


Noma asymmetric wool-blend shirt


Noma wool-blend straight-leg pants


Gathered cotton-poplin top


Cotton-blend gabardine trench coat


Oversized paneled cable-knit wool and poplin top


One-shoulder cotton-jersey top


Square sunglasses


Wool-blend overcoat


Classic medium bag


Knot small hoop earrings made of brass

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  • I just read Outline and Transit by Rachel Cusk (novels) and Love & Trouble by Clare Dederer (memoir) and can recommend all 3!

    joannawnycJanuary 14th, 2018  11:21 AM

  • This sounds so good! Thanks for the recommendation! Will buy it from my local bookstore, Locust Valley Books

    LisaJanuary 14th, 2018  11:22 AM

  • I’m afraid I’m the dissenting voice here as I do not like this author at all. Just started the latest Le Carre and my daughter finally returned my copy of the last Robert Galbraith. To each her own.

    SueMJanuary 14th, 2018  1:21 PM

  • The book about Bunny Mellon by Meryl Gordon is another fantastic book for a chilly, winter weekend – especially appealing to read about beautiful gardens in January!

    LizJanuary 14th, 2018  1:54 PM

  • I second the recommendation of Rachel Cusk’s Outline and Transit for a cozy weekend read, when you can give Cusk’s writing the full attention it demands.

    IoJanuary 14th, 2018  6:08 PM

  • I’m curious what you think. I read the galleys this summer and really did like it for what it was – a good thriller! It’s the author’s first book, he’s in his early 20’s and I think he (A.J. Finn is a pseudonym) has a big career ahead. He secured a huge deal for a first novel and the movie rights. Bravo!

    JenniferJanuary 14th, 2018  9:39 PM

  • About 2/3 of the way through The Woman in the Window – can’t put it down.

    KathyJanuary 15th, 2018  5:57 AM

  • I’m curious about what SueM said as this is the author’s debut novel?

    KathyJanuary 15th, 2018  7:03 AM


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