March 5th, 2018
Academy Awards

Fabulous Frances

For the first time ever, I stayed up for the entire Academy Awards and I’m glad that I did. I’d seen many of the films this year, all of which deserved awards. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Frances McDormand—her win made me feel like I’d won, too. To quote The Telegraph “she is, quite frankly, really, truly cool.”

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  • Thank you for mentioning her, Preston! Without question, she was a highlight of the evening. Not to detract from her wonderful acceptance speech, but who is her dress by? It was so “her”.

    kimMarch 5th, 2018  10:17 AM

  • I really loved her dress, Did you? I thought it was perfect and age appropriate. I think you want an s after film in your body copy sentence below Fabulous Frances…(I wish I could put my proofreading days behind me)

    StephanieMarch 5th, 2018  11:08 AM

  • Great speech! Great Frances!

    MenchuMarch 5th, 2018  11:33 AM

  • I loved everything about her look and thank you for catching the missing “s” in the alert. xPreston

    PrestonMarch 5th, 2018  11:43 AM

  • her last two words INCLUSION RIDER !!!

    BrookeMarch 5th, 2018  12:41 PM

  • She’s beyond cool. I used to get my hair done at the same little place she did and we seemed to be on the same schedule. She is so sweet and funny – a truly authentic, non “movie star” person – rare in that industry. Her speech was incredible.

    KathyMarch 5th, 2018  1:51 PM

  • Stunning dress by Valentino.

    Sandie TimmMarch 5th, 2018  4:45 PM

  • When her stolen Oscar was recovered at the Governor’s Ball she said to the LAPD – let the guy go.

    M Kirk OkayMarch 5th, 2018  6:58 PM

  • Although I did not see any of the movies nominated this year, I like this actress – was she Diane Keaton’s sister in Something’s Gotta Give? If so, she was darling in a darling, upbeat movie. Perhaps I’ve aged out of awards shows – I am beyond tired of the political diatribes at awards shows and preachy, instructive speeches. There needed to be an Oscar for hypocrisy and finger wagging.

    PaulaMarch 6th, 2018  12:30 AM

  • Totally agree…and we watched Three Billboards yesterday. She was, as always, terrific. Sam Rockwell also deserved his win…a wonderful film!

    bisbeeMarch 6th, 2018  9:48 AM

  • I rarely watch award shows anymore, but I read that Eva Marie Saint made an appearance, and swiftly looked up her clip. What an amazing, steady presence she has, radiating strength, grace, intelligence and wit. I happened to watch the Oscars years ago when McDormand won for Fargo, and still remember how she briefly slipped into the body language of her sturdy character as she walked up to the stage in a fancy ballgown. It was so much fun. Where did that Oscar spirit go? I have mixed feelings about the current Hollywood mood and its associated movements, and the idea of an “inclusion rider” is quite chilling to me. I support the right to advocate for whatever you believe in (within reason of course), but I’m saddened to be so politically alienated and sometimes even disturbed by artists and entertainers whom I admire, like McDormand.

    IoMarch 6th, 2018  6:15 PM

  • lo, given the historically low viewership of the Oscars (20% lower than last year’s historical low), and given the historically low profits earned by movies nominated for awards this year, it’s safe to say you are not at all politically alienated, nor are you the only one disturbed by artists and entertainers.

    PaulaMarch 7th, 2018  12:30 AM

  • She’s the best.

    That's Not My AgeMarch 11th, 2018  1:51 PM


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