January 18th, 2018

The Black Shirt

I love this pic of knitwear designer Alexandra Golovanoff —it got me searching for a simple black shirt. A few days ago, I ran a uniform post with a pricey Saint Laurent black blouse and was asked about similar ones at a lower price point. There are many: Theory, Equipment, Frame, Brooks Brothers, and Go Silk are good options.


what's new


The Pouch gathered leather clutch bag


Single-breasted leather coat


Intrecciato-woven leather tote


Ruched slingback leather pumps


The Pouch large leather clutch bag


Miles leather ankle boots


Print jute tote bag


Iacopo double band sandal


bandana print tie neck blouse


Iacopo double band sandal


Mella gold-tone hoop earrings


embroidered flared skirt

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  • Love a simple black shirt. I have the Brooks Brothers no-iron and it is fantastic!!!

    MaryBJanuary 18th, 2018  8:09 AM

  • I love it too!!

    MenchuJanuary 18th, 2018  8:19 AM

  • Thanks, Mary, can’t believe I forgot Brooks Brothers- I live in their shirts! Will add to post.

    PrestonJanuary 18th, 2018  8:39 AM

  • Which fit of the Brooks Brothers shirt? Are they very fitted?

    KathyJanuary 18th, 2018  9:10 AM

  • Hi Preston, Equipment wins in the silk category and Theory for other materials. Attention to quality and fit excels. As for the photo above, the simple hair, make-up and jewelry add to an elegant look. The rolled sleeves and open neck soften the black. Quite appealing!

    SuWuJanuary 18th, 2018  9:19 AM

  • I wear the boys shirts, which are not fitted.

    PrestonJanuary 18th, 2018  9:52 AM

  • I love the simplicity of the black shirt, but the jewelry pieces in the photo really caught my eye. The gorgeous chain link necklace and signet ring are very chic, especially the way she casually wears them.

    KarimaJanuary 18th, 2018  10:35 AM

  • I love the look of a black shirt too. Especially with the open neck since you can extend your “skin line” and break up the darkness if black insn’t one’s best color. I do have concerns about keeping the black fabric looking new, however, since it seems to dull and fade with regular washing. This “worn” look can be attractive for casual wear, but not usually for business or dress. Should a black shirt always be dry cleaned, even if the fabric type wouldn’t otherwise require it? Any thoughts?

    AprilJanuary 18th, 2018  10:53 AM

  • I couldn’t agree more. This whole simple look, accented by the stunning jewelry, is perfect.

    sandieJanuary 18th, 2018  1:15 PM

  • The gold necklaces and mussed, casual hair really make this look. Very elegant and much easier to care for a black shirt than a white one!

    StephanieJanuary 18th, 2018  2:36 PM

  • The gorgeous chain link necklace is from Aurelie Bidermann. Ann Mashburn has some really beautiful black blouses ….

    BeaJanuary 18th, 2018  2:37 PM

  • I’ve loved reading everyone’s answers here and am even happier to read who Alexandra’s necklace is by. Gorgeous. My favorite white and black shirt is by Anne Fontaine called the Nuage. The body and sleeves are a fine knit and the collar and French cuffs are poplin. You can wash these in the machine and let them drip dry, but I’ve even rinsed them out in hotel sinks when traveling, rolled them up in a towel and let them finish drying over the shower curtain rod or tub.

    kimJanuary 18th, 2018  4:14 PM

  • The chain link necklace is an Aurelie Bidermann Martelée.

    PrestonJanuary 18th, 2018  5:09 PM

  • I have had the most wonderful experiences with Aurelie Bidermann. The jewelry is gorgeous and the customer service is second to none. I highly recommend!!!!!

    KateJanuary 18th, 2018  6:05 PM

  • Love this post, there is some so louche and wonderful about a black shirt. I have a silk ones in winter and linen for summer. I’ve never found a good cotton one that fits well enough with my ahem larger bosom (why do I always picture my mother when I’m searching for a word to describe that?).

    SueMJanuary 18th, 2018  11:48 PM

  • Preston, what size B.B. boys shirt do you wear? I am 5’8”. Concerned it will be too short in the body. Sleeves I roll up anyway. Their women’s shirts look so fitted!
    I second Theory and Equipment vote. And occasionally J. Crew (very occasionally)

    JulieJanuary 19th, 2018  2:55 PM

  • Second Ann Mashburn for shirting, black, white, stripes, liberty…

    AmyJanuary 19th, 2018  6:11 PM

  • what is the shirt she’s wearing? it look like its collarless..thanks

    tanyaJanuary 19th, 2018  11:25 PM

  • I highly recommend “a shirt thing “ sold at heist in Venice beach and possibly on their site. They have the perfect effortless fit.

    JanaFebruary 26th, 2018  3:50 PM


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